New Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumour Pops Up Online

The internet is no stranger to rumours and the latest one involves Diddy Kong Racing. The rumour states that both Retro Studios and Monster Games are currently working on Diddy Kong Racing 2. Nintendo was apparently set to show it E3, but decided against it as they thought it may damage sales of Mario Kart 8. As this Reddit thread has pointed out, the information comes from a blog created yesterday that is still using a domain. Take this all with a grain of salt.

  • Retro Studios and Monster Games have been collaborating on Diddy Kong Racing 2.
  • This is why Monster Games ported Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and worked with Retro Studios on DKC: Tropical Freeze.
  • Diddy Kong Racing 2 began as a prototype in 2006.  The animal transformation vehicles idea in Excitebots (2009) came from Diddy Kong Racing 2 prototype.  The animal vehicles came from the idea of riding animal buddies in the Donkey Kong Country series.
  • The Wii Diddy Kong Racing was cancelled due to Donkey Kong Barrel Blasts low sales.  It was also cancelled because Diddy Kong Racing DS didn’t sell as well as the original N64 game.
  • Nintendo asked Monster Games to work on Pilotwings because they were impressed with the flight/airplane mechanics in Monster’s DKC Racing prototype.  Diddy Kong Racing was well known for letting players ride karts, hovercrafts, and planes.
  • Diddy Kong Racing 2 started up development for again (this time for Wii U) due to the amazing sales of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart Wii.
  • Kensuke Tanabe, the producer of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze, pitched the idea of Dillon (from Dillon’s Rolling Western) to be one of the racers in the game.  Tanabe was the producer of Dillon’s Rolling Western, and he liked the idea of having a roster of lesser known Nintendo characters.
  • Tanabe thought that the concept of lesser known Nintendo characters “fighting to be Nintendo’s big star” could prove to be interesting for Diddy Kong Racing. Characters such as Mallo (Pushmo) and Rusty  (Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball) were also added as racers to fill out the roster.
  • Nintendo purposely held off from showing Diddy Kong Racing 2 at E3 this year to avoid sabotaging the excitement around Mario Kart 8.  It sounds like Diddy Kong Racing 2 will be revealed sometime in 2015, and released that same year.
  • Diddy Kong was taken out of Mario Kart 7 and 8 because of Diddy Kong Racing 2.  Diddy Kong had appeared in Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii.

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    In Sasori’s latest entry he goes into great detail on the subtle intricacies of the Arkham Asylum game…
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        Also, when he keeps talking about how amazing Knack’s “body” is…it’s pretty creepy.

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      14. Of course I will. However, it’ll take some time to figure out how to work the damned wikia edits. It’s really frigging complicated.

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    1. Nintnedo should just make Mario Kart exclusive to consoles and DK Racing exclusive to handhelds..

  2. This would be pretty awesome! I’m still aiming to play the first one as soon as possible, but I want to get Mario Kart DS first so that I can compare them properly.

    1. I personally prefer Diddy Kong Racing over Mario Kart DS. Mainly because Diddy Kong Racing for the 64′ was multiplayer, had really fun planes and hover boats, and had a pretty legitimate (albeit difficult) story mode. Although- Mario Kart ds did have an impressive character roster (R.O.B) and a fun battle mode.

  3. So it’d be Mario Kart: Hipster Edition.
    Honestly, sounds pretty good, but I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this one. It’ll have to compete with Mario Kart. I don’t think DKCR/2 sales reflect an interested in the DK franchise, just an interest in the DKC franchise.

    1. The original game competed with Mario Kart 64. But honestly, Nintendo has dozens of platformers, so why can’t they have 2 Kart racers? DK and Yoshi compete with Mario, doesn’t mean they aren’t good games or don’t get plenty of love themselves. But Diddy Kong racing would be great to have return. Just the different racing methods you can have which each control uniquely and courses that usually can have 2 or all 3 of them playable adds to a lot of replay value between each of the vehicles. Plus, it used to be the Rare franchise showcase, but would be a great way for Nintendo to show off characters from some of their lesser know franchises now. Retro doesn’t have the Banjos or Conckers to throw in here, but it’ll be good to see the game anyhow. I just want tiptup the turtle back. He’s awesome, because racing turtles :)

      1. Well… First, this is mainly a console game IP, unlike Yoshi and Wario, who have instalments on both. Many people have not played the original, not even the DS one, and the franchise isn’t as established as those you mention.

        Secondly, the console instalbase is not that big yet. This is the kind of title that would hit harder later on the console’s lifetime. In other words, it needs games different than the ones it already has. The karting crowd is pleased with Mario Kart already, revealing this project so close to it is a bit redundant.
        About the plataformers, people have complained about that before, it’s bad business practice as well.

        Thirdly, MK64 outsold DKR 2:1. By no means a bad number considering that MK64 sold 5.55 millions, but see point two. It’s probably not what the console needs.

        And finally: it’s a waste of resources that could have been used in some other thing. The F-Zero fanbase has been crying for a new entry since the GC. Even if it’s a racing game as well, at least it’s not on the same sub-genre.

        I don’t doubt they’d be able to make a fun, great quality game (this is Retro, after all), I just don’t think this is the smartest decision they coul’ve made. If this turns out to be true, of course.

      2. Here is the problem with F-Zero, I don’t know what Sony, Microsoft or anyother big company does, but what I do know about Nintendo, is that they make games they want to play, not what somepeople or we want to play, because they want to make the game they want too. Plus its probably hard to make an F-Zero game better than GX.

      3. Yeah, I know. I was just using it as an example, considering it’s a more or less abandoned IP in the same genre as Mario Kart.

      4. You do have a point. If Diddy Kong Racing 2 is being made, it should be saved for the Wii U’s 3rd year out if not 4th year.

  4. Hmm sounds convincing but idk. Hopefully it ends up being true because I would really enjoy a diddy kong racing 2!!!! Not to mention mk8 is getting stale :/

  5. That’s too much information for just a rumor. I’m not buying it until official info surfaces.

  6. I want this so bad!!!! Seems pretty legit based on the story and Nintendo holding it back from E3 due to MK8 excitement seems totally logical. I am super excited for this (assuming it’s real). The idea of lesser known Nintendo characters is a great idea, Rusty driving around in a cart would be amazing xD

  7. dumbest rumor I’ve heard in years… think about it…if we found out that Nintendo has had Retro working on a Kart Racer when MK8 launch was imminent, that would prove they are the most idiotic and out of touch video game company in the history of the universe.

    look, I loved Diddy Kong Racing as much as the next guy, but as Nintendo fans, we better PRAY that this is just the most foolish and UN-thought-out rumor ever produced. haha…

      1. I want Retro to make Ice Climbers now, it’s time to revive a dead franchise back to life…

      2. I’m all for reviving old IPs, or even letting them handle a new one. The Ice Climbers would be pretty cool, but I don’t know what kind of game would they have. A 3D adventure exploration game would probably fit their theme.

      3. It would be great to see the vertical scroller return with updated hd graphics.

        Here is what I would like to see:
        As Popo and Nana head up the mountains, the difficulty increases, there would be cabins that could act as rest spots and they could talk to NPCs, multiple caves and paths up each mountain, beautiful background scenery viewing the distant aurorae and glistening snow, side quests like fishing or tobogganing, power ups and unlockables, and being able to unlock Mt. Everest as a bonus stage.

      4. Mother 4?
        Do you remember the last time someone mention Mother?
        They got set on fire by Reggie. ;D

    1. You give no basis to your theory and merely state that it would prove Nintendo is stupid.
      Your going to have to qualify your opinion with some solid, logical reasons before you can claim to have any sort of point.

    2. How many platformers did they have come out in the first 2 years, or even just year and a half? Yeah, it’s Nintendo, even if every game is the same genre, they make games when they want. MK8 will sell anyways. People wouldn’t lose hype for that game over Diddy Kong except for maybe the old Diddy Kong Racing fans, but most of them will buy Mario Kart anyhow since they like kart racers

  8. Oh boy, I think I just shit my pants from excitement… But twas only a rumor…

  9. I think this could be real…. because this game would have made my wallet shit itself as I buy like 100000 copies at once XD

    1. ….. really… You’re still bitching about how they “Fucked up” Metroid with Metroid Other M? You do know the gameplay was still great but the character of Samus didn’t translate well from the Japanese version which she was a lot tougher.

      1. no, i am still mad about them crapping on Donkey Kong Country. Poor hit detection, poor controls, and instead of challenging enemies…they just make really long levels.

      2. Don’t bullshit on the internet. DKCR doesn’t have bad hit detection. You’d knew it if you’d actually tested it.

      3. That’s because you suck the game, not timing jumps and attacks right. I have the game and the controls are as fluid as it can get. The ONLY flaw in DKCTF is the loading times. That’s it.

      4. That was Sakamoto along with Team Ninja, not Retro. They did the Prime games.
        Also, we don’t talk about Other M.

      5. Why can’t we talk about it, or is it that you just don’t like the game?

      6. …You’re kidding, right? Retro didn’t do Other M- they did the Prime Trilogy and Hunters on the DS and those were all phenomenal. Team Ninja did Other M and showed that they cannot be trusted with a Nintendo franchise again.

      7. Hyrule Warriors would like a word with you, Anon, since Team Ninja is helping with the game. Unless you’re one of those people that don’t like the game…

      8. Don’t you mean Metroid Prime? Retro had nothing to do with Other M at all.

    2. Like if Retro ever ruined any game they’ve created. The Metroid Prime Trilogy is among the best trilogies ever done bad two successful DKC games. STFU because obviously you never heard of Retro Studio before until this point and though they made Other M which was made by Team Ninja.

  10. I want to inform everybody on here that Sasori has been planted on this site by sickr himself in order to create transparent clickbait for these articles. Sickr is Sasori and is putting up an act (staying in character along with fabricating youtube videos) or he knows Sasori and has him playing along. It has become obvious at this point what is going on. And all this time NC Quadraxis has been playing with Sasori in MK8 lol classic and well played sir ;)

    1. You must be working for Fox News or CNN since they always imagine their news and starts talking crap…

  11. With Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, who needs another kart racer? With so many games that TRIED to emulate Mario Kart, what void would this fill?What’s with Retro Studios and DK? I fail to see DKs place among majority of platformers. Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Crash, Spyro, and LittleBigPlanet are all fun to play(well, sonic WAS fun to play) for the differences in how they are designed. What exactly is Donkey Kong doing what the others aren’t?

    1. Diddy Kong Racing is the only racing game that makes Car, Plane and Boat racing feel great…

      1. I have to disagree, Sonic and all stars racing transformed was WAY better. DKR was good for it’s time, better than MK64 and had some neat ideas with the hub world and boss races, but the “ONLY” one to make plane/car/boat racing feel great? No way.

      2. I think Sonic Allstars did great but the gameplay itself wasn’t as smooth in my opinion…

    2. Donkey Kong may not be as popular as Mario, but he is still an iconic character. Mario is not everyone’s cup of tea either.

      1. Donkey Kong is almost as popular as Mario though…

      2. But if he had a Kart game to go up against MK8, it wouldn’t end well. People would obviously pick Mario over him. That’s just the way it was meant to be. He already has his own games and they all get overshadowed by Mario.

      3. To be fair, Donkey Kong has never been in Diddi Kong Racing…

      1. You’re not the only one who thinks that, I think he’s still fun to play as well, don’t take the other guys comment personal, it’s all a matter of opinion

    3. Just because you fail to see Donkey Kong’s charm as a platformer doesn’t mean no one else does.

  12. Wizpig was a boss. He was still alive if you watched after the credits. Wizpig is boss, if these rumors are true, this will be boss. Wizpig is love. Wizpig is life.

    Diddy Kong Racing, pretty much the grandpa of all modern racing games, childhood FTW!

  13. Dude in video is a complete laughable moron! Bwahahahahahaha! Im not usually for banning people or things, but I think this jackass makes a great case for it! Even better let him continue, his idiocy makes for lots and lots of great laughs!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. “Diddy Kong was taken out of Mario Kart 7 and 8 because of Diddy Kong Racing 2.”

    That sounds reasonable and pretty convincing to me.

  15. Well, this would seem to take the ‘not making an F-Zero because there’s already a 1st party Nintendo racing title out now’ argument and throw bananas at it.

  16. Omg. If true, i’ll be a happy man. I did prefer that over mario kart 64 because of the battle levels and the courses and the implementing of boat and plane (which sonic and sega all stars racing took)

  17. Why do people on this website even give this Sasori kid the time of day? This kid looks like a legit virgin that will never see a vagina (or dick) if that is what he is into. I am not taking a cheap shot at him either, I am just being honest. He has a speech problem, is not attractive at all, is of the minority, and frankly .is unintelligent. People like him should be responded to, but should be felt bad for.

  18. The rumor clearly states that MONSTER GAMES is working on Diddy Kong Racing 2, not Retro you morons.

  19. I loved the original Diddy Kong Racing. Even though I’m not crazy about Donkey Kong characters. Why don’t Nintendo just make an all-stars racing game, with characters from all games?

  20. Can’t happen Rareware owns the name “Diddy Kong Racing” which means Microsoft has it, while Nintendo owns Diddy Kong they would have to name it something else, like Kong Racing or something.

    1. No its not their IP because the title is starred by Nintendo’s IP character and the IP does belong to Nintendo same can be said for Kremlings in DKC since Rare created the characters for Nintendo’s IP which means its theirs too.

      And if Microsoft owns the game name, then where is it? Can’t claim ownership of a game that’s named after another company’s copyrighted character. Common sense dude.

    2. Just call it Donkey Kong Racing. Calling it Diddy Kong Racing never made much sense. Except, I suppose they wanted Diddy to have his own game.

    3. *chuckles* Microsoft WISHES they owned the name of Diddy Kong Racing. Same goes for the Kremlings of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. The only reason we don’t have any of those games right now that feature the name or the Kremlings on virtual console is most likely because of the damn Rareware logo that Microsoft DOES own.

      1. Well, King K. Rool was in Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii, so the Kremlings could’ve…Returned. But Retro Studios prolly just wanted to make the new DK more their own. & that’s kinda what Rare did: adding their own ideas (in this context, the enemies), into the franchise.

  21. God it’s like every damn comment section is filled with off-topic trolling or something..

    Anyway, please let this happen.. I know Mario Kart 8 is awesome and out “first” but that doesn’t make they can’t make this game because that would ruin the desire of a new hub world and yet, new tracks and such.. Unless someone else decided to make it. xD

    But yeah, this would be awesome if they do this.

  22. Would be legit, they make craptons of money with Mario Kart, so why not try and release a new entry for another racing franchise.

  23. Am I the only one who thinks it will be cool to have lesser know chacters in this game like Dillion rusty and mallow ?(who are my 3 favourite unpopular chacters)

    1. Yes I can see it now Waluigi, Tingle and Starfy racing each other to become Nintendo’s new star.

    1. And called Martin Luther King overrated. WTF 10000000x of a black idiot calling a black Civil Rights hero that just to sound intelligent in a retarded and cowardly way. I dare that fucker to say it in public in the wrong black neighborhood and let’s see if he’ll come back breathing through a portable life support.

  24. I really really hope this is not true. The last thing the Wii U needs is another racer that would (1) steal Mario Kart’s thunder and (2) draw away resources better spent on genres the platform needs (rpgs, shooter, sandbox, strategy).

    1. I love diddy kong racing.A sequel is LONG over due.And i would honestly want it over any shooter,or sandbox or strategy game.

  25. If this is true, cool. We could use a new racing game by Nintendo that features a hub for accessing the different tracks instead of a boring menu set up. Since Mario Kart 8 has hovering which takes away one of F-Zero’s big unique factors that set it apart from Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing is the only other racer of Nintendo’s that actually has something unique that sets it apart from it’s family rival.

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