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Platinum Games Were Pleased With The Way Nintendo Structured E3 2014

Akiko Kuroda, the producer for Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U port of Bayonetta, has commended Nintendo for the way they structured their E3 plans. Kuroda says that the Treehouse live segment, which was streamed on Twitch, was a massive highlight. There’s plenty more interesting content that you can read on the Platinum blog.

“Believe it or not, you don’t really get the chance to convey what you want about the game, or show it to your fans in such a direct way so often, so it felt great to be able to take part in Treehouse Live, and I hope to be able to do more events like it in the future. Also, as a game fan myself, it was pretty cool to see Miyamoto-san and Tezuka-san (Yoshi’s Woolly World) up so close! I heard 60,000 people tuned in to hear about Bayonetta 2. Normal numbers for attendees at a conference stop around the 100s, so it’s hard for me to even imagine that large of a crowd.”

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120 thoughts on “Platinum Games Were Pleased With The Way Nintendo Structured E3 2014”

  1. Platinum games are doing good so far. I’ll definitely get around to getting The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 just to support them. :)

    1. I’m hyped for bayonetta 2, it looks amazing and it’s great they will include the first game, i hope we could see more projects from nintendo and platinum games.

      1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to playing through both games! Hoping this one sells well to warrant a 3rd. There’s a lot they could do with the series. Plus the idea of Bayonetta popping up in a future Smash Bros. is a neat thought.

          1. That would be nice! But I don’t see Smash having character DLC. Mario Kart possibly, but I don’t think Nintendo is going to go the DLC rout for extra Smash characters. I could be wrong but I have a hunch they won’t.

    2. You should also pick up Platinum Games Mad World (published by SEGA) as well, it’s a Wii game that did not get the love it deserved, and it’s awesome.

  2. Not to mention they said Bayonetta 3 and future sequels will be exclusive to Nintendo Platforms

  3. I loved all the new info for Bayonetta 2 this year, so I hope they make the Treehouse a traditional part of E3 from now on.

  4. “I spent a lot of time at the Nintendo booth during E3, but that meant being able to meet Miyamoto-san, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.’s developers, MonolithSoft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X team, and talk about a lot more I can’t elaborate on! I also got to meet Aonuma-san, the current producer of the Zelda series, and thank him for letting us borrow Link’s costume. His reply was, “Anytime you have any other interesting ideas, let me know!” I’m holding you to those words, Aonuma-san…”

    I like the sounds of this part, I think we can expect more good projects from Platinum and Nintendo.

  5. I can’t wait for bayonetta 2…. that game is a day one purchase for me. I loved part one and now am gonna get to play it back with better framerate on my wii u? WOW that’s sooooo great.

  6. i was thinking of getting bayonetta 2 but i’ll pass. the games feels like another generic japan hentai action adventure just like sengru kagura . the story and gameplay doesn’t make it worth it. i’ll until it because $18-30 like all the platinum games. hopefully they focus more on the xbox one and 360 than the wii u in the future.

      1. And yet ignoring you only liked Bayonetta 1 because it wasn’t available on Wii at the time which shows you’re just a Nintendo hater. When Ray man was an exclusive to Wii U it was a problem. But when Legends came to 360 then the game was alright. Get your biased ass out of here.

          1. wtf that was like 10 month when i owned the wii u for only 2 months. i have seen the other side of shitty console. keep on being blind clowns. there’s a difference between owning a wii u and hating on a system that you dont own. yep ive a wii u have owned a wii u for year.

            1. and what about worshiping a system you don’t own -cough, cough, xbox 360/betabox 1 cough, cough-

            2. You do have a valid point there. But there’s also a difference between owning a game and not owning a game but hating on it. And you hate 99% of Wii U games you don’t even own. WOOOO! I just used your own logic to expose you.

              1. No, he has nothing!!! first of all he was defending games like SM3DW, wonderful 101 and sonic lost world, games that he said on multiple occassions that he hates, he has nothing the only thing he has is an affinity to fail.

            3. Nope, you got exposed sasori, you used to talk well about nintendo and now you expose that you hate it because is a trend that how we see things, don’t try to damage control kid your mediocrity caused your downfall.

    1. Only if it’s a cold day in hell, Narutard. Platinum Games focuses on upcoming games from not just Microsoft… but also Activision, AND ESPECIALLY Nintendo.

    2. Why don’t you just leave and go circle jerl all of the other xbots on their website instead of slumming around here

    3. Did you really just compare Senran Kagura to Bayonetta? *facepalm* The gameplay of Bayonetta is closer towards Devil May Cry. SK is just a repetitive button masher/ brawler. And just because Bayonetta is attractive doesn’t automatically make it hentai. You’re thinking too hard. XD

        1. Lol ikr? I’m not sure if you know what Senran Kagura is, but that game is basically nothing BUT boobs. I mean seriously. At least Bayonetta has awesome gameplay. And I’m honestly not surprised that he already knew what it was. He probably downloaded SK and fapped to it. XD Sasori: Hates women yet pays to see boobs.

    4. sasori: wants M rated games, bashes them.
      if i am not wrong, you said you watched the first half of the Bayonetta movie because you wanted to see her boobs, then you bashed the movie.
      @lamatsucubo, wow you gave him a kick in the balls, lol!

        1. am not even being a pervert. they game is catering to nerds who like japanese hentai games or what…… action adventure gamers who are also nerds?

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              3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                And the Xbutt without an Xbomb is butthurt because we have evidence and you don’t. Exposed.

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                    1. Still so full of shit, eh? A while back you were saying how you’ll get Bayonetta 2 if it shows off a lot of nudity. You aren’t fooling anyone, punk.

              1. My lord… tell them of gaming truth and real next gen gospels. These crowns no nothing outside of platforming rehash and the strange sexual fetish of pixels. Iwata has poisoned the gaming children of todays generation and should be considered a gateway to E for Everyone purgatory.

                  1. ok, lady sucubo that was disgusting and funny…specially funny, now we know that sasori produces “butter”

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                  1. K.o and as i always say i those guys on youtube who “support” sasori are blind if they don’t read the comments he posts here

              2. “he games feels like another generic japan hentai action adventure”. Ok 1 u haven’t played the game. ” i’ll until it because $18-30 like all the platinum games” Dude platinum games gives gamers the most complete experience then most modern gaming companies they actually really care for gamers, most of them are former capcom, they left once capcom became a freakin ass. U clearly have never played any of platinum’s games All their games are worth the damn price. Your getting the first bayonetta, with new content, adjusted features, ect. and for free with bayonetta 2 making the value even greater. ur going to buy thoughs bloody naruto games, yet they have similar stuff( yeah sexy jutusu isn’t preverted). I’m hyped for scale bound, no freakin doubt, but u getting excited for it for it being on xbox makes u one the most ignorant gamers i’ve seen

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                              1. I heard about it, but my tattoos expose my love for animals, i don’t think i’d want to remove them…like Johnny Deep and his “winona forever” tattoo XD

                  1. Just like thoughs naruto games? U haven’t played bayonetta nor any of platinum’s games, so ur talking about something u don’t know about and being hypocrite at the same time

            2. Nintendo is my Blood

              Only tits Narutard will see is his fat ass dad’s ones

              did you know sasori’s dad gets an apology letter from the condom factory every year on sasori’s birthday?

            3. Never in my lifetime have I ever seen a female producing Bayonetta 2 and the enhanced Bayonetta HD. Not only that, Nintendo of Japan and America have given such great hospitality to Platinum Games. Let’s all hope that Bayonetta 2 is a much better success story than their previous title that is The Wonderful 101 (Nintendo and Platinum Games [It’s still a fun game]). And I still hope they’ll work on a third part in the Bayonetta series and a possible spin-off to fulfill Kamiya-san’s wish.

              1. Not me. But I saw your comment and thought they got announced! I was about to fly to the Club Nintendo site faster than the speed of sound! o.O

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            5. “Nintendo is making a mistake not having a press conference at E3!” “Fuck you, Nintendo! Where is the press conference!?” “Nintendo is stupid for not having a press conference.” Blah, blah, blah. I love it when Nintendo proves the haters & whiners wrong.

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