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Monster Hunter 4G Dated For Japan, New Trailer

Capcom has revealed that the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 4G will be released on October 11th. The news came as part of the Japanese third-party Nintendo Direct presentation which took place today. Monster Hunter 4G is still scheduled to be released in the west sometime in early 2015.

33 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4G Dated For Japan, New Trailer”

      1. Well, in that case, I take it back. Monster Hunter is for big, strong men. …Like Nintendo Commander. XD

      1. Just can’t make myself like a guy who makes Nietzsche seem like the Magical Man from Happyland from the Gum Drop House on Lollypop Lane.

    1. That is a fantastic representation of news!! Always inaccurate and full of bullshit.
      Nicely done!

  1. I’m so HYPED for this MH game. Until it launches imma play through MH3U (when I get a WiiU. Lost my 3ds game card two times……don’t ask -.-) and I might buy the PSTV (inb4 hate and saying I’m a sonyan) if they have freedom unite and the past psp games. Cause with dual analog you can’t beat that. New subspecies Diablos, New rathian(or just pink), two new monsters, and one boss looking mascot monster. And cool new armor and weapons. Sign me up!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY (still don’t like cats shakalakas better)

      1. I know there is more than two. I was just referring to this specific trailer revealing two new monsters (besides the new mascot) and subspecies Diablos

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