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eShop Game The Letter Can Be Completed In Six Minutes

If you’re looking for some bang for your buck then The Letter probably isn’t what you’re looking for. NintenDaan recently downloaded a copy and found out that the game can be beaten within six minutes. This is not typically something you expect from your everyday game. You can watch the game in the video, above.

54 thoughts on “eShop Game The Letter Can Be Completed In Six Minutes”

    1. Guys, the developer is a guy that did the game almost alone. We should not compare this game to other games actually. He did not get the fundings he needed, so he shortened the game and lowered the price (less than 2$). He also said that he would do his best to bring free updates to add content…

      1. this is usually the type of game people offer for free
        actually there’s tons of higher quality games on platforms such as newgrounds

        it doesn’t meet any standards of quality or duration that should be expected of a paid for game

        it’s fine that he developed this by himself, only 2$ is already too much for it
        the amount of work that went into it can probably be covered in 1-2 weeks

      2. Cave story was made by just one guy and it’s like a 2 to 3 hour game when you know what you’re doing.

      3. bkdvkkwsjbv d,jkbwskbvd

        So? That doesn’t make the fact that this game is shit OK. Fez was made by one guy, and that was a great indie title.

      4. There are plenty of 2 men development studio that was able to make a better game. Read: Super Meat Boy

  1. Jesus is this real? this is worse than some of the stuff on Steam

    Its all Standard Unity stuff, the models are tacky and off scale, and the text prompts are just… Uuuugh >.<

  2. AMAZING. Everyone get this game from the eshop now. This game is definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen. Just look at those NEXT GEN TEXTURES. Better than any Nintendo Wii U game ever made. We need more games like this.

  3. I read through the Miiverse posts for this game last night. I guess there will be DLC coming, but if the Developer even thinks about trying to charge for it, he’s going to have a mob on his hand.

    There are a few people who liked it, but most felt it was an epic waste of $2.

    This is one of those things where I am really grateful for Miiverse. Real-time player comments and screenshots saved me from getting this ridiculously short game.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      DLC for an intro and one for an End Credits one…

      End Credits:

      Devlopers name and that’s it, only 1 dollar…

  4. Funny how this game is so bad it’s getting a LOT more press than it should. There was a post on Destructoid about it yesterday.

  5. Loading times are longer than MK8 jajajaja, this has to be a F!!! Joke. Not an Indie, probably just an a$$hole who wants to troll everyone.

    1. indie just refers to the funding of the project
      if it’s independent of big publishers then it’s an indie.. simple as that

    1. bkdvkkwsjbv d,jkbwskbvd

      Knack was crap, but no. This is on the shit scale along with Big Rigs and The Zelda CDI games.

    2. Knack was complete shit, but this, this is an utter disaster of a game. It’s arguably worse than E.T

        1. 10x – 20x? lol

          at least be realistic

          CoD campaigns are about 5-6 hours usually so if you break it down to minutes that’s about 18 cents per minute (this game here is about 30 cents per minute)
          and then you still have the multiplayer part

          not to mention that CoD actually had much higher quality standards than this game, and that again says a lot

    1. but should not be a paid for title

      others are learning as they go too and offer their attempts for free or not at all
      you can’t sell something like this…

      1. If you’re looking to fund expansions of it, yes, you can and you should. Especially if this is like your “baby”. Most people don’t understand how difficult even making a small game can be and how costly it is. Not only monetarily, but in time and effort as well.

        1. I’ve said this before.
          Cave story was made by one guy, alone. And it’s much longer and better than this game. And it looks much nicer than this game.

          Plus it was free.

          1. The guy who made Cave Story likely had a lot more experience than this person. And developers cannot release games for free on the eShop, the cost for it likely covers how much he had to pay in fees to even release the shovelware. The game isn’t great, sure, but I’m sure this person will one day create a high quality title when they get more experience.

            1. there’s a simple solution: don’t release it on the eshop

              there’s plenty of great platforms that are ideal for these first efforts such as newgrounds.. can release it completely for free, read the feedback (of course there’s also a lot of smacktalking going on.. gotta filter that out) and create a better game next time

        2. “fund expansions”?
          “your baby”? what are you even talking about
          how does this concern the customer?

          these are the first steps of a “developer” who obviously isn’t very adept at what he’s doing yet
          others are making higher quality games in their free time without *any* funding

          this game was made with unity and you can see that it’s mostly standard stuff he’s included… the amount of effort he put into this game is irrelevant, the quality and amount of content are what counts and it’s crap on both counts

          this is reminiscent of earth: year 2066

          1. if effort is all that counts then i can spend 1000 hours building a giant temple out of my own excrement.. it should sell for a lot on ebay right?

  6. Nintendo is my Blood

    looks like a cheap Slenderman ripoff, and 6 minutes? I can get more play from an IPod game

  7. Nintendo is my Blood

    I mean, even for a one man made game, it still kinda sucks, I once played this game on IPod that was made by one guy, it was a fully fledged RPG sandbox game that was amazing considering it was on a phone and made by one person, the name eludes me though

  8. I’m sorry but I’m not defending this game. If he thought this was worth 2 dollars. Then okay I wanna hear why he didn’t offer it for free. It could have been worked on way more. Even Alpha games look better and have more content. If he was a good developer he would have at least waited a year or so to make sure his first attempt at least delivered something. He was obviously two eager to make a quick buck and pulled this half piece of work game out of its folder on his PC called “Indie game Attempts”

    1. Well he went on indiegogo to fund it which failed. So then i guess his big project idea went down the toilet to something trashy because he wanted to release it for his “fans” :)

  9. If you can’t do a job well, don’t do it. That is the lesson the developer of this game should learn. Life is hard and if 6 minutes is the best he could do, he should have done something else.

  10. lol Headline reimagined: ‘The Letter underwhelms, still leagues better than Air Control on Steam’

    Also: 4:30 All alone in a dark room. And that music bumping so loud.

  11. This is as bad as Starship Damrey for the 3DS! And I was going to get The Letter too. Not now. Fuck that. lol

    1. Least Starship Damrey made you think at times, though. And it gave enough of a story that it could work as a bigger game down the road. This game, on the other hand, didn’t give shit.

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