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Final Fantasy Explorers Coming To Japan This Winter, Plus First Gameplay Footage

Square Enix announced during today’s Japanese third-party Nintendo 3DS Direct that Final Fantasy Explorers will be arriving this winter in Japan. There’s no word as of yet whether the game will be localised, but we could be in for a long wait. Anyway, enjoy the first gameplay footage of the latest Final Fantasy title for Nintendo 3DS.

22 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers Coming To Japan This Winter, Plus First Gameplay Footage”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Looks better and more fun than all other Crystal Chronicles games…

    I just hate all the amount of crap on the screen, same goes for Xenoblade Chronicles…

    1. It’s been a while since I completed Xenoblade for Wii but I remember that you could hide the health bars, the mini-map, the story arrow, the buffs/debuffs, etc. almost everything. That’s how I played it and it was awesome. Most videos you see on YouTube won’t show you this. In Xenoblade X it’ll be even better because you have the addition of the GamePad to move parts of the HUD to.

      1. This is why an HD game of Xenoblade Chronicles would be awesome for the Wii U. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll do Xenoblade Chronicles X like they are doing Bayonetta 2: release the original game as an extra. With any luck, this might be one of the reasons Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to take even longer to release.

  2. I’ll most likely pick this up. Final Fantasy on consoles have been vomitrocious lately as Muffy from Arthur would say lol

  3. The game looks cool but the colors look kind of ugly looks like twlight type of colors kind of gloomy looking if you look at the other final fantasy games they are all bright but it still looks cool looking and good game play

  4. wtf graphics are as bad as bravley default. at least bravely default was good game but this one just feels like another generic jrpg. american/European rpgs are becoming more unique than jrpg at this point.

    1. that doesnt mean anything. They could have been working on it for a very long time before they announce it.

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