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Check Out Fi’s Graceful Moves In New Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer

Koei Tecmo has released another character trailer for the upcoming Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors spin-off. This time it’s Fi’s chance to shine in her own trailer with her beautiful but deadly ballet moves. Last week, Famitsu revealed the Skyward Sword aide for Hyrule Warriors, along with alternate costumes for Zelda and Link, though now you can see her special sword techniques in the trailer above.

Although Fi’s sharp kicks and devastating special moves are always accurate, there’s a good chance she’d be calculating each enemy assault with a 90 per cent or higher rating with her pedantic nature. If you’ve missed any of the previous Hyrule Warriors trailers, you can check out Koei Tecmo’s full playlist, here.

17 thoughts on “Check Out Fi’s Graceful Moves In New Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer”

  1. yup, I stand corrected. I really didn’t think they would put her in because she was the master sword, but it looks like they are viewing her as the goddess blade instead, the beginning of her becoming the master sword.

    1. Of course, she could easily end up using a Master Sword form later on as attacks. Since time travel will be a thing in some form, there is nothing wrong with there being two Master Swords from different time periods. Maybe Ocarina of Time Link will be in the game as the Hero of Time wielding his very own Master Sword along with the Ocarina of Time as they reveal him as a time traveling Link. Oh my god! I just got myself overhyped! *takes a few minutes to calm it down*

  2. I like this low knock-back prancing through enemies style. One thing I didn’t like about Dynasty Warriors was the characters all felt jumbled up and similar. Glad theirs going to be different playstyles.

    1. Do you have a problem with this? Or do you want everyone to wield a generic weapon? Least this moveset of hers sets her apart from everyone else revealed so far.

  3. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

    I love this game already I hope they reveal more and more characters
    Impa’s going to be my 1st favorite character in this hyrule warrior series
    My dynasty warrior fav cha are Zhou Tai and Zhao Yun
    My samurai warrior fav cha are Oda Nobunaga and Ranmaru Mori
    My warrior orochi fav cha are Momoji and Joan of Arc
    And my gundam warrior fav cha are Lockon Stratos (gundam dynames) and Kira Yamato ( freedom gundam)
    I wish they have gundam akatsuki (it’s the gold colored gundam in the gundam seed destiny series) this gundam is freaking gorgeous

  4. Sweet moveset, Fi! I hope she has a Master Sword form for her sword attacks at some point. If not, oh well.

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