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Sakurai Reveals Rayman As A Trophy For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Ubisoft’s limbless Rayman will be a trophy ahead of the playable character announcement later today. In his daily Miiverse post, Sakurai casually revealed the platform character to his followers, saying that Ubisoft’s designers had sent Nintendo a unique character model for Rayman.

It’s certainly an interesting move from Ubisoft, but let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember you can catch the live reveal at 3pm BST / 7am PDT today. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“In order to make Rayman’s trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!!”

Thanks to all those who sent this in.

193 thoughts on “Sakurai Reveals Rayman As A Trophy For Super Smash Bros”

    1. Wow, Nintendo is too nice, after what they did to them, and I think they’ve said a couple of mean things about the Wii U on press conferences and stuff. Oh well…… I have to confess that Raiman WAS one of the characters I wanted in the game, I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED! :D

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If Rayman got included, I would only make videos about him getting owned by Nintendo characters…

          1. This was a kind gesture by Nintendo. You guys should all buy Rayman Legends so that the next game is exclusive to Nintendo. It’s only $19.99 at Future Shop / Best Buy.

            1. This, instead of crying that they stopped supporting the Wii U we should show them why they should support us and get their damn games, even if it’s only the exclusives like ZombiU and Rayman Legends because those games show us that they tried to make the best out of the gamepad. They were even the only one after Nintendo to use it.

              Crying about the delay of Rayman Legends like a ungrateful brat is the dumbest you can act, I’m not saying I wasn’t mad about it, in fact I was. But they gave us the free challenges app that was much more than just a enhanced demo, and they kept improving it and in the end we still got the definitive version. We shouldn’t be mad for that.

              And now, this moment we should be freaking grateful to them because we are still getting watch_Dogs that will again use the gamepad in allot of cool ways and we should buy that fucking game, just like the others.

              Ubisoft is the only third party friend Nintendo has and we shouldn’t ruin that one to. I get the hate throwards EA because they released two games and called it a flop, started lying in the press and so on while Ubisoft kept being positive, never bashed them, and is still giving us some games. And honestly, if the sales of Wii U pick up again, they will be there. I’m not saying we’ll be getting allot of multiplatform games from them but I’m sure there will be something from them.

                  1. Tell that to the same millions of fans Ubisoft knowingly, pointlessly and carelessly disappointed for 2 straight years. I wanna know how far that BS is gonna get you.

                1. Just because people have common sense and have a differnd opinion from you doesn’t mean that you have to jump on them. Typical Nintensheep

  1. Yeah, I saw this. Why did they even WANT a Rayman trophy?

    Plus, they’d have to pay to put his license in the game, correct? So I presume they’ll do something with him? Although I’d love him to be a character, assist trophy would be fine.

    1. Maybe they did this because Rayman Legends had Mario and Luigi costumes. Ubisoft could insert their mascots into their game and Nintendo in smash, but that would make more sense if he was playable. (What would be so cool)

  2. Oh my god LOL, all those ‘shulk confirmed” hopes and dreams were dashed XD I don’t mean that in the bad way tho

      1. 90s Rayman, oh boy. The first Rayman game is by far my favorite in the whole series, so creative and challenging as well.

    1. You guys are slow right? It’s just a trophy. Trophies can mean just a show something from a company. Rayman is not going to be in. If he was, you actually think Ubisoft will be treating nintendo like how they are now?

      1. ” treating nintendo like how they are now?”

        Which way are they treating Nintendo? Ubisoft did nothing wrong to Nintendo. Each company is a business first and is going to look for its own interests first as far as business sensibility.

        With 17 games on the Wii U, Ubisoft is one of the few third parties who kept supporting the system.

        Nintendo understands that. Nintendo isn’t petty like its extreme fans.

        1. Yeah but he’s not going to be playable. Not only that but my phrase of how they treat them now, is based on what they do. “Oh let’s hide this game from consumers until wii u sales go up” they haven’t given us a date for watch dogs besides fall and instead making these good tiles for wii u, they only make just dance……………………….. Like what? Do they have that much to be able to send that out but not other games?

        2. My ass. Late gimps, old ass ports, pointless delays and releases with no DLC options. You still think they’re supporting probably?

          XD What a sheep.

        3. 17 Ubisoft Wii U? WTF did you get your math from? I count at least 10 games. Just, Just Dance (x2), Avengers: Battle for Earth, ZombiU, Rayman, Splinter Cell, AC3/4 (x2), Watchdogs and some other crap nobody cares for.

          Out of all 10 mere garbage gimps/poorly ported games, only a few that very few care about. Next time, learn how to count and get your real diploma because GEDs don’t cut it for shit anymore.

          1. 1) Just Dance 4
            2) Just Dance 2014
            3) Just Dance Kids 2014
            4) Child of Light
            5) Assassin’s Creed III
            6) Assassin’s Creed IV
            7) Rayman Legends
            8) Splinter Cell Blacklist
            9) Cloudberry Kingdom
            10) Smurfs 2
            11) Marvel Avengers Battle for Earthf
            12) ZombiU
            13) Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013
            14) Rabbids Land
            15) Sports Connection

            Soon to be

            16) Watch Dogs
            17) Just Dance 2015.

            Next time, work less on throwing insults and more on verifying your statements.

            1. And you actually count half of that crap “games”? Yeah I missed a few but seriously, all it see here is junk with a few “exceptional” games that are delayed beyond next year for stupid reasons.

              And you count 17 when there’s only 15 right now so you’re another one to talk about “jumping guns”.

              1. Stranga, you didn’t believe Ubisoft had 17 games for the Wii U and then he gave you the proof. Yet, you still denied it by saying “half of those games are crap” which is far from true. It still counts as support. 17. Seven. Teen. They are supporting the Wii U more than Nintendo themeselves are. If it weren’t for Ubisoft, Wii U would be in a far worse situation than it already is. Remember Zombi U? One of the games that came BUNDLED WITH WII U AT LAUNCH? Yeah. It helped moved units. Yet, you ignored it. Ubisoft has put effort trying to support the Wii U, but you didn’t buy the games. Remember AC3? The game launched on Wii U launch day. Same as other platforms. It also got all of the DLC. Please explain to me why that bombed. And don’t give me the frame rate excuse because it was a launch title and nobody would’ve known that until after buying it. And the DLC came later after release so again, nobody would’ve known. You wanna know why it bombed? Because people like you would rather play Nintendo Land… A game that should’ve been at most a $30 eshop game. Instead of buying the FIRST ASSASSIN’S CREED GAME EVER ON A NINTENDO CONSOLE. You people will worship ANYTHING Nintendo makes and it’s disgusting. Half of those games you claimed to be crap are better than a majority of Wii U games available. And Just Dance is a big hit on all systems. I see people on the Wii U praising Child of Light because it’s a gorgeous game and one of the best 2D Wii U games out there. And I bet you won’t buy it all because it’s from Ubisoft. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Ubisoft could care less about your sale. They have millions of other fans that appreciate and support their games. Do you really think that you and that little 3% of Nintendo fans not buying their games will do any harm? No. They are a company that runs a business and in a business you have to make money. And YOU aren’t giving them money. Why should they just hand out stuff for free? You don’t buy games, you don’t get games. Simple as that. And for your information, if the games sold well enough on Wii U, you do realize they could’ve recognized all the good and wonderful support and then became dedicated enough to try and make a patch for those games that need it. Of course you didn’t. Because you were blinded by fanboyism. Tell me, sir. How many Ubisoft games did you buy at launch? …Exactly. YOU are part of the problem. And please, STOP talking about the Rayman delay. Rayman Legends is an amazing game and you only prevented YOURSELF from getting it. Because no matter how good the game is, you won’t buy it only because it’s from Ubisoft. You give the Nintendo fanbase a bad name. No wonder people say that Nintendo fanboys are an utter joke. Thanks to people like you, the Wii U has lost almost ALL of it’s support and now us Nintendo fans that actually want to play games can no longer do it because you only care about playing Nintendo’s games because they make the best games ever don’t it? I am extremely disappointed with Wii U fanboys and now the Wii U is absolutely destroyed because of people like you. Wii U was supposed to finally be the console of which us true Nintendo fans were able to get all the latest and best games. We were supposed to be able to play Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto on the same platform. But sadly, that is not the case. I honestly hope Nintendo that the Wii U fails so Nintendo can see how their fanbase has destroyed them. People like you don’t even deserve to have third party games. I have a Wii U and a PS4 and thankfully, I’m able to buy all the latest Ubisoft games and enjoy playing them every second. Have fun missing out on every major third party game this gen. Rant over.

            2. i love how he didn’t respond lol, but yeah instead of crying for no DLC buy the damn game, why would a company put out DLC for a game that isn’t selling, all you dumb fanboys, then you cry why no third party support

            3. I’m no fanboy but you are really stupid.

              Because there were no delays, missing modes and lack of DLC for any of those games right. Think before you talk crap unless you had no idea about some of those games.

          1. And common sense much like how Ubisoft lost there’s complaining of Wii U install base and sales but ignores 3DS and makes Vita games.

            And these motherfucker call me a sheep? lol

            1. Ubisoft has put out 21 games on the 3DS. They have put out 7 games on the Vita.

              I’m not calling you anything, but you should still look up the facts before making audacious claims.

        4. Sure, I ain’t no fan boy but I know one thing, do you even realize how many of those games were crap? No you don’t, because about most of those 17 games are crap or mediocore, like Rabbids Land.

          1. If you’re not a fanboy, you have no need to start your statement with, “I’m not a fanboy, but…”

            Sure a lot of those games may not have appealed to the masses, but it doesn’t discount the fact that Ubisoft made them for the system to support the system and a wide range of gamers.

    1. Raving Rabids was okay, not great but I’d say they belong to a completely different world or more of a spin off to Rayman.

      1. agreed. I hate the massive delay between rayman games, and now we only have 5. wish they didn’t focus their efforts on it.

      1. Not exactly. Metal Gear starred Snake and it use to be on Nintendo’s console generations ago. So even though Snake isn’t around Nintendo much, them two do have a history together so Snake in Brawl did make some sense.

  3. So Ubisoft abandons Nintendo but Nintendo makes a nice little trophy of Rayman for the new Smash Brothers game… Respect!

    Ubisoft, just develop for Nintendo because clearly you aren’t putting much effort into it.

    1. the qoute says that ubisoft made the model despite it taking lots of effort. It was a kind thing for them to do.

      1. Really? Well I guess that was nice of them…. FOR ONCE.
        I’m actually looking forward to the character reveal and I’m hoping it is Rayman because I’ve always wanted him in a Smash game since melee.

        1. Rayman isn’t confirmed. THANK GOD! I don’t want another eye sore and visible bad memory of Ubisoft dicking Nintendo fans around again.

          Instead, Captain Falcon is back. Nintendo made the smart call unlike pointlessly delaying a completed Rayman Legends port in the first place.

          1. Rayman isn’t a bad game, it’s actually really good… Stop being a Nintendo Freak Show and just accept that Rayman would have been awesome in the game. Ubisoft actually took the time to make a 3D Model for Smash Bros so they could use it as a trophy…. THAT is good because Ubisoft still has respect for Nintendo.

            So no, it wasn’t smart of Nintendo to not included Rayman, hell, he’d probably make Ubisoft come back to Nintendo when Smash sells a shit ton of units WITH Rayman in the game.

    1. Hell fucking no. After how Ubisoft treated us, I rather have Snake (since Kojima wanted him there again) back than this motherfucker who represents backstabbing pricks that is Ubisoft.

      1. Why Snake? Metal Gear isn’t coming to Wii U? Konami isn’t supporting the Wii U. Shouldn’t it be another one of the third parties you hate?

        1. Dumbass, who said anything about me disliking Kojima or Snake? I don’t want that POS Ubisoft sore in Smash Bros. period and luckily he’s not playable so its over with.

      2. Yeah, fuck them for being the ones that supported us the longest of all third party developers!!! You can’t blame them for the lack of games, they were there in the beginning and they still are even though it’s minimal. I’m convinced they will be the only ones hoping back to Wii U when it picks up steam again so instead of crying over some logic business decisions we should stfu about them and hope for the best.

  4. Nintendo is my Blood

    Ah guys
    I wouldn’t be so surprised by this considering this isn;t the first mascot character in the game

    we have Mario (Nintendo’s obviously)
    Sonic (SEGA)
    Megaman (Capcom)
    Pac-man (Namco)
    and Rayman (Ubisoft)

  5. I’m OK with this (him being a character). If they were to have a 4th 3rd party character, my guesses were Ryu, Rayman, or Lloyd Irving. But please have Shulk!

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      I think it would be more characters that are a representation of a company

      like if Sony was on good terms with developing for Nintendo, id say Ratchet and Clank would be in SSB

      or Crash Bandicoot

      1. Crash Bandicoot’s owned by Activision nowadays. He’s no longer owned by Sony.

        (The rumors of Sony buying back Crash Bandicoot’s not yet proven.)

    2. Ryu’s unlikely due to Sakurai’s comment that they probably won’t include characters from fighting games.

      Little Mac probably doesn’t count as Sakurai probably meant “traditional-style fighting games” (like Street Fighter and the like).

    1. Ezio confirmed.

      Lol jk but hopefully this will “please” Ubisoft because lately it seems like they feel Nintendo has been letting them down hardware sales wise and that Nintendo fans don’t like their games, which isn’t true at all. Most of the Wii U ports just haven’t been worth the same price as the other versions, that’s it.

      1. Not sure how that ended up being a reply to you J, but ironically i’m creeped out by the face too so maybe WordPress knew when I had to re-log in lol.

      2. How are they letting them down at all with their sales? Look at the 3DS. Nearly 50 million sold worldwide and those same fuckers complaining about Wii U “not having a bigger install base” didn’t make shit for 3DS but rather port Legends to that DOA PSVita that sold 8 million in 3 YEARS and I bet that port only sold a good 30,000 or less globally instead of selling a good 3-10 million on 3DS.

        Ubisoft is just another trash 3rd party full of idiots and hypocrites.

  6. Rayman gets too much hate. just because Ubisoft keeps making delays, doesn’t make rayman a bad series. every game in the main series has gotten very high ratings..

    1. Its a bad memory for us now and we sure as hell don’t Ubiliars around anymore.

      If Nintendo is THIS nice hearted to Ubisoft after all they’ve done, I better damn see them regret their past treatments and start pulling their weight giving Nintendo REAL games ON TIME.

      1. You know stranga/n dub, if you didn’t act like such an annoying pathetic bitch maybe you wouldn’t be a 40 year old virgin right now.

        1. Actually I’m 24 with a job, DeVry college experience and had a few dates before. Get your research done first before looking like a fucking moron again.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              I doubt a social outcast can get a job, I mean look at Chris Chan, social outcast, no job, just lives off his welfare and trying to pick up girls with a sign that says “Looking for a boyfriend free girl”, at least Stranga is in college and gone on dates. Just saying.

              1. I’ve never gone on a date before. But I have had girlfriends in the past… I don’t really need one right now though. Having a girlfriend is overrated. It’s just… so much work. Having to call her every 5 minutes so she won’t think I’m cheating or something. I can’t handle that. Lol, I’ll just get another one as I’m older. Also, I am a pretty good looking guy so I get hit on by a lot of older girls. I just ignore them. XD

                      1. Aw, thanks. :3 I’d say the same about you, but I don’t think it works the other way around. It’d sound more perverted coming from a guy. XD

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Lol no, “pervert” only applies when you are a Sasori or peeking at me through the men’s side of the bath house, or if you have nosebleeds from just looking at hot women. XD

                          1. Well, I don’t have “nosebleeds” from looking at women. But I have occasionally ran into women that look like friggen super models on the street and I’m just like… “Whoa. o_O” But that’s only natural right? XD

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Yes, it is natural, then you find a subway sandwich, and eat the such so hard that you get the ability to grind cheese with your ass cheeks.

                                  1. I’m sorry miss Glados, but due to your violent and inappropriate behavior, you can no longer drink coffee. :/ Or whatever the hell it is you’re on. XD

                                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                              No, I’m going to expose him so hard he’ll be shitting barbecue sauce from his toe after shoving that jar of mayo up his ass.

                          2. Him being a character… That would actually be interesting.

                            But they already revealed him as a trophy, so it wouldn’t make sense to reveal him as a character now.

                            1. God I hope its not another freaking Raving Rabbids. That series and character hype has already died a couple of years ago.

                                1. They’re lazy and stupid. Why you think all 3rd parties are siding with PS4/One’s x86 as their shortcut? They can’t make games work and look quality built for shit.

                                    1. Keep dreaming because those ain’t coming and if so, nobody will buy since Ubisoft destroyed our respect themselves over some issue that never happened.

                          3. So basically, Rayman confirmed? Just seems weird to me that on the day of a new Smash character reveal Sakurai would post this.

                          4. Fuck Ubishit =__=

                            After the bullshit they’ve been pulling they don’t deserve to have a representative.

                            Nintendo is too nice

                          5. I freaking love Rayman!!
                            I was all for leaving it at that for new third party characters for Smash4… but Rayman is one of my favorite characters there is.

                            I’d actually love to see him as an assist trophy or.. dare I say.. character!

                              1. Look, it is sad to admit, but ubisoft did help Nintendo with a ton of games, but we as Nintendo fans almost always choose first party games ( that are awesome) their games sold badly even though we have more base that Xbox one, so it is fair that they went with others consoles.

                                1. Oh look. Another sad sheep that failed to see the BS Ubisoft pulled.

                                  And BTW, the demand of their games was always there. Look at Legends. After that stupid delay, Wii U version out of all others still sold more. Still think Nintendo fans only want Nintendo games? lol Funny. I hear that BS everyday from just every idiot Nintendo hater and ignorants.

                                  1. Stanga, I am not a new guy in gaming, specially in Nintendo. Have all consoles since snes and game boy, but ubisoft and ea and other only want to reach profit in no time, I like FIFA since 99, I like splinter cell since the first game, I like need for speed, but now I will not have those third party, so Nintendo have to change the way they do business with west third party. Looking forward to xenoblade by the way

                                2. And another obvious thing I want to point out: See the 3DS? It sold nearly 50 million and still selling on fire but Ubishithead didn’t want to make new games for..what reason again? And worse, they rather chose to ports Rayman Legends to the DOA PSVita instead of the 3DS, THE FUCKING VITA, the peanut gallery console that sold worst than Wii U and GameCube, even the Virtual Boy COMBINED.

                                  Ubisoft are MORONIC HYPOCRITES! Get the picture?

                                  1. I really understand you, but they are managing a company, they are not like friends that can not betray each other, look, I’m on your side, I think than Sony and Microsoft pay to third parties to support the consoles and in that way third party won’t lose money. I don’t know, something is really weird about how everything reach Sony and Microsoft even on the 360 and ps3 and Nintendo have nothing.

                          6. Perf! Ubisoft pig dogs! all that recent hate and they get represented in the greatest collection of videogame characters ever! It should clearly be:
                            Mario (Nintendo)
                            Sonic (Sega)
                            Megaman (Capcom)
                            Pacman (Namco)
                            Simon Belmont (Konami)

                          7. Watch Dogs for Wii U better be the definitive version in return for what Nintendo did by promoting Ray man Legends for them. If it is, I hope Wii U version sells the best. If its just a port from 360, I will not buy it for $59.99 when others will be like $20 bucks by the time Wii U’s version arrives.

                            Also when Rayman Legends was released, has anyone ever saw it advertised on TV?……I didn’t think so.

                            1. Rayman Legends Wii U did sell the most after the BS delay and what’s funny is that Ubidumbass thought it wouldn’t sell best in the first place. Guess what? They were proven wrong TWICE in one game. Still think they learned from underestimating Nintendo/fans? No. Watchdogs is now another repeat of Rayman but because PS4/One BS graphical hypers are in the equation along with idiots buying them shallow ass gimped PCs just for the not-so-impressive specs, Ubisoft officially throws the Wii U fans under the bus and for what? Showing them that we actually wanted the games but Ubisoft being too fucking retarded to see it?

                                1. No. I heard it was the Wii U because its where it started first and the hype came from Wii U, not to mention when those dumbasses release Rayman around the same time GTA5 did and it lost all of those target sales to that game which was their main reason why the delayed the game to begin with. So that dickmove delay on Wii U fans was for nothing.

                                  1. Initially the Wii U sold the most. I think it had a lock during the first couple of weeks, but after that the PS3 sales passed it, but barely by much. Only a couple thousand. The game flopped sales-wise on all systems.

                                    Yeah, it was a bad time to release the game. They should have released it first on Wii U then the other platforms later if they wanted. But, oh well… What’s done is done.

                                    1. Maybe PS3 had a slight lead mainly because Ubisoft alone pissed off the fans from Wii U side to buy the game. Still messed up that they did that and gave Legends to Vita instead of 3DS. They thinking things way backwards. That’s why they lost my respect. They’ve gone stupid.

                            2. It’d be cool if Wii U’s version of Watch_Dogs had the option to turn the main character into Rayman (both in-game & cut-scenes). Plus, scatter some Nintendo characters (in the form of figurines like Snake Eater 3D but in store windows), & items (coins, rupees, etc.) hidden around the city. I think that would justify full price, & maybe some advertisement courtesy of Nintendo.

                              Alas, that ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully, the Gamepad will be implemented well (ZombiU could be a good indication it will), & for the sake of their craftsmanship, Ubisoft better iron-out all the major bugs (huh, have a few insect Pokémon fluttering about for shits & grins…)

                            3. It’d be cool if Wii U’s version of Watch_Dogs had the option to turn the main character into Rayman (both in-game & cut-scenes). Plus, scatter some Nintendo characters (in the form of figurines like Snake Eater 3D but in store windows), & items (coins, rupees, etc.) hidden around the city. I think that would justify full price, & maybe some advertisement courtesy of Nintendo.

                              Alas, that ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully, the Gamepad will be implemented well (ZombiU could be a good indication it will), & for the sake of their craftsmanship, Ubisoft better iron-out all the major bugs (huh, have a few insect Pokémon fluttering about for shits & grins…)

                              1. Watch Dogs has a more realistic world than most other Ubisoft games, so putting Rayman in there would just be straight lulz. That’s like saying you want Sonic The Hedgehog to be put in Far Cry 4. XD

                                1. You lost me at “has more realistic world”. Umm, no it doesn’t. The driving physics suck and you can’t even punch anyone without holding a gun. Watchdogs being realistic is as false as Sasori looking pretty on his Youtube videos..all will never be true.

                          8. All the hate to Ubisoft…. You guys do know, that they just didn’t do this yesterday right? They could have done this along time ago before all of Ubisoft’s stupidity.

                          9. Seriously, Rayman? As much as I like the series, I better not see his ass playable in Smash Bros. 4, not after all the dumb hypocritical BS Ubisoft has done to the fans. If he happens to be playable and Nintendo is very nice to include him after all the shit Ubisoft has given us, 1. I’m gonna enjoy unleashing all my anger beating his ass into nothing for all Ubisoft has done and 2. Ubisoft better start BEGGING for forgiveness now that Nintendo has shown such golden heart to look over their selfish dickmoves they pulled and start making REAL games for Wii U with FULL SUPPORT and release em ON TIME with NO BULLSHIT EXCUSES.

                          10. I wonder when did sakurai request the model. If he says it a lot of work then I guess it was a long time (3 months ago???). It also make sense UBIsoft does the modeling since they have a development kit.

                          11. Fuck you gematsu leak and fuck you chorus kids and chrom. Although I do feel kinda sorry for the chrom fans.

                          12. Also because of this I’m betting we’re gonna get some kind of ubisoft character, or sakurai is fucking with us and rayman is actually playable

                          13. hairyfriendof_yoursi

                            ubish*it should not invade super smash in any kind of form! a bad idea by nintendo, so to say.

                          14. Rayman devs love the Wii U, remember the protest? It’s Ubisoft that’s disgusting.

                            I know Nintendo is trying to be civil about Ubi’s actions, but I do hope whatever their plan is works. Ubisoft will not be getting support from me in any platform anyway. There are other means to play their games…

                          15. Oh no. Oh nooooo. Okay, if Rayman’s a trophy, that means Ubisoft’s probably gonna have some kind of playable character. See: Namco flag and Pac-Man.
                            So who could Ubisoft put in?
                            Main character from Watch Dogs? I dunno much about it, but it seems too “realistic” for Smash.
                            Ezio/Assassin’s Creed character? I could see it. Skirting the lines of realistic a bit, but we did have Snake last time. But I think the most logical, given that all of Konami’s trophies last game had to do with MGS, would be something related to Rayman. And what obnoxious little characters have until recently taken over Rayman’s franchise?
                            If a Rabbid is playable I’m gonna… Well probably still buy Smash 4 anyway but be very angry about it.

                          16. The most logical choice for a playable character from any company would be their mascot.
                            Which in Ubisoft’s case would be Rayman.

                          17. I’m surprised Nintendo still talks to Ubisoft. Oh well, at least they’re mature unlike other companies.

                          18. Nintendo is nice with Ubisoft ? Haha stop making me laugh, Ubisoft was so fucking patient with Nintendo, they are the only one to continue to prepare games for this console (like BGE 2 for example ?), there’s even more Ubisoft games than Nintendo games on this console, so just shut up, and go damn back pray for Ridley to be in this game.

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