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Japanese Wii U Firmware Update Incoming?

Nintendo Japan announced today that SUICA cards will finally be useable for NFC payment on the Wii U starting July 22nd. What’s interesting is the SUICA website says that you need Wii U firmware version 5.1.0 to be able to use SUICA cards on the Nintendo eShop. We are currently at version 5.0.0. The update is thought to come on Tuesday, but there’s no word whether the update is for Japan only, or whether the west will get it. We should find out in due course along with any other changes the future update may bring.

Thanks, Tony K

52 thoughts on “Japanese Wii U Firmware Update Incoming?”

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

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      Try running a report on THAT Sickr! Since you’re always running news on the console wars, the truth about XBOX has come out!

      1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

        Spread it around Nintendo Legion! Let’s get the truth out there for gamers to see!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I will use every weapon and exposure reports available about the Xbots in my future youtube channel to destroy their pathetic wretched species once and for all…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              No, apperantely my Gamepad seems to be unique in its defect…

              I received word yesterday that they have sent it to a “Special Special Service”…

              Commander console right there…

      2. Of course Sickr ain’t gonna post anything relevant like that because this site and articles are always targeted for trolls to spread more BS. Sickr himself is probably a troll himself. Pathetic.

          1. “Strangamyself” That’s obviously not my name dude and someone with that would likely be another on of my fan crazed copycats. XD

            Lynch myself? Sorry but I’m not third world to understand that dead language. XD

      3. Xbox Entertainment is just their TV service and other small things like that. It’s a small victory.

    1. See? Don Mattrick really fucked up the Xbox brand big time but then again, Microsoft has been losing profit from it for years and investors are telling them to get rid of it.

      FINALLY! The Xbox Poison days are numbered at last. Why need Xbox when we have PS and PC that offers the same shit but better anyway?

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              You complained that it was too hard for your young mind to handle the butthurt you receive from shells and lightning so your argument has been rendered invalid…


                      1. Sigh. I guess I really do suck. Guess I should sell my Wii U and go play an easier game like Call of Duty.

        1. It’s a smart card used in Japan so I don’t think it will come here unless Nintendo makes them for westerners.

        2. Hey I saw on nintendos website in the virtual console section that N64 games are coming soon. Have we heard anything about that before?

        3. This sounds like a smart use for NFC in the Gamepad. Make seamlessly easy payments via NFC technology. This can make the Gamepad use even more beneficial. :) Hope it comes to America compatible with any and all credit/debit cards.

          1. If it does, I’ll never have to bother entering the card number & only have to worry about the pin & security code.

        4. I’m hoping it will include “System Transfer” so I can get a Deluxe and give my Basic to my brother, but that’s probably way off.

          1. Or better yet, universal account system like Apple’s so you can sign into any system, grant permission for your account to be accessed by those systems so you can redownload everything you own. But they’re working on that and could take some time to make it happen. Although that should’ve been available and done already.

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