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CoroCoro Changes Statement And Says It will Just Be Showcasing All The Smash Bros Characters And Stages So Far

Japanese publication CoroCoro has changed its statement which originally suggested that the magazine would be revealing all the stages and characters for Super Smash Bros on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The publication now says that it will be providing a look at all the characters and stages that have already been announced so far.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

55 thoughts on “CoroCoro Changes Statement And Says It will Just Be Showcasing All The Smash Bros Characters And Stages So Far”

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  3. Yeah, I never thought Nintendo would let them spoil all the surprises so fast. I hope Sakurai has more intro videos and probably we will see more in the next Direct. And there’s something telling me that we will see characters exclusive to each version, having just stages doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe it’s true they will have the same characters, and each version will have different modes too. Thinking about it, they have announced a lot of modes for the 3DS one, I guess it’s because it’s near release, and to get the Wii U one more promo, they will announce the exclusive modes for it after the 3DS version is released.

      1. but he has trolled us before I say anything is possible at this point.. also the wiiu needs exclusive content on smash bros other wise it just be the same game in hd an less people will want to make a purchase

  4. lol the idiot is so ugly, low res is better for him. he looks like dr. evil…man this narutard is so ugly

    1. You must think about him a lot. Very dedicated!  ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿*

  5. Why does everybody want King K. Rool so bad? I know he was the main villain in the DKC but then again, I bet that a lot of people who want him in haven’t even played the original DKC games.

    It’d be cool to see more reps from other franchises instead of Mario and Pokémon, but I personally can’t imagine K. Rool in Smash.

    1. How would people who didn’t play the original DKC games really know about K. Rool? I played the first two and I would love to see him in, but I wouldn’t be mad if he wasn’t, and hardly expect him to be in. Dixie Kong however would be awesome to use.

      1. He deserved to be in since melee. Dixie can just be a clone of Diddy just with the helicopter hair for recovery and like one move with her hair. She has the gun which fires bubble gum (DKCTF) and that’s it. King K. Rool has much more moves to use and more iconic than someone who just been in 3 main games of the DK series.

        1. Umm Dixie has actually been in more games than K. Rool. I would be thankful for either one to make it and I don’t see Dixie as being a straight Diddy clone, her hair twirl move when running would be different than Diddy’s cartwheel for one thing, her floating hair would be her third jump which is much different than his barrel blast thing. Her down B could be where she stomps her here on both sides like in Tropical Freeze. Either way, the only thing that makes King more iconic is because he was in the first DKC and she wasn’t. But she was in 2 and 2 was arguably better (I can’t ever say which one I like better cause both are so great and nostalgic to me and full of memories). You actually get to use Dixie though so that may make her more appealing to many. Not necessarily to me, but I can see lots of people being more attached to someone they used as opposed to someone they fought. And if we’re going by Sakurai, you know it will be Dixie over him since she’s a girl lol. I think both are incredibly iconic to the series, far more so than tiny and all the ones from DK 64. A semi side note, why can’t we get Rambi as an item lol? Let his crate show up instead of the normal Smash Crate and you get to wreck house with him. Anyway, I’m done, as I stated though, I think both deserve to be in the game, and would be grateful for either, since I doubt either will be in the game sadly.

        2. No. Dixie in DK games has always been played differently compare to Diddy. She Spin attacks while Diddy cartwheels. Dixie can hover while Diddy uses a jetpack and shoot peanuts. See the difference already?

        3. No, dixie could be so unique with a hair-based moveset. Imagine a smash version of Millia from guilty gear

      2. What I try to say is that I’m pretty sure that a lot of those guys only “know” him for youtube videos, or because they see everyone else wanting him, etc. just because of hype, to be short.

        I’d really like to see other/s characters instead, and this comes from someone who has all major DK games and loves them to death.

        1. Screw the K Rool bandwagon fans than lol I’m a real one, but yea I don’t see much chance of him being in it sadly for me :p

    2. He has so many moves to incorperate from. A total of what? 6 games they can’t get moves from. One of the most reoccuring villains from Nintendo behind Bowser. We do need more villains instead of just three (counting ganondorf since he’s guarenteed in Smash.

      1. I would LOVE if they gave him the gun from DKC 2 where he made your controls reversed. That would be awesome to start with! And as far as I know that’s the first game to introduce reverse controls to screw with you like that, so he would deserve the move (of course I could totally be wrong on that statement about it being the first game). That alone would be a new unique move in smash.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Release date has already been confirmed by Nintendo, Stranga. It IS going to be here in 3 months.

  6. Wasn’t one of the special things about the SSB games that you found out about new characters yourself while playing, without having everything spoiled in advance ?
    I really don’t think this is something to get upset about, it takes away all the excitement for the game if you know everything about it before it’s even out.

    1. That is DEFINITELY one of the best things about Smash. Randomly winning a fight or beating a challenge and seeing that new challenger approaching screen appear and it being someone you didn’t know was in the game or someone you don’t even know at all. Gamers expect too much these days. I love being surprised.

      1. I know right ? That moment when you’re not expecting anything special to happen and suddenly that “CHALLENGER APPROACHING” screen appears, catching you completely off-guard and making your heart race, because you know if you fuck up now, you’ll fuck up majorly. That definitely was one of the best things about Smash Bros., hands down.

        1. Hell yea man lol I hope there are people they don’t announce at all that are in the game for that reason. Sucks that the 3DS comes out first so I’ll have ruined the surprises already myself by the time they release the Wii U version (the one I will play far more). I want to be surprised in nice big HD not cramped little 3D :p But yea I love that feeling where if you lose you know you gotta do whatever challenge again or you don’t get them. Lol this talk makes me want it right now damn it

          1. I’m gonna get it on WiiU only, but I don’t really believe it will be possible for me to not find out about the characters before it releases. As a regular visitor of news websites, this one included, it’s pretty much impossible to stay in the dark concerning the characters, as news articles about that kinda stuff usually jump right at you basically. d:

            1. Yea it will be impossible to avoid if you visit sites regularly. If I was going Wii U only (which I would almost certainly do if the stages and everything were the same), I would just stay offline for the extra month or two between the two game releases (assuming and hoping the November date I’ve heard stays true for Wii U). It would be hard, but all that waiting would pay off. For the surprises for me. Any longer than a month or so and it probably wouldn’t be worth it, but I’d still wait lol. Didn’t get to try the 3DS version but I played the Wii U version on both days at Best Buy and it was sweet although a two minute timed match with four people makes for a hectic match that you don’t really get to fully take in. Would you down to play when it comes out? If so what’s your NNID, and do you have Mario Kart 8? I’m always down to race.

              1. I don’t think I could manage to stay off these sites for a month, I’d probably already start feeling like I’ve missed out on the whole gaming world after staying off for a couple days only, lmao. But it certainly would be a great thing to experience that “challenger-approaching-feeling” again, just like in the old days.
                And I’d definitely be down to play once it’s out. I don’t have a WiiU yet though, it hadn’t quite convinced me yet, but since there are some great games coming up I’m interested in, I’ve finally decided on getting one soon. I’m gonna wait and see if they’re going to announce a nice SSB bundle though, perhaps including an amiibo or the gamecube controller + adapter or whatever, so it’s gonna take a little while until then. I do have an NNID through my 3DS though, and I will be using that samr one on the WiiU once I get it, so adding you still should be fine, right ?

                1. When I was at best buy, one of the employees said they were having a special edition 3ds xl for smash brothers, and I would not be surprised if they do if for Wii U too. It was just an employee of best buy, but I don’t see why he would just say that without knowing something and just making it up. And yes, I think that should work, I don’t have my 3DS on me cause I’m at work, would I need that friend code or would my wii u name work?

                  1. That would be super sweet, I’d really love to have a special edition SSB WiiU, preferably with a special gamepad like the Windwaker bundle had ! d:
                    And I just checked, turns out there’s no buddy feature on Miiverse for the 3DS, so I’ll have to give you my FC. I’ll just leave it here so you can come back to it whenever you got time. (:
                    It’s 1676-3665-3411.

                    1. Yea man I would hold out, unless you wanna take advantage of that mario kart 8 free game deal that runs til the 31st. Honestly though if they do have a special gamepad which is what I would expect for this game, something that really makes the special edition special, I would be tempted to buy another Wii U and transfer everything to that one lol. And thanks for your friend code, I’ll write it down and take it home. Do you have a Miiverse name? I’m gonna see if I can find you on the website in the mean time.

                    2. Yeaa, that deal really is good. I actually even considered buying MK8 now without even having the WiiU, just so I could redeem the free game, lmao. But I’m going on vacation soon, so I don’t really have the luxury to unneccessarily spend money on stuff and WiiU games are about $80 where I live, so yea.
                      I do have a Miiverse name, it’s Vaniyaa. I have like, 0 posts there though, haha. So you won’t really get to see much. q:

          2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            ^This, and every comment before it in this chain of comments. I really wish Sakurai wouldn’t spoil the entire game, and I really wish the 3DS version wouldn’t spoil the Wii U one. It’s for that very reason that I hope the WIi U has an extra character or two. I hope Sakurai doesn’t reveal ANY MORE characters. He should just tell us to buy the game and see for ourselves.

            1. Yea I am totally ok with him not revealing anybody else until the games release. And also, since I don’t think he will make game exclusive characters, a way around spoiling the surprise for the Wii U people (this may piss of the 3DS owners though) is having a few of the characters that haven’t been revealed not on the 3DS system, and make them free DLC that comes out a few days after the Wii U version or something like that. I highly doubt that’s gonna happen though lol.

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                I was thinking the same thing. But come on, you HAVE to get the Wii U version. You can’t just get the 3DS one. It’s not the same :P

                1. That’s exactly how I feel lol. You have to be kidding yourself if you think the portability factor makes the 3DS version better. It’s controls even on XL will be cramped, the slider can’t replace a joystick for smash, the screen size even on the XL is just not big enough for the amount of stuff going on screen in smash, it’s just all around inferior. That’s just my opinion, and many many others opinion, of course.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Agreed, the controls itself are a reason enough to why it will be inferior to the Wii U version…

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              He already said there won’t be any exclusive characters for either version…

              I just hope there are more features in the Wii U one…

    1. Unless they give us new information on old fighters like changes, final smashes, maybe even customizable moves

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