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Agnes Returns For Bravely Second

Square Enix has confirmed in Japanese publication Jump that Agnes Oblige will be making a triumphant return in Bravely Second. At the moment all we have is the scan, but we should hear some official information from Square Enix themselves sometime next week.

18 thoughts on “Agnes Returns For Bravely Second”

  1. i think her voice was a bit annoying as well as her character. Of the four leads, she was the last one that i would have wanted to return.

  2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    the game is literary to hard or am i just a noob. even the easiest setting is very hard for me. i liked ringabel the most. still haven’t beaten the game due to the difficult boss battles.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      “literary”? Are you fucking kidding me you illiterate twit, that you cannot differentiate between “literally” and “literary”

    2. if you played final fantasy, Super Mario RPG, chrono trigger, paper Mario, or any fucking RPG like bravely default, you would know to get stronger is solving puzzles, getting power ups, and fighting (being the most that you’ll do to get stronger). So there fore, you are a noob if you think its difficult if you didn’t even know how to beat bosses or enemies with easy.

  3. Nintendo is my Blood

    okay, never mind the moderation, I will be less harsh

    “literary”? Are you freaking kidding me you illiterate twit, that you cannot differentiate between “literally” and “literary”

    1. Bravely Default actually released almost 2 years ago, in 2012, but EU didn’t get it till 2013 and NA till this year.

  4. *Warning: Might contain a spoiler for the last sentence.*
    If she’s going to be in the party throughout the game, I hope she’s grown into a more mature human being. Which I’m sure she has considering how mature she became at the end of the first one. I wonder what Edea & her parents are up to now. I also would like to see Lester & Yulyana return.
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    *Spoiler Ahead
    Lester should be able to return since the Lester that sacrificed himself to help kill Ouroboros was the 5th world’s Lester. Least I’m pretty sure it was the 5th world’s Lester.

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