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Kingdom Hearts Boss Tetsuya Nomura Decides To Redesign Batman


Final Fantasy character designer and Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura has redesigned Batman. The redesign was part of his DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai line of re-imagined toy figures. The interesting design will be displayed at Square Enix’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con. What do you think to the redesign?

42 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Boss Tetsuya Nomura Decides To Redesign Batman”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    It looks cool, but hardly has anything “Batman” over it…

    It fits more in something like the Avengers or something…

        1. “The Dark Knight” that looks like a dark knight to me. The original costume was spandex ._. The newer ones are getting armor and tech, this just looks like a new (get ready for a pun) Variant

  2. Okay that totally looks like bat man. And it looks bad ass. He has the bat symbol on his chest, signature utility belt, gauntlet with blades, and bad ass cape. Only reason people don’t say it’s not bat man is the overly huge spiky over the top anime style helmet. Which adds t the Badassness. He looks like the armor from BBS. I like it and would buy it

      1. SE is making games for Nintendo. Bravely Second and FF Explorers are coming. But we are getting neither Batman nor KH anytime soon, which makes this post about a KH designer redesigning Batman kinda retarded.

  3. Batman and Spawn mixed together along with one of the bad guys from Hellboy…. Looks fucking awesome!

  4. Awesome, but how come this needs to be posted on a Nintendo news site? KH and the new batman game isn’t even coming to our Wii U, or is it?

  5. I thought this was badass when I saw it the other night on yahoo. If WB allows it, maybe we might see this in a future game by Square Enix. I wouldn’t mind fighting this thing. Especially if I can fight it while using Vincent Valentine’s Chaos form.

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