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Is The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth Finally Coming To Nintendo 3DS?

Development studio Nicalis originally envisioned The Binding of Isaac as a Nintendo 3DS title, but the controversial game wasn’t permitted by Nintendo who said that it had questionable religious content. Fast forward to today and the development studio has written a lengthy blog post explaining that the team really wanted the game on the Nintendo 3DS.  Inside the article is three hyper linked characters to a five second video. The video is titled “Gex Remake,” and has a 3D filter on it. The three characters linked are “3″ “D” and “S.”

Thanks, Yazorock

24 thoughts on “Is The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth Finally Coming To Nintendo 3DS?”

  1. Nintendo, I love you but… LET THEM PUT THE GOD DAMN GAME ON THE FUCKING 3DS!!! Watch_Dogs selling possibly selling bad on the Wii U will be Ubisoft’s fault, but this game selling bad on the 3DS will be your fault. You want to cater to more people, right? Well this game will cater to those that want a more mature title. Fuck the fact it has heavy religious stuff in it. I’d love to play a Nightmare Fuel type game. If religious people have a problem with the game, fuck them. They need to wake up & realize not all Christian people are goody little two shoes as we know there can be some pretty despicable ones out there. *cough*WestboroBaptistChurch*cough*

          1. First off, it looks absolutely bazaar. And the indie scene certainly loves bazaar.
            Plus- by the seems of things- it looks heavily inspired by the original Zelda. There is a very little ammount of puzzle dungeon crawler games made in the last decade, and Blinding of Isaac might be filling a nostalgic void?

      1. You probably havent played it. Its an amazing game. Its only a buck on steam and my friends and i have spent 100’s of hours in it. Dont be blind, try a game before judging.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’ve seen gameplay, it’s great but I don’t get why everyone makes such a big deal out of it…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Well once it’s so cheap that it costs almost nothing to buy it then I’ll try it but it’s nothing that appeals to me…

    1. Yeah, I have this game on PC and it’s not even that bad, sure the religious aspect is there which makes fun of Christianity but it’s only for a few minutes. Nintendo needs to wise up and learn to get with the times which I think they are seeing how we are finally going to be getting this on 3DS.

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