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Atlus CEO Teases New Games Which Includes A New IP

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Atlus CEO NaotoHiraoka has told Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that the company has a couple of new titles in development and one of those is a brand new IP. Hiraoka says that he hopes to announce one of the new titles soon, though the new IP is in early development and they estimate one will be released in three years.

“I believe we’ll be able to announce ‘that title’ soon. At the moment, we’ve even begun development on a title that will be released in three years time. Additionally, a brand new IP, similar to Catherine and Dragon’s Crown, is in the works, too.”

“As console game makers, of course we won’t just avoid them. We’ll definitely be making an effort on that front.”

12 thoughts on “Atlus CEO Teases New Games Which Includes A New IP”

    1. OMG, I never realized that Atlus published that game! That was my favourite N64 game. I used to play that with 2 of my friends and had a blast. The music was epic.

  1. If the title they want to announce soon is the one that won’t be released til 3 years from now, I’d rather they not announce it at all. >.< But I'm pretty sure they are talking about two different games… I hope… Anyway, I wonder if "that title" is alluding to Shin Megami Tensei vs Fire Emblem. I sure do hope so. We could use another 3rd party exclusive game for the Wii U that's also a collaboration.

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  3. I swear to god, if they dont show me at least a screenshot of SMT X FE by the end of August I will lose my mind! I hate when they announce a teaser of a game over a year and a half ago and then go silent. Really pisses me off.
    Wish game developers would announce new games at the earliest, 5 months out. That way I’m not driven crazy and end up hating the company in the mean time.

    1. Looking at the SMT X FE teaser itself, I’m pretty sure the game was either in very early development, or it was just a ”We’ll make that game eventually” kind of teaser.
      Wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo announced a game before it was even in development (Smashbros4).

      Though they confirmed it’s ”still on schedule” so I’m not worried about it being cancelled or anything. I’m still placing my bet on Tokyo Game Show but I feel that we’ll be lucky if we hear anything about it before 2015.

      1. I agree with you. It might happen at Tokyo Game Show. I had forgotten about that. But still, isn’t it frustrating? To know it’s there for this long and not know anything about it at all?

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