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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Is Only $10 At GameStop

US video game retail chain GameStop currently has Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS available for $10 brand new. The latest Paper Mario title didn’t seem to resonate with the fanbase, but it’s certainly worth a shot at $10 if you haven’t already played it.

Thanks, Nick S

90 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Sticker Star Is Only $10 At GameStop”

    1. I just borrowed it from my girlfriend and the game is pretty tedious without any guides or walkthroughs. I felt accomplished when I beat something on my own but when it came to gameplay it’s iffy.

    2. For $10 it’s worth playing. In my opinion, it’s complete garbage as it did away with everything that makes an RPG enjoyable. But for the price it’s worth it.

    3. the game is hard because you have to learn what to do with trial and error. it doesn’t sound bad but in game it is. i hope you can enjoy it though. i put in 25 hours and only beat two bosses and i gave up. its the type of game you have to look up a guide to know what to do.

    4. The biggest reason why I sold after I played for sometime was that there was no upgrade system for Mario. So, when you’re in a fight with someone, you don’t get points to level up. It makes battles seamlessly pointless to a degree where battles are almost tiring. You feel that you will run more than fight in order to save your stickers so that you don’t use any good ones when you have to get into a serious battle where you HAVE to fight.

      That was my huge issue entirely.

      1. I keep wanting to try this game out, but I always read more comments against it than in favor. I see no point in playing an RPG (even at the low price of 10) if there’s no leveling up system. I know in the first one you could level up to 30, which didn’t really give a replayability value, but at least it was enjoyable.

    5. The bosses aren’t bosses you have to kill them with one specific item to kill them then after that they are basically dead. The level design is so confusing that it is just THE GREAT MAZE from SS Brawl. No funny or likable companions or villians. In other Paper Mario you had likeable companions that you met on the while this one you just have bad version of Navi.

    6. For only $10? Oh hell yes. The game is a visual treat if nothing else. It not as good as the predecessors, but I think it’s a pretty algith game. I mean, I think you’ll have fun with it. Definitely a time killer.

  1. I already own it so I can say that you guys are getting a good deal. It definitely isn’t the best Mario game and it has its flaws, but it’s still a steal at that price. Go for the gold folks

    1. C’mon man. A freaking 2DS and not an XL! ?!? If your planing on getting Smash Bros then i wish you luck. xp

  2. not even worth $10
    – no story
    – no witty dialogue
    – level based, no exploration or towns
    – no badges
    – combat is awful
    – no partners
    – no point battling as you lose stickers and gain nothing (you get coins to buy more stickers at the end of levels for bosses anyways, speed runs show this.
    – theres not even 8 chapters of content like the previous games
    – all the effort was wasted on chapter 3
    – alot of things were cut from the last chapter making it short and boring
    – its impossible to kill the bosses without having the right stickers

      1. I think you’re making it sound a lot worse than it actually was…it wasn’t THAT bad, and there definitely some witty and creative parts…there were just some parts that the way to complete the level was stupid. Like in some level in world 5, you had to hit an invisible block to move on. I literally spent a WEEK trying to find it.

        1. That swamp world was the WORST. I felt like it would never end! Plus I hated the lack of diversity in the game, meaning 99% of the games characters were Toads. Anyone remember Rogueport, in the Thousand Year Door, where there was so many different types of characters? Those were the days…

      1. lol whats worse is when the game was originally revealed screenshots showed the game having partners (chain chomp). then they just removed them

        1. I heard this game got a lot of criticism and even you are criticizing it. I have PM 64, so I guess I’ll just stick with that. :/

    1. All you said was true, but its still decent enough for $10 bucks. And there was post game play, you’re challenged to collect all the stickers and 3D items for the gallery.

    1. It’s not an amazing game at all, it takes out all the elements which originally made paper mario 64/ttyd a good game.

      1. Super Paper Mario at least had interesting characters and villains, a partner system (as sad as they were), and lot’s of collectables. The dialog was also pretty good. But the gameplay, music, and graphics were a huge step down.

        1. Super Paper Mario had sweet tunes. Plus all the Paper Marios have the same paper-like graphics so that’s a miss.
          I don’t understand the hate on the gameplay, I personally enjoy them.
          Why is it a step down?

          1. In terms of music, honestly there isn’t as many memorable tunes as the classics. I can remember a bunch of songs from the 1st game (crystal king, huff and puff theme, peach theme, tuba bluba theme, etc). I can remember a few tunes from the second game (glitz ville, doopliss’s theme, and poachly heights theme). But I just can’t remember any of the songs from the 3rd game. And I’ve played through Super Paper Mario twice, so yeah…
            In terms of graphics, I really found Super Paper Mario to focus on technology and computer generated graphics, opposed to hand drawn esche flimsy paper. Plus all of the pixel partners, looked way to close for comfort. It was hard to tell them all apart. And the scenery just looked really repetitive in SPM.
            As for gameplay- I am just a hardcore RPG fan. Turn based combat was just a staple for the series, and they did away with that. While I do embrace change in video games (the 3D mechanic was certainly unique and full of potential), but changing the entire system changed the game’s genre completely. While I may not be the one to say “RPG>action platformer”, it just felt like something was off about the game, when they made that switch.
            Also Sammer’s Kingdom SUCKED.
            Imao, of course, so feel free to rebuttal ;)

  3. I feel like this game is like the Super Mario Sunshine of the Mario RPGs. You either love it or absolutely hate it. Personally, I loved it, and I’m a tad dissapointed that I couldn’t take advantage of this deal. Pick it up guys, try it out.

    1. I liked it too, but for those who enjoyed previous PMs they will feel very disappointed with this. $10 isn’t much, but some people don’t want to waste even that.

    2. SunShine was freaking amazing. Idk what’s wrong with people.
      Galaxy 1 > SunShine > Galaxy 2 > 64 > 3D World > 3D Land.

        1. No. Galaxy beautified the series with amazing visuals, music and level designs. Galaxy actually kicked 64 back in the little leagues. But Mario 64 is a revolutionary game while Galaxy is a beautiful craftsmanship of modern classics.

    3. That’s the point; it’s not an RPG anymore. Its some weird adventure game with stickers. The stickers just give you the illusion you are getting powerful. In RPGs you actually get stronger the more you fight.The RPG elements are little to nonexistent in this game.

  4. And I just bought it at full price 2 weeks ago… Shame. But in all honesty, I really like the game. Not at all comparable to the previous series, but as a stand alone game, it’s not bad. It’s rare to find a game that actually let’s you figure stuff out on your own instead of holding your hand. I wouldn’t have minded some leveling system or better dialogue or even interesting powers, but I think this is a fun game. Biggest complaint: no Mr. L.

  5. Not even at $10 is this game worth the money. Go buy and play the older PM games instead. They took out every thing that made Paper Mario, “Paper Mario”, in SS.


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    1. Actually, if you knew what you were talking about, Miyamoto was not a writer, producer or a director on the game. So, fuck yourself for being stupid.

      1. Maybe you should do some research before you know what you’re talking about dipshit. Oh and nice username, people will totally think you’re not a pathetic rabbid fanboy.

        1. Sorry but Miyamoto had nothing to do with Sticker Star. Oh & nice username. People will totally think you’re not a pathetic nobody on the internet.

        2. Ok so not only did you not dispute any of my claims about Miyamoto not being involved with Sticker Star, but you also didn’t didn’t give any reasons to back up your claim that he was.

          You’re even more stupid than I thought. It explains why you call yourself Anonymous.

          Look everybody, he said “fanboy” he knows the cool video game internet lingo!!

          Pay real close attention…. You’re a fucking dumb ass idiot who is a waste of sperm. You shouldn’t even be posting here.

      2. Yes Miyamoto was involved very much he was the one decided Sticker Star should have no leveling, no companion, and the stickers so Yeah. He was a supervisor next time you insult someone for being wrong you actually research you call him an idiot even what he said is information public on the internet and you call him wrong.,WOW.

  7. Just got it earlier tonight. Btw anyone who doesn’t own SteelDiver, gamestop has it new for $3.00, you read that right, three bucks. Got mine brand new factory sealed. Not a must have but for 3 bucks you don’t have much to lose

  8. This game is visually stunning yet the stickers are the worst part of the game. HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT OF ATTACK MOVES?!

    It’s nice of Miyamoto to listen to fan feedback on club Nintendo, but who didn’t half-ass their way through the surveys? DO NOT REMOVE KEY ELEMENTS OF A GAME BASED OFF SURVEYS.

    1. I thought the stickers would be something like the badges for the old PPM. Dumb as it sounds, the stickers were one of the main reason I wanted to buy the game (artistic value) when I first heard news on it. The more I read about it, the lower that desire became. If you can’t even level up, I see no point in the purchase.

  9. I wouldn’t even pay 2 bucks for this game. I’d rather spend that 2 bucks on The Letter! lol Like a guy above, I thought the stickers would be like the badges of previous Paper Mario games but more important to the gameplay. Then I found out there is no leveling up system to get new attacks as the stickers are used for EVERYTHING! Nope. No thank you. Fuck no. Take this game & shove it. Super Paper Mario, as crummy as it was most of the time, at least had it’s moments with some good characters & an awesome villain.

  10. This game was a time example of a game that makes spoiled little children cry because it wasn’t what they wanted. They didn’t get a sequel to Thousand Year Door and they didn’t know how to handel themselves like an adult.

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    While I have mixed feelings about this game, it’s still definitely worth picking up at the $10 price point. The game is a little slow to start, but It’s not bad once you get access to more of the stages/stickers.

  12. Wow. I see so much necessary hate towards this game. Maybe I should avoid it and spend that $10 on something else like a digital Ducktales Remastered.

  13. Yeah, this wasn’t worth 10 dollars. The combat is atrocious. Can’t believe they won’t give us a traditional Paper Mario game anymore.

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