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Jett Tailfin Release Date Revealed For Wii U

The release date of Jett Tailfin has been revealed. The racing title will be available August 7th on Wii U. Announced in 2012, the game challenges players to accumulate as many points as they can through 16 tracks. Jett Tailfin also contains multiplayer features, allowing up to four players to partake in races.

56 thoughts on “Jett Tailfin Release Date Revealed For Wii U”

        1. He’s referring to how a lot indie games look 8 bit (like Shovel Knight does), despite the NES dying out around 20 years ago.

        2. Haha! Bud I started my gaming adventures with “Alex Kid in miracle world”, “Wonderboy in Monster Land” and the first Mario… Obviously I can the difference!! Anyway, yeah I was just pointing out that a retro looking game could also be a good game.

        3. Fool, what he meant is Indies make games catering to the “retro” gamers of past generation eras of NES to PS1 or higher if they wanna make a more complicated game.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      That was my first thought precisely. This looked like a widescreen version of Diddy Kong Racing.
      I then saw it was announced in 2012. Poor devs, wasting two whole years on this…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        These pathetic humans think they are forced to buy every single little game that comes out, it’s so pathetic…

        1. Yeah, every console has shovel ware on it. I don’t see anyone complaining about the current library on the PS4 or One. I’m sure there are tons of shovel ware games dropping on those two consoles in between big game launches.

            1. Wow.. That’s a lot of shovel ware… Never been into PC gaming but I hear great stuff from friends who use Steam.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                It is great, but there is more shovel ware on it than all three, thing is, no one really pays attention to the shovel ware, regardless its there.

    1. As if Nintendo had anything to do with making developers produce “crap” looking games and make them release them on Wii U at gunpoint. STHU and you wanna know “garbage”? Anything out of EA’s ass, Knack, Ryse, even Titanfall got dreadfully boring in an hour.

    1. He called the Wii U last gen yet in one of his recent videos he says he likes the Wii U…. fail xbot is fail.

      1. That’s because since he made himself being hated so much, he’s now trying to damage control his own stupid ass while failing in all departments of that and being a hypocrite.

    2. The Xbox One is a great console with a plethora of cool features and a good selextion of games, why shouldn’t he want one?

      1. Mainly down to the fact that it only has it’s exclusive to back it up whilst the third party games are more superior and available at a cheaper price on the PC…. Plus, devs would like to beg to differ because a lot of them actually say the Xbox One ISN’T great.

        1. Not to mention Microsoft is planning to ditch Xbox brand very soon. Maybe this will be its final console race. I hope to god this is the beginning of the end of Xbox.

      2. 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Xbox One is a POS DRM cable DRV/Betamax box that explodes, serves crap game and no exclusives thanks to its own ass trying to be a PC when PC already beat this garbage in terms of gameplay, online, performance and affordability YEARS AGO before now. $500 for a BS gimmick camera that sucked and doesn’t work except for being an NSA spy tool. $400-500 my ass.

        PC+Nintendo+Sony DESTROYS Xbox, bar none.

      1. He must be of the mentally retarded (I only use mentally handicapped to describe the good mentally challenged people & Sasori does not belong to this group) asshole group of disability check gamers. I’m glad I’m part of the good group of disability check gamers.

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