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Here’s A Trailer Showcasing Impa And Her Deadly Weapon In Hyrule Warriors

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have revealed yet another Hyrule Warriors trailer. This specific trailer focusses on Impa from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can watch Impa go berserk with her deadly weapon the Naginata allowing her to create spin combos and fire attacks. Hyrule Warriors is due for release this September in the United States and Europe, but comes out later this month in Japan.

Thanks, DolphinSpanx

17 thoughts on “Here’s A Trailer Showcasing Impa And Her Deadly Weapon In Hyrule Warriors”

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  2. I always thought Impa was a badass in OOT and SS so i am looking forward to playing as her in this game. i really hope the difficulty in these trailers have been the easy setting bc I would like a little challenge with my hack&slash

  3. A very awesome video. Impa seems to have very large weapons. Which is fine, since Sheik has a more ninja-like approach to battle. I hope Sheik gets her chain/Link’s whip as a second weapon. The whip fits Sheik better than Link for this game.

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  5. The thing that bothers me is, every character seems to be equally powerful and magical. Like, for example, even Agitha could kick Link’s ass. And she wasn’t even a fighter in Twilight Princess. The enemies in all of these trailers look so weak that even Steve Urkel could kill them all while eating cheese and doing a polka dance. And afterwards he’d be like “did I do that?”. LOL! All they do is stand around and wait to die.

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