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Want Turok Nintendo 64 Games To Come To Wii U Virtual Console? It’s Now Time To Speak Up

Classic Media, the publishing studio that has the rights to the original Turok franchise, says that if you want the Turok games from the N64 on the Wii U Virtual Console then be sure to let them know. Of course, if enough people make a fuss then they are bound to consider it. You can contact them here:

Thanks to those who sent this in.

68 thoughts on “Want Turok Nintendo 64 Games To Come To Wii U Virtual Console? It’s Now Time To Speak Up”

        1. If you’re talking about the remade goldeneye for Wii, no sir, it is definitely NOT the same shit. I looked so forward to it, but multiplayer was just plain terrible. Single player was fun I guess, but nowhere near as fun as the original, and I never bothered beating it 100% like I did the original.

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  2. I want a port of Doom 64, I remember that game scqring the crap out of me as a child. Just… the baby crying on that one silent level, really unnerved me.

  3. N64 VC ? Oh man that would be AMAZING.
    Turok 2 is a childhood game, played the crap out of the multiplayer, would gladly see it make its way to the VC.

  4. I just want n64 virtual console but if this opens the doors for Nintendo to finally do something with the N64 virtual console games, then be my guess.

  5. Yall emailing Turok creAtors like its their choice. How bout we petition to get the “ReUmagined” GC games out faster? Yall remember that?

  6. Even if they were to launch a Nintendo 64 Wii U VC, Turok would be one of the last priorities alongside stuff like Cruisin’ USA and, I don’t know, Goemon?

  7. Sadly, for this to work, doesn’t Nintendo have to get on board with supporting the N64 in the FIRST place on the Wii U VC? Because right now they don’t seem to care.

  8. Never played the originals so this is welcome news.

    The problem though with N64 VC is that a large percentage of the best titles will never appear. So getting the Turok series and not Goldeneye & Perfect Dark games is like being told you can have sirloin but fillet steak is off the menu. Ultimately you’re not getting the best.

    But looking at the positives, any good N64 games are welcome additions.

  9. I’ve never understood why (or how) anyone could stand first-person shooter type of games? They’re the most horrible genre of games. And every one of them causes me motion sickness (literally). Why do I never hear anyone else complaining about that? I get so sick of nearly everyone naming Goldeneye 007 as one of the greatest N64 games. I played that years ago and hated it just as much as all other FPS’s. I’ll never understand it’s wide appeal. (- _ -)

    1. Because these Turok games & Goldeneye were made back before FPS became such a common genre. If the only reason you hate these type of games is because of the motion sickness you get, I understand why you think they are horrible, though.

    2. So just because FPS make you motion sick, everyone else is supposed to dislike them just like you do? You’ll never understand, because a huge majority of people obviously don’t get motion sickness from playing FPS.

      It seems like if that were the case, all games would make you motion sick, not just FPS. The only difference between an FPS and other games is the first person view, the 3D environments have been the same forever now. So I don’t understand that personally.

      Just like many people like to ride on boats, some people get motion sickness on water but again that is the minority, so it isn’t like they are going to stop selling boats just because a couple people get motion sickness on them.

      What is horrible is you didn’t give any real reason as to why you dislike these games other than them making you motion sick. That is like someone with epilepsy telling everyone all games suck, just because they can’t play them without having a seizure.

      1. Actually, it is a real reason for them. Just because it’s not one you share with them doesn’t make it any less real.

  10. The original Turok games? Hell yes! I loved them. As a kid, I used the cheat codes to play them. But now that I’ve gotten better at video games, I’ll try to beat them without the cheat codes this time around if we get them on the Wii U’s virtual console. I hope this is a sign that Nintendo will be doing N64 VC soon. And hopefully with better support since the Wii N64 VC was only 24 games… and is most likely still at that number. For N64, I just need the Turok trilogy, Ogrebattle 64, & Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage and I’ll be content.

  11. you guys are emailing the wrong company If N64 games don’t even exist on the system… Try contacting the ignorant turds who could actually do something about that.

    Use your brains.

    1. How about you use yours a little, bub? Nintendo can’t do N64 VC games of games that they don’t own without the permission of the 3rd party that created them. Why do you think there were only 24 games for the N64 VC for Wii?

  12. YES PLEASE! well optimized, it could run very smooth on wii u, pointer controls a la metroid prime are welcomed. would buy all 3 in a heartbeat.

  13. Oh god no. Unless they fix the controls (don’t see how unless they tweak the code), it wouldn’t be a good choice to put them on the Wii U virtual console. Turok 2 had some of the worst controls, other than that the game was better than Dinosaur Hunter mainly because I didn’t have most enemies constantly respawning. Shadows of Oblivion was pretty meh imo. Turok 2 was the best from the three. It’s a shame that franchise didn’t go beyond those games. The world was pretty interesting, a mashup of past and scifi/futuristic worlds in one.

    1. The controls were a pain in the ass starting off, but I eventually adapted to them & had tons of fun. But I agree about Turok 2 being the best damn game as it had more of a story, not to mention the new weapons. *cough*Cerebral Bore*cough* Turok 3 was good but the story wasn’t as good as it’s predecessor. So I still want them. I’ll just have to re-adapt to the controls if I end up being rusty with them.

  14. Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Goldeneye, Cruisin USA, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64, Rampage, Turok, and Mario Party! All I Need….

  15. Awwwww…… Turok the first for n64. Absolutely phenomenal. The gun arrangement/selection undisputed, even in today’s arena. The long trails and different scenery with the coolest creatures to war against, our prehistoric nemesis. Loved it and would rejoice to see it on wii with perhaps updated graphics or cleaner imagery but still all the same nuts and bolts. Do us a favor and get started on it today, you’ll not regret it in my 30 year old range as well as the youth of today.

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