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Nintendo Canada Employee Implies Rayman Is Playable In Super Smash Bros Wii U

Matt Ryan, who is in charge of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships at Nintendo of Canada, has mentioned in the recent video that Rayman will be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. You can hear his comments at the 1:50 mark in the video embedded above.

Thanks, takamaru64

184 thoughts on “Nintendo Canada Employee Implies Rayman Is Playable In Super Smash Bros Wii U”

    1. I think so too, he probably meant to say pacman since that’s who he was talking about just before he said rayman. Plus I don’t think the marketing team in Canada knows about the characters in the game more than most fans do. I doubt such details about the development of the game spread throughout the company that much.

      1. hopefully it’s not true. Adding all these characters really cheapens the experience. It’s like those anime games that have like 80 playable characters. They all end up being almost identical except for a few tweaks here and there. That’s why smash 64 is the best. The characters all felt different for the most part.

        1. That actually doesn’t bother me, adding in more characters doesn’t actually take away anything as far as I’m aware of. The characters that are fun to play as are still going to be fun to play as even if a clone is added. I’d only care if they didn’t add in a unique character in order to add in more clones just to bolster the roster size.

            1. It would only be a disappointment with Lucina if, and only if, her inclusion would exclude a character that plays differently. For example, if they included her but then cut R.O.B., then I would be upset since it would seem that they added in a Marth clone in favor of adding in a unique character. However, if they keep all the unique characters from brawl, and add in unique newcomers, then I am perfectly fine with 100 clones being added, since the experience of playing those characters that were unique is still there. At the moment, we don’t know the final roster or the size, so it’s too early to start condemning Lucina.

          1. Also if you haven’t realized even of there are clones they have a sort of different center of gravity and that Makes them play differently, Mario, fox and ness share the same center of gravity as luigi, falco and Lucas have the opposite

          2. True but What good is adding more third party for this game? Sonic and PAC man are one of the biggest names in gaming and Nintendo already has the other two big names, dk and Mario. Rayman isn’t anywhere near up there and won’t ever be. It’s better to add newcomers that have a potential future on woo u or 3ds like nintendos forgotten characters.

      2. I guarantee you with no reservation that the marketing teams at Nintendo know MUCH more about upcoming titles than any fans do. The marketing strategies are in the works months ahead of release, meaning marketing teams have to be given access to game content in order to plan the rollout of ads and commercials and previews etc. And this guy is a top tier exec within NOC so there’s no way he’d be in the dark about stuff like this.

    1. I doubt it because if you listen to the video a few times he is clearly referencing characters who are not on the demo roster that they are playing I guess it is possible he meant to say pacman again but idk?? We will know within the next month so let the speculation begin it releases in Japan early September so we will know the playable roster within 5 weeks

    2. But why would he say rayman at all. He would have had to have been thinking about him at some point before he said that. And why would he think of rayman? Because he was thinking about the unconfirmed characters.

    1. I don’t think it was cool of them to delay the game either, They could have atleast released the wii u version of rayman when it was ready and released the other versions when those were ready much later instead of holding back the wii u version for so long. It obviously wouldn’t have been a problem since they did basically that for watch_dogs, only instead delaying just the wii u version this time.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Why should we believe an idiot who makes up bullshit more than Ubisoft? Don’t talk until you have something truthful to say.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Awww, that’s cute, he’s trying to make us have a guilt trip because we have evidence and he doesn’t.

      2. 1. You’re a moron to say that BS because Nintendo don’t usually delay games and not for long unlike Ubisoft who intentionally delays a FUCKING COMPLETED PORT FOR 9 MONTHS TWICE!

        2. STFU and die already

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          3. They don’t even want to reveal and release a secret game they have for the Wii U either, talk about being pathetic lifeforms…

      3. *facepalm* Do I seriously have to repeat this? Ugh! Fine! Nintendo delaying games that are exclusive to their console is okay since there are no other games that could threaten it’s sales unlike with multiplatform games. So Nintendo gets a pass on this while Ubisoft doesn’t.

  1. He didn’t mean to say MegaMan. He was naming characters who announced to be in the game but weren’t in this demo “including Pac-man, and Rayman”.

  2. it REALLY sounds like he said the wrong name on accident. Then again, I’m in the group of people hoping Rayman isn’t playable. We have enough third party characters already. Three 3rd party chars is enough for what’s supposed to be a game where Nintendo characters fight each other.

      1. @ARTPOP, I’m not against more characters being added, I’m against more third-party characters being added. You know, non-nintendo characters. We have Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic. We don’t need any more.

  3. Where’s the difference with him? The creators & developers weren’t responisble for the delay! They really wanted to release it in time. So don’t hate the game, hate the player (or in this case Ubisofts and their decisions) ;-)

    If you appreciate the series, you must face that it’s already hard for such an awesome and creative game like legends to survive , even with a multiplatform release!

    1. we DO hate Ubisoft not the creators. It’s Ubisoft’s IP we don’t want in Smash. BTW, I played Rayman Legends and it gets old quick. The same ol same ol just different colors and places to jump. It’s a bit overrated to be honest. I still appreciate it as one of the better platformers but to hear people talk you’d think it had surpassed Mario

      1. Rayman Origins and Legends easily surpass the last three NSMB games released. Your argument against Rayman is invalid anyway; the same could be said for any platformer.

  4. Well he definitely says Rayman, and he’s naming characters that are announced but not playable in this E3 demo build (like Pac-Man). Not surprising if Rayman is in though. During Treehouse LIVE@E3 they mentioned that in their office they play as really cool characters that they can’t talk about with anyone, and just like amiibo functionality in SSB; if a rep knows some secret that everyone is speculating over, sometimes they slip and confirm it as if it were already common knowledge.

  5. He said the wrong name by accident. If you keep watching the video he even mistakes Kirby’s hammer as a item anyone can pick up. Kill this rumor before it spreads…

    1. Maybe, maybe not. While looking at the roster of people including Mega Man, he specifically says “we’ve announced a whole bunch of characters so far, this is not all of them… Pac-Man is one of the new characters we announced at E3, people are pretty excited about that… Rayman, a whole bunch of others…”

    1. Excellent, you’re in for a fun time! I’m sure that you’ll be playing that one for quite a while. The online races really add to the replay value and getting all of the gold trophies should take a decent amount of time as well. Will you wait until you complete Mario Kart 8 to buy more Wii U games or you’ll likely get them to begin your collection?

    2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      go get get black ops 2 or ghost for wii u. wii u needs more players

      1. nobody is going to follow your recommendations here go and give recommendations to your bitches speed akpodiete and pokemonnerd 2000

  6. I can see why people don’t want Rayman in Smash, mainly because Ubisoft is a complete dick to Nintendo. And yes, it sounds like he said the wrong name. I can back it up because of the Rayman Trophy. I can back that up further because Sakurai has revealed Waluigi to be a trophy (when we thought he would be playable).

    1. Being an assist trophy is not the sane as having a trophy in the game. Mario, Pikachu and Samus will have trophies but they are playable. Waluigi was confirmed as bring an ASSIST trophy and was explicitly called unplayable, whereas Sakurai was very coy about Rayman.

      And if Ubisoft is a dick to Nintendo, what is every other single developer in the world? Warner Bros isn’t bringing Batman. We’re lucky Wii U is getting Watch Dogs after all the other Ubisoft games like Rayman, ZombiU, Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed, etc.

  7. Rayman doesn’t deserve a spot on Nintendo’s SSB. Ubisoft has released a shitty remake, delayed an exclusive, and later made it not exclusive.

    1. gave us inferior Child of Light, did not give us Valiant Hearts (seems perfect type of game for Nintendo) and complained that ZombiU didn’t sell well when it’s sold better than Rayman Legends and might approach 1 million when all is said and done. They are EA 2.0

  8. One problem with your arguments, my friends. Why should Rayman have to suffer for the transgressions of Ubisoft? Just because the company made some pretty bad moves recently, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be included. It would be like not allowing Snake in the game because we’re mad at Microsoft or blocking Twilight Sparkle because My Little Pony would be 4th party. The characters should get in on their own merits regardless of what company owns them. Imagine if EA had ended up buying Capcom? I have a feeling that many of you wouldn’t want Mega Man to be in the game anymore and that’s not fair to the character.

    1. My argument isn’t flawed, you just created a counterargument that makes no sense.
      By putting Rayman in SSB, there is support towards Ubisoft. Ubisoft’s sales will go up if Rayman appears as a character, and they don’t deserve any a sales boost by their shitty treatment to Nintendo fans.
      The character isn’t a person, they aren’t even living. They are just a figment of imagination created into a form of entertainment. There is no fairness with something that doesn’t exist.

      1. Ubisoft has been the best developer for Wii U outside of Nintendo themselves. We enjoyed 2 Assassin’s Creeds, ZombiU, Rayman, Rabbids, Just Dance, and Watchdogs is still coming. They are the single biggest backer of the Wii U even when they were losing money.

        1. My ass. Denied ZombiU sequel saying it sold the least games when it actually sold more then Rayman Legends when they retardedly released it too close to GTA5 and Deliberately delayed TWO completed ports (Rayman and Watchdogs) with no clear explanation beside the “install base” excuse which during the first planned Rayman Legends launch, Wii U did 3+ million by Christmas and if Watchdogs came to Wii U with the rest, Wii U sold around 6+ million and still say it has a smaller install base/weaker sales…they obviously ignored both failures of Vita and Xbox One’s launch flop.

          What else? Gimped Blacklist at full price, skipped DLC on AC4 but left AC3 DLC in, holding Wii U owners for extortion to buy more systems and their crappy games to get more crap? Are you this dead-seriously STUPID? Ubisoft didn’t support SHIT.

    2. I agree with dreager. Most real sonic fans have been mad at sega for making bad sonic games recently, and most (if not all) of megaman fans are furious with capcom because of the cancellation of megaman legends 3. (Not to mention the only new games are megaman 9 and 10). But everyone still loved the fact that megaman and sonic were included in the game. I dont see whats wrong with adding rayman. Not to mention his moveset on rayman origins is very similar to the movesets on the Smash Bros games. I really dont see how another unique and likeable character can hurt you. If you don’t like him, don’t play as him. If he still bothers you, don’t unlock him, and if online, beat up whoever plays as him. 10 3rd parties might be much, but I dont see anything wrong with 4 or 5 legends.

  9. He said Rayman is in the game and technically, he is. Even if it’s in trophy form so far, it’s still Rayman :P

  10. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i still wont be buying the game anyway. call of duty advance warfare WII U FTW :)

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Yet you said that you wanted Narutard characters in Smash, even though you said you had no interest in the game. Exposed.

          1. man, you got really butthurt if you are reacting this way. they must be laughing of you -I am, for sure-

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      We want sasori out, we try to have a nice conversation and than he comes with his gorilla face saying stuff like “MLK is overrated”
                      He starts a flame war and never ends, even if we were talking about something meaningful, it ends with comments like

                      “DEATH TO IWATA”
                      “KILL ALL THE WOMEN”

                      It adds fuel to fire y’know?

      1. You’ll be missing out on a pretty intense game man. Smash Bros is the King of Fighters, The Champion of Cookie Mashers, and the Victor of Versus. It’s seriously a solid game!

      2. What kind of a retard buys Nintendo consoles for COD? What sort of games were you thinking you were going to get when you asked your mom to buy you a Wii U?

      3. Of course your faggot racist ass would go for the cheapest of all repetitive garbage anywhere any kid can feel like a prick grown up and have an excuse to camp all day to say “Me got skillz!”

        Skipping Smash because you know deep down you ass sucks in any real hardcore and competitive games. You go for COD because its where the biggest pussies play at.

    2. Honestly it sounds like this guy has no idea what he’s talking about in general about smash. He seemed unsure about everything and was unable to answer simple questions clearly. I’m taking this with a pound of salt.

    3. Wait… is Sickr saying “implies” rather than “confirms”? is he…. actually speaking properly? *dun dun duuuuun*

    4. WTF it doesnt sound like a mistake, sounds legit, plus mega man was announced last year plus mega man is on screen so couldnt hav meant megaman. Omg if raymans playable then he better hav a reveal trailer mid-august

    5. No, no, no, no, no, fuck no. Those Ubisoft douches have done jack shit to deserve the honor of having their third-party character featured in the game. Only such situation I’d allow would be if they made Ancel into the new Sandbag.

      1. And how the hell does Capcom deserve it? Just cuz of Monster Hunter? Ubisoft has released the most Wii U games outside of Nintendo.

        1. Are you that dumb? I only count 5-7 games they made that supposedly matters but not anymore not after how they treated Nintendo fans.

          Capcom at least has done some good after their current round of fuck ups plus fans wanted Megaman in Smash for a long time.

          1. Capcom: 2 games… Ubisoft: 7+ Games… Do the Math before calling others stupid.
            You are just a Butthurt Fucking Retard.

      2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Ancel doesn’t deserve that, he was the one who protested against his own Ubisoftian kind for forcing him to delay Legends just to create the other versions. His leaders are being manipulated by the Xbots.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            I rather have him your empire, it be bad move joining us since we are trying to learn that number that comes after three.

    6. I don’t want Rayman but not because of Ubisoft, many of you seem to forget that this is a business not favors between friends. Ubisoft was almost the only developer that continues to bring games on Wii U, almost the only 3rd Party developer who took care and brought some quality games to Wii, and the only one who showed the improvement of Wii Motion Plus. They continued their support to Nintendo even when everybody else didn’t, but this is business and if developing for one console doesn’t make profit to them the only answer is to stop developing for it. I see why you’re angry, I was too, but Ubisoft’s position towards Wii U is really justified, they give it a shot and it didn’t work. And not because of them, but because of people didn’t buy their games.

      1. Another idiot who doesn’t “think” thoroughly.

        You say this but you missed the points of Ubisoft saying one thing and then turn their backs without explaining themselves and not over some business BS. That makes the consumers feel unnecessarily punished. Do you still think they deserve to get shafted over Rayman delay? What about Watchdogs? Come on. Use you brain and stop blindly defending the 3rd party jackasses as if you’re defending Republicunts yourself.

        1. So you don’t agree with me and your first reaction is to insult me, well done. First of all, stop embarrassing yourself with the republicunt stuff, I’m not even from the US. Second when they delayed Rayman I was, as many, somewhat angry but in the end I didn’t care because I wasn’t planning on buying the game anyway, the they made it multiplatform, and when this happened they explained that it was because there weren’t enough Wii U’s sold so they wouldn’t make a profit with the game. In the case of WatchDogs, that one does botter me because I want it on my Wii U, but if they really delayed it because it needed more work then is fine as long as the final product have quality, if it is as bugged as the other versions then they deserve all the hatred from Wii U owners who were really planing to buy the game for Wii U.

          Finally,I’m not blindly defending them but I’m not going to ignore all the support they gave to Nintendo since Wii just because some recent decisions

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I bought ZombiU, while a great game, it’s still bugged even after the Patch…

            Rayman Legends delay nonsense for no reason and Watch Dogs too plus they don’t want to release all other games that they have and then all these gimped features for full retail price, no thank you…

            1. I know they have and do shit but they also have quality games and have supported Nintendo and I won’t ignore that just because some recent decisions. The fact that you don’t like their games doesn’t make them shit.

    7. Isn’t this game meant to be a crossover of NINTENDO franchises? Why the influx of third party mascots in this game? I mean sure, a few are fine, but this seems like too much for a first party game. Why not get some of the more obscure Nintendo characters?

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      nintendo will never have this games!!!! go suck it ddrones!!!

      1. Ok now how about you post the list of Sony exclusives that had won Game of the Year THREE YEARS RUNNING!!! PS4+Wii u+3ds+PC ftw

      2. After reviewing your post, I conclude that majority of the top games for XBOX was multiplatform.

        If you have a PS3 and PC we didn’t need one. You get the same games plus more.

        If you have the Wii we didn’t need a 360 since we bought it for its EXCLUSIVE games.

        Therefore I conclude that the XBOX 360 was nothing more than an insignificant video game system last gen. There’s nothing special about it.

    9. Honestly, fuck ray man. We need the chosen undead from Dark Souls. Dark Souls is arguably one of the greatest games of all time. Eat my chose if you disagree.

    10. This might be a stretch, but what if he meant Ray from Custom Robo? He could’ve accidentally added the “man” part at the end. Ray Mk III was an assist trophy in Brawl, so it’s ENTIRELY possible (assuming they increase his size).

      Well, either that or he was just thinking of a trophy. But here’s to hoping that any of the Ray Custom Robos make it in! :)

    11. The final roster has been done for awhile. The focus has been tweaking and making sure the bugs are worked out. The treehouse is aware because their job us to localize the game from the Japanese version. They also said atty E3 when asked who their faves were that they were fond of characters that haven’t been announced yet. Sept 13th is close so i expect a 3DS Smash direct after the hyrule warriors one. Then the focus will be on Bayonetta 2 & the new Pokemon games before the winter Smash Wiiu release

    12. Fuck me. X( They better not make his ass official in the game. Again, after what Ubisoft has done, I say fuck them and Rayman. Hell, remove him completely from the game, no reminder or trace of him.

    13. Probably Nintendo will add him in the official rooster, so that Rayman could just be beat up by Nintendo’s characters.

      Maybe his attacks and final smash won’t be effective since it has a lot of delayed time.

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    15. I doubt it’s true. Because if it was, he’d probably be in hot water for revealing it before it became known or official. He probably made a mistake.

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    17. Every single article I come across that mentions Rayman’s name, there are at least 10 comments made bashing him.
      I for one hope this turns out to be true because I’ve always wanted to play as him in a Smash Bros. game ever since I played The Great Escape on the N64 as a kid.
      The constant 24/7 slandering is just silly
      And it is also sad seeing people use the Rayman Legends delay as a source to continue fueling their detestation toward him despite knowing full well that the developers of Rayman Legends protested against the delay itself.
      All of this is just a Sudoku Puzzle to me. I just don’t get any of it.

      1. I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh.
        I’m just completely lost on why Rayman himself has to receive almost 90% of the hate remarks whenever something sounds like good news to other people regarding him.
        Yes, I know Ubisoft made some rather awkward decisions here and there, but everyone is almost treating the company as if their the new EA.

          1. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the way that Ubisoft is slowly abandoning Nintendo (or at least the Wii U). But they’re nowhere near as bad as EA.

            1. Least not yet. If they continue with this trend of treating Nintendo fans like crap, they will definitely become the next EA.

              1. That’s totally understandable, and I wont deny that Ubisoft has made some questionable moves from time to time because that is the very reason their fans are losing faith them.
                But Ubisoft has made more games (both bad and good) on the Wii U than the terribad EA.
                I’m not saying that no one has no reason to dislike Ubisoft, but they shouldn’t be shown the exact same level of hate that is displayed toward EA.
                Considering Ubisoft has done more for the Wii U than EA has ever done .

    18. Just like Snake before him, people are getting pissed about Rayman because Ubisoft hasn’t slaved off to Nintendo. Stay classy kids

    19. I hope what he says is true. He could be making a mistake, but think about it… when Rayman’s trophy was shown, did Sakurai just flat-out DECONFIRM him with his trolling words? No, he didn’t.

      Want examples of deconfirming? Waluigi and Takamaru – he clearly says they are assist trophies. And that is all.

      Btw… these comments about Ubisoft being a “dick” to Nintendo… I’m kinda gonna go off topic here and say that Nintendo can be a dick too at times. SEGA lets their mascot Sonic appear in Wreck-it Ralph and comics. Nintendo with their mascot Mario? They deny him all of that glory. SEGA even celebrates Mario’s anniversary with Sonic dressed up as Mario. Nintendo didn’t do jackshit in return for SEGA with Mario dressing up as Sonic. I know SEGA is a third party and doesn’t have all the control and stuff, but just think about it.

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