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SEGA Says It’s Planning 13 Nintendo 3DS SKUs And 4 Wii U SKUs For The New Fiscal Year

Sega has announced that it’s planning multiple SKUs for the Nintendo 3DS and also the Wii U. The Nintendo 3DS will get the majority of SKUs as the company says it’s currently the biggest selling single platform for the company. However, the Wii U won’t be left out as the company is planning 4 SKUs for Nintendo’s latest home console. Remember these aren’t necessarily new games and include special editions etc. Still, it’s good news for Nintendo fans.

  • 13 SKUs for 3DS titles
  • Incorporates limited editions and download games
  • Hoping to sell 2.27 million units
  • 3DS is the biggest selling single platform for the company
  • 4 SKUs for the Wii U
  • Hoping to sell 600k units

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90 thoughts on “SEGA Says It’s Planning 13 Nintendo 3DS SKUs And 4 Wii U SKUs For The New Fiscal Year”

  1. Playstation is for stupid people who fart on their own heads

    Sonic Generations for WiiU! Oh Please Sonic Generations for WiiU! Special Addition!

          1. not just games
            an SKU can be literally anything
            it’s just a description for a distinct product

            but since sega primarily produces games it’s probably safe to say that these are all going to be games.. however they *could* be DLCs aswell

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I don’t listen to civilians that only wants to buy a console based on media gimmicks and not games, get off my path now, shoo shoo…

      1. Unleashed? If the other half of the game wasn’t so awkwardly paced and frustrating, then it would’ve been good but at least its still way better than that 2006 flop. X(

  2. Give me a Jet Set Radio sequel, a new Rhythm Thief, a Streets of Rage revival, a GOOD Golden Axe title, NiGHTS III, a Samba De Amigo sequel, a new House of the Dead, and just bring back mah homies Toejam & Earl.

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  4. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i love how sickr keeps dogging my questions….. (‘_’)
    how many xbox one games do you own?

    1. 1. Its spelled “dodging” retard 2. Nobody cares what BS videos of your exposed ugly ass you wanna try to wave at someone’s face like you wave your dwindled package at your mom.

  5. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    off course sickr wouldn’t care about those unkonwn sega game because he realized xbox one has more quailty games :)
    he’s enjoy the true 1080p 60fps on his xbox one :D (X)

        1. Then STFU about it because you ain’t gonna afford one period. You might as well rob your friends Xbox 360. Oh hold up. Scratch that, your reject ass have no friends or balls to rob 360s.

          1. Well, I’m not really a graphics guy so I don’t pay all that much attention to it. My only Xbox knowledge is really from this site. We just shouldn’t underestimate it….

  6. I feel like Sega is one of those companies that Nintendo could just… buy. It would benefit both companies. The same goes for Capcom, and to a lesser extent, Platinum Games.

  7. A new Shinobi title? Space Harrier?
    I can dream… Maybe a third instalment of sonic racing or a new outrun.

  8. 13 for the 3DS, eh? Sonic 3DS, Sonic 3DS 2, Sonic 3DS 3, Sonic 3DS 4, uhm… Mario & Sonic Olympics 3DS, Sonic Racing 3DS, Sonic *insert name here* 3DS… The 3DS sure is going to have a lot of Sonic games for it in the next 1 or 2 years. lol For Wii U, we’ll get Sonic Unleashed 2, Sonic Racing, Sonic and the Malicious Dragon (aka Snow White,) & Mario & Sonic Olympics Winter 2014. God I hope I’m wrong & that this turns out to just be a silly joke from me.

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