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Nintendo Management Scheming To Get Rid Of Iwata?

New rumors have suggested that some members of the Nintendo management team are devising a scheme to get rid of company president Satoru Iwata. According to the recently-surfaced rumors, the executive is one of few Nintendo employees that are refusing to bring the publisher’s popular games to smartphones. It was recently revealed that Iwata has been re-elected as the head of Nintendo.

198 thoughts on “Nintendo Management Scheming To Get Rid Of Iwata?”

    1. lol let’s hope it is

      publishing their games on smartphones would be the beginning of nintendo’s downfall

        1. The only bad thing about the Wii U is the name. It shouldn’t have had “Wii” in the name. I think that alone (and bad advertising) caused all of the problems.

            1. Nope, just the name ;)

              Xbox One, remember that? Weak next gen console that is still getting third party games.

              Wii U actually has hardware that devs can afford to develop for because it’s cheaper.

              1. Better than getting no third party support. You seem to think the wiiu hasn’t had droughts of its own.;)

                1. So that examples why some third party companies are still giving games to Nintendo. You seem to think that Nintendo is dying yet they are still doing better than the Xbox One ;)

                  Sorry kid, you’re damage controlling is pretty obvious.

                  1. I don’t think it’s stated correctly. I think they might be looking for a replacement rather than plotting on getting him fired. Game designers don’t live forever people… We’re all born just to die. This might be for, “When the worst happens,” type of scenario. I think him doing Nintendo Direct is cool, they’d be stupid to get rid of him

                    1. Yeah this website news reporting sucks. They are just shit stirrers. Any headline that grabs attention gets wrote, even if damaging to nintendo. Most media these days are a bunch a soul less, talentless tools truth told.

        2. Actually, it will bring the downfall of Nintendo because even though Smartphones have become popular… doesn’t mean that the games are and as a matter of fact only a small portion of free games on smart devices are the only things being played so really yeah, Nintendo will be dead if they published games on anything but Nintendo consoles. Sorry to ruin your wet dream ;)

          1. that assumption is wrong. If you look at charts, you’ll see many people pay for smart phone games. It’s also way cheaper to make smart phone games than console games. Sorry to ruin your dance around the fire in your cave while you masterbate in a cup and drink your semen.;)

            1. Not really an assumption but more of hard facts kiddo.

              I’m sorry to ruin your comeback (seeing how it already died before you could even fight back) but it’s true. Some companies have died thanks to mobile gaming and if Nintendo went for that market expect sells of their games to fall. Seriously, I don’t know how sorry I am for you right now seeing how you like talking about people masturbating and your fight with your sexuality. I’m sure your MLP toys will keep you company ;)

              1. So you’re saying nintendo is so fragile, selling tiny phone games will knock them down? That’s bullshit, nintendo is stronger than that.;) sorry to ruin your whole life.;)

                1. amazon, microsoft sell software on other platforms … they still make their own hardware too.

                  you’re absolutely 100% correct … selling their software steam-style would be the smartest thing they could ever do.

                  i’m sorry people don’t support you … they just don’t understand. Nintendo is acting like North Korea … thinking they can do everything all by themselves.

                  Nintendo doesn’t share on other devices … and Nintendo doesn’t share your criticism … they’re arrogant.

                  Do you want all Virtual Console games released? … every single one of them? … easy … you need a fundamental corporate change … going to smartphones will be part of that change.

                  going to smartphones will increase their profits … they need more profits, if they’re going to release a power-house console in a couple years … their next console needs to be a monster to make-up for public opinion that they only make tinker-toys.

                  1. again it will be their down fall…as I said long ago, if Nintendo falls, all of them fall. If Nintendo did start on smartphones, their goes the whole gaming community. Why? Because Nintendo is the building blocks of what you got today and I’m not talking about the games alone, I’m talking about the playstations, Xboxes, steam, Atari, sega Capcom, koei, team ninja….ALL OF IT…down the drain, A WASTE OF YEARS OF BUILDING WHO YOU ARE…gone. If you agree to that fool up there, then your just as big of a fool. Without Nintendo being this dam stuborn is the key to your gaming period, that goes for playstation and xbox too, one falls, they all fall.

                    GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS!!!

          2. I agree, it wouldn’t be really smart to invest on smart phone games as this will only cater casual gamers. The only reason why there is an increase in mobile phone games only proves that more and more people have access to these devices than ever before. Real gamers want to play on consoles or game dedicated hardware. Casual gamers are just too fickle and even if there are people who really enjoys gaming through their phone, chances are that they’ll end up wanting a console instead.

            Although I really don’t see Nintendo shifting to mobile in this lifetime but if they do for some twisted reason then that will be the start of their downfall as a game company.

            1. i think that nintendo cant put their games on smartphones because thwy will stop selling their consoles

          1. He can’t take an opinion, that’s why he’s damage controlling, trying to make everyone believe it’s true… I think he’s the new Sasori :D

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Keep defending that nazi ape that wishes Lord Iwata and his family to die in horrible ways plus admitting he is a racist, homophobe and so on…

                  Anyone at its side is automatically an abomination that needs to be terminated at once…

                  1. Nqc how many times have I told you I have np with gays. And am not racist. Geez it’s like you have a big black sausage up your booty

                    1. Actually you’d probably be in a good mood if you had one up there right now. So you don’t have one?

                    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      You should be a comedian because everything you said was pretty funny because your entire statement is a complete and total lie.

                    3. If you did have problem with gays or race who cares they is your rightas a human being. Gays and colored people aren’t gonna get respect by force nor pointing people out for persecution

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I don’t care what you think considering all you ever do on this site is to troll and bash our empire and its fans…

                      Get lost little you primitive lifeform…

                    2. The Real Captain America

                      Ok folks ignore the two idiots that are both homophobic and racist. Seriously suggesting that Ninteno Comandef Quadrix would enjoy “big black sausages up his booty” just because he disagrees with you is both creepy and ridiculous! First why is it if you disagree with someone your go to insult is to declare they are gay? Seriously being gay isnt a bad thing. And second why are you throwing black men under the bus by suggesting they would rape him? Seriously we get that you love to edgy and all but grow the fuck up!

                      Bunch of Neckbearded jack offs.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Also, Nintendo’s downfall is when they become a third party sellout, thing is it will never happen, because the Empire has enough resources to bleed until 2050, but that is if they continually bleed which they won’t they will gain and last even longer than 2050, it will go even to live at the era of the Third Bountiful Human Empire in 22500 or something.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Indeed and we’ll try helping your Republic as long as it doesn’t become corrupted…

                In the year 22500 or in about 2045.5 cycles, I’ll become Mega Quadraxis…

        3. lol a single underperforming console is supposed to be their downfall? rofl

          idiot indeed

          starting to publish their games on smartphones would mar the public image and perception of quality of their franchises and *that* is something they cannot easily repair
          having their games being compared with shitty $1 iphone apps is something nintendo cannot afford

            1. ruining the reputation they’ve worked on for decades will

              once they start selling games on mobile they’ll have to compromise on a multitude of aspects e.g. controls/gameplay, pricing

              how adjustments in controls/gameplay are necessary and how those will affect quality is a no brainer

              having to price competitively (hardly anyone buys a game for $30+ on the appstore when there’s games available for a fraction of that) will ultimately affect their development cycle because a giant publisher like nintendo can’t survive by releasing a game every couple months that sells for a handful of dollars and thus quality will be affected

              not to mention that while releasing a mario game every year or two may work quite well it probably won’t do to release one every other month…

              1. also worth mentioning is compatibility

                nintendo games work so well because they’re made for one specific platform

                i think anyone can imagine how having to cater to a multitude of platforms will affect quality

              2. you, sir, are totally right. Nintendo on mobile will make a lot of money, but for a short time. After the initial boost Nintendo perceived quality level whould be lower and Nintendo iconic characters whould loose their strenght.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


            If they started to listen to all the haters, our empire would have fallen after the GCN era…

        4. I think the secret would be to making their own smartphone maybe their own device, and have let customers pick either android or WP and their would be a special Nintendo app store thing. From their you could get Nintendo apps VC games, and maybe some free to play Nintendo themed stuff. And then it just comes with maybe a Bluetooth controller.
          I think it would just work as a Nintendo fans option for a phone. But have them focus their handheld and home business into a business that would work a lot like amazon’s fire TV and fire phone. They also need to work on a media store, or partner with someone that dues. I think that Nintendo, yahoo, and blackberry should merge into one thing

          1. Lol if they did, it’d be so bad. A crappy browser, two people will have to register Eachothers phone number to text or call.

        5. No. The wiiu is not doing well but it’s not a showstopper. Taking your exclusive games and making them for other platforms is. Then there wouldn’t be a reason to own nintendo hardware for even dedicated fans.

        6. This is the best news I’ve heard all day.. Keep up the hard work MyNintendoNews.. Sasori kindly gives his blessings..

          -The Clergy of the Church of Sasori

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Not to mention that they have problems right now with their own hardware, how would they handle others’?…

      1. I think the $5 NES VC games could go. You know, milk the smartphone crowd now that they’ve milked us… Of course, they may find their old games are not worth as much as they thought anymore.

    2. Hello, i am a family member of one of the persons from nintendo’s top management. i will not give details on who i am or who in management is giving me confidential information. this is one of my favorite english nintendo websites, and i will anonymously inform fans anywhere to prepare them for changes. i love knowing the status of nintendo in all markets. thankfully i’ve studied enough years of english to know it very well. now my message is this, according to top management, iwata will be taken out if he cannot somehow turn nintendo’s fortunes by the start of february 2015. at that time, the management will place a new president and will ask that the new president changes nintendo from ground up. the plan is to make exclusive nintendo games available on mobile phones. management will allow one more nintendo home console, and if it is to fail, nintendo will immediately become a third party developer and will develop for all consoles and smartphones. it is a pleasure to share information with fans, and thank you for your time.

    3. Wrong. Apple already proved it. They licensed their OS to PC makers and nearly went bankrupt within two years. They bound their OS to their Hardware and are now the most profitable company in the world in history. Iwata is right.

    4. This is just internet rumors. Iwata alone couldn´t avoid any new Nintendo decision. There´s a huge board of investitors making pressure over him.

  1. Nintendo is my Blood


  2. Nintendo is my Blood


    Look, I can name tons of people who can start these types of malicious rumors, sasori, iceazeama, Michael Patcher, basically everyone who owns a PC,PS4,PS3,Xbone and Xbox 360

    Why do we need to know this nonsense?

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Starving more like it, I’m sorry but does Sickr actually believe this stuff is worthy to become Nintendo news and not Nintendo tabloid and gossip?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          This site is about everything Nintendo related, not just positive ignorant news…

          But don’t worry comrade, we’ll hunt down these traitors if it’s true by executing Order 66…

            1. It’s a StarWars Reference, where’ve you been the last decade? xD
              (or maybe I’m just a sci-fi junky..)

  3. The link is to Neogaf? Why even bother posting this. They always pull “rumors” out of their ass that never actually happen.

  4. Alba you should give a disclaimer tht the guy translating te text to English hasn’t taken Japanese in a while

  5. This has to be kust a rumour, theres no way this can be real, unless Nintendo management has some really stupid people there.

    Bringing Nintendo games for smartphones would be the same thing as putting Nintendo games for Vita. It´ll damage their own handheld system 3DS which is doing really well in the market which is why i dont understand why Nintendo management would want to destroy its success.

    And what comes to WiiU putting games to competing system doesnt help it one bit, yeah you can say that smartphones dont compete with consoles but who would buy a WiiU if they could get their Zelda games on iPhone and the likes?

    Theres no way this can be true unless Nintendo management has some fucked up persons up there…..

    1. There’s no way some small phone games can compete with major titles like pokemon omega ruby alpha saphire, or a huge open world zelda wiiu. There’s no way it could harm them.

  6. Ugh, if this is true, good on Iwata for being one of the few smart people left at Nintendo. I don’t want to see the company I grew up with sell out to the mobile “game” industry.

    1. You think you know everyone at nintendo? How would they be selling out by selling their own games? By your logic they sold out a while ago to the video game industry.

      1. Because nintendo is a hardware company first then a games publisher. Making software for other platforms beyond the ones they sell is just plain stupid.

        Apple is the same as well. Hardware first then software.

        The biggest problem with the wii u is that nintendo made a great piece of hardware and have next to nothing to support its features.

        I owned MH3U for both the wii u and 3ds and the crossplay Nd off tv play was awesome. But beyond that title i really haven’t seen any real benefits.

  7. Nintendo’s games don’t belong on smartphones. I’m glad Iwata refused. And everyone who is against Iwata and wants him out is a total ASS!

      1. “Doom doom doom I hate smart phones because nintendo doesn’t make them doom doom cod sucks and anyone who likes what I dislike has no taste”

        1. “Doom doom anyone who thinks differently than me is wrong doom video game industry doom xbox sucks doom ubisoft their party watchdogs doom”

          1. That’s really how you guys are. It’s pathetic. Also, you’re trying to damage control by being a damage controller.:)

            1. Iwata is doing a great job keepîng Nintendo’s gaming systems quality at their best despite the poor sales, and that’s what real fan wants. No damage control here, quality over quantity, please understand!

        2. How old are you? You sound like a little kid with your little rants. Smart phone apps are nothing but time passers. They don’t have engaging stories or characters worth talking about. Also, cod is pretty fucking awful. It seems you’re just another 11 year old who screams on their mic like their head is cut off. Grow up, man.

          1. Exactly. If you did some research, you’d realize that mobile is no oasis. The only way to make money is micro transactions. Plus it would be competing with their own hardware. Nintendo ought to be be making small apps for their OWN devices since the wii u/3ds support touch.

            1. I totally agree. We don’t like to admit it, but what if you could buy coins, or rupies, or MK8 upgrades (in addition to earning them.

              Nintendo can Make the designs slightly different so you know who “bought” their upgrades, and who earned them by being an awesome driver…it could totally work.

              microtransations is where all the gaming money is going. They need to jump in, or find a way to put out software faster (since they fuck over any chance they have at 3rd party support)

  8. I could have believed it, if it weren’t for that smartphone part. They can’t have people that stupid in the management.

  9. Dude… it’s fake..

    Every time someone rumours about Nintendo “Dying” they always put in the words Smartphones just to make it sound like it will happen… but it won’t.

    In all honesty I find Nintendo being on a Smartphone device to be very unrealistic.

  10. Nintendo is my Blood

    I know Iwata hasn’t been fan-favorite to alot of people, but I don’t think even the haters can take this crap seriously, can they?

  11. Nintendo software sells Nintendo hardware. Sell smartphone games and watch the business die. Iwata knows what he’s doing.

  12. Nostalgiaww is obviously an idiot who doesn’t know anything about Nintendo. Just don’t even pay any attention to that ignorant troll.

      1. I’m butthurt? You’re the loser going around on a Nintendo news site trying to troll people just because you hate Nintendo. You’re just wasting your time because you’re losing every argument you get in. You truly are pathetic. I don’t understand why everyone else is even replying to you.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          That’s why I stopped replying to that thing, makes Sasori look like a decent troll…

        2. Actually, I love nintendo. These fanboys just get mad because I like shooters and other non nintendo consoles. These guys are the pathetic ones for ignoring truth like cowards. Just use logic on them and it’s like a sweep to their legs. Easy to take down.;)

      2. Every time I see you this is what I think “Oh no… Its this fucking dickless idiot again….” Why so you show up on a Nintendo news site?

  13. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Even a rumor about this is a total blasphemy!

    This will happent othe traitors if it is remotely true!

  14. I hope this is true. Dude has run his course now. Wiiu is a failure. Needs fresh young blood to bring things forward with current generation. Smartphone. Bloody online. And up to date with PAST GEN consoles.

      1. Ok. You go too far. No one should die a painful death.
        Maybe rapists. And people that abuse animals. Or kids…
        Just tone it down!!

  15. Screw that. I don’t want Nintendo games on smartphones. That will just put Nintendo on the same level of the many crappy smartphone games. Nintendo is all about amazing quality games. Them putting their beloved games on smartphones doesn’t feel like Nintendo. Nintendo games are best on a Nintendo system.

  16. If they had a problem then why was he reelected? I’m calling bull with this one, I’ll lose all faith in nintendo the moment they become smartphone sell outs.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I think we’ll all do, except the ignorant civilians that accepts anything thrown at them like blind sheep…

  17. So these Faggots at mynintendonews Dont Thank me for news submissions

    Im Done with this faggot site run by bitches and Faggots

    F sickr freaking Fag

  18. Hahahahahahahaha I saw this coming, i hope he gets fired,so Sony can be the only japanese game company worthy of praise.

    Didnt he vow that he would step down during the Wii days, if Nintendo continued taking losses,last time they made profit with out losses was a generation ago lololololol.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        All of them are one and the same…

        Nostalgia_w = nostalgiaww = Sony Emperor Xperia = fake Aeolus and so on…

  19. Wow, another gay fanboy, butthurt by a comment supported by 3 straight years of financial losses.
    How surprising…

  20. Wtf, this site is worse than the comment section on youtube…

    The problem is too many little kids on this site. The trolls here are all just little kids. I always wondered why people troll the internet. It never made any sense to me why people do that. Until I found out the other day. I walked in on my 13 year old nephew chatting on some forums. I read what he was typing, and guess what!? He was fucking trolling the forums! I couldn’t believe it. I smacked him on the back of the head and told him to knock that shit off. Of course he didnt listen. He told me all his friends do it too..

    So you see? Anytime you see a troll, what your really seeing is a 12-13 year old little brat.

    Nintendo News Trolls exposed

    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      this is sickr new scheme for this year. he been over hunting for click bait articles all over the internet from various gaming website including the nintendo website. he doesn’t even give credit to wii u daily, go nintendo, nintendo life or nintendo everything when he finds info from them. also the wii u fanboys even helped sickr get an xbox one. the console nintendo commander despises the most.

    2. If you are new to this site, you haven’t even seen the tip of the ice burg. xD

      This comment section has more trolls and wars than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

  21. Iwata is a good person and a great leader. People who would act in such dishonest ways, should’t be in such position. Nintendo always have been different, sometimes lucky and sometime unlucky due to that. But they are forutinate to have a CEO who sees that and are still true to their traditions.

  22. Yea without a proper controller they wouldnt be much fun IMO, plus smartphone batteries SUCK, who wants to be in the heat of a battle and get interupted by a fucking sales call? It just wouldnt be the same.

  23. The translation is wrong to me.. My Japanese is not perfect but it looks like something totally different to what the guy claims it is.

  24. Super Mario is not mentioned as being on Smart phones at all. The guy just made that up. Anyone with Basic Japanese can read that the sentence is a negative sentence. Not on Smart phones, not make social games.

    1. I thought so too, so I posted it on Google Translate…

      *sigh. Sadly, this gaf user isn’t fooling around.

  25. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    yep even alba is just sickr. look for chick bait articles to start flame wars. …….. do the moderators of this site ever delete false articles or leave it just to increase the clicks. i already know my nintendo news rival is nintendo life, you should be luck especially you sickr that your website is very still popular and is not dead or a waste land on no comments like many other generic nintendo forums.
    many other forums are on life surport or ebegging to stay alive or are even begging people to not to use adblock.
    what joy did you really find in making this article alba on a sunday. were you hunting for a click bait article or a wii u fanboys helped you out? THE FBI PUPPETS ARE ON TO YOU :)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      These sites are “struggling” because they ban everyone that says something remotely negative about Nintendo…

  26. Nintendo is unique and so are their consoles. I wasnt huge on the wii thing but wii u is awesome. I dont think they should be on anything else but nintendos hardware. I honestly think they are pretty late for smartphone if not too late . It is a huge market I do see it. I think mobile games completely suck I dont understand the craze. I think most people are jealous of the wii success or those who brought wiis probably still use it and arent really gamers since wii was for everyone

  27. What they should focus on right now is updating the club Nintendo rewards… Forget phone apps, give us some new swag!

  28. This ENTIRE PAGE above me is why I don’t damn well respond to anything. Tell me NCQ, why do you bother trying to stamp out these insurgents? In the end, there will be nothing left.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Probably because I’m a Massive Security Drone programmed for it…

      But I think I’ll upgrade myself into letting them be for a time while others can go at them, I’m getting bored these days to do this…

  29. This is bull. And if anyone is wondering, the rumor also states that the people trying to “get rid of Iwata” are also planning on gutting Nintendo and turning it into a mobile development company.

    The whole thing is absolute bullshit.

    1. Agreed. This website sucks balls on 90 of its news. It is just there to create traffic, hence only worth visiting once a week at most

  30. I dont know how to react to the article, but I’d rather play any Nintendo game on its own system. Phones shouldn’t have their games.

  31. Bringer Nintendo games to smart phones or even the thought of it is TREASON I tell you, TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. The illuminati is attempting to infiltrate Nintendo, as they haven’t been able to do it to this day. Nintendo is one of the last pure Companies left on the planet.
    If this rumor is true, then the “executives” pursuing this course of action have been bribed; for Nintendo will not, and should not go to the dark side of evil smartphone gaming. And those trolls who would say otherwise are doppelgängers, themselves.
    Be careful what you believe in this day an age, people. All is not what it seems…


    1. It seems you guys don’t understand…. Nintendo smart phone games will never sell due to emulators already on the system. Nobody from the kid or teen demographic because you can play them free already. So that leaves gamers who already hate the 5$ price of VC already (Not to mention touch controls)

  33. Iwata’s condition is getting worse….. If he dies Nintendo is fucked. Yes he is responsible for the Wii U but he is also responsible for the Wii and DS, Nintendo’s biggest successes

    1. The Wii was a curse in disguise… One that will haunt Nintendo until it has cost them every dime it made them. Just sayin.




    2. The Wii did make them some pretty money, but that doesn’t have anything to do with us. You know… The gamers. Lol. We aren’t making money. XD I really hated Wii as a system. It did have some games, but that was just really not a good system. Gamecube is where it’s at.

  34. Bottom line you cannot rely on casuals for anything, that is why they are casuals. So it might seem great for short term profit but who knows what kind of crap we will see in the next couples of year that will grab all the casuals attention next.

    Sony already tried to appeal more to casuals by giving them a handheld that was more like a phone, the Vita, did that help at all? Not really.

    Nintendo already relied heavily on casuals too with the Wii, was that not a good enough example to see casuals don’t give a shit about quality experiences really, all they care about is following the newest trend to fit in. If they cared the Wii U would be showing the same success that the Wii went through but casuals have moved on.

    If Nintendo were to start releasing their games on smartphones, what incentive would there be for people to want to buy their hardware? They also want to sell that too you know, it isn’t like Nintendo will come out with their own phone and tablets so it is a really a dumb idea.

    As usual most idiots only think about the short term when it comes to making money, they never think about how it will affect the future for everything else and I personally think this fad of smartphones and tablets, especially on the gaming side will not last forever.

    All these gaming companies need to do is focus on showing these casuals, you aren’t going to get any better games anywhere else and especially not on your phone.

    Even more so, realistically the whole idea we are talking about phones taking over the future is moronic in itself, what is next, no one will use actual computers anymore. Everything we do will have to be in a dumb ass phone?

    Just like Microsoft trying to turn computers into tablets…

    No thanks, I prefer having dedicated hardware that has a multitude of options and not having to use my phone or a touchscreen for every god damn thing I do. Just that idea in general makes me feel stupid.

    I refuse to be these morons with their heads buried in their phones and tablets all day. It may be convenient but by no means is it practical.

  35. Rumors aka people on the internet. I wasn’t to sure about iawata but after this I am 100% sure he is the perfect president for Nintendo. The thought that there are people within nintendo that want to put nitendos amazing games on bullshit smartphones is a scary thought and they need to be fired. That’s greed at its best. They would ruin the last company that actually cares about good games just to fill their greed.

  36. its neather true or rumor its trolling at neogaf it was totaly made up

    nintendo has no intention of these things it was a gaf poster who made it up

    nintendo are working on NINTENDO OS and handhelds and consoles with the same os and same family of chip sets

    the wiiu tech will be incorporated into it and amd will made the gpus

    this is intergration of handheld and console developing and shared os and bringing to nintendo plats a high speed dev cycle

    this has been explained again and again by nintendo the phone bullshit is the haters and the western industry trolling nintendo










  37. 1st of all da fuck? I say this is false. Iwata is in charge. If Nintendo employee’s don’t like it they can leave. 2nd people need to fuck off with their false love for Smartphones. If they ever tried to force Iwata out or something he would simply fire them. Nintendo games on Smartphones is a death sentence to Nintendo, there is no benefit to it.

  38. anyone ever buy a megaman game on smartphones? so no one? that is what i thought so if that is true with capcom, then its true with sega, ubisoft and so forth, nintendo on smartphones would bankrupt them, just like capcom (or close to being bankrupt). i know games on smart devices seem like a good idea because its convenient, so is vita and 3ds, sure they may not be able to call or text, i dont even text. phones are for emergencies, not lol’ing every 5 seconds. anyways, convenient but the majority play these mobile “games” for like 2 mins, they spend 99% texting and check their social statuses, these casuals want mario kart 8 for $.99, they think nintendo would gain money but that will kill them faster than cancer, why do you think there is micro-transactions and that the app is either free or for chump change? you spend money than 1 $60 game in day, its not cheap, whats cheap is one game per month ($60 being the highest and not counting limited editions, collectors, directors cuts, pre-order bonuses and such).you dont need to be mathematical genius to figure out that its more expensive to game on smart devices than on a home/portable console and dedicated rigs.

  39. Putting a few NES classics on smartphones would be a great idea. All it would mean is extra income for Nintendo. I highly doubt that they would waste time actually developing new games on phones so its basically 100% profit for them. There are millions of smartphone owners who do not own a 3ds but I’m willing to bet you anything that they would pay $0.99-$2.50 for Mario Bros or Pokemon Red/Blue just for the pure nostalgia alone.

  40. I personally don’t care. I just want the Wii U to get better. I recommend they get more third party. That. Is. All. I don’t care if the Wii U ends up getting no other media features or whatever. I just want more games. Period.

  41. Let mobile gaming companies stay mobile. Let console companies stay console. Problem with Sony and Microsoft is that they’re greedy. Before anyone rages at that sentence, think about it. They have to sell other tech to make money. Nintendo has a lot of money. They could go from now and lose probabpy a million dollars a year and be fine for the next fifty years. Sure, they lose a lot, but they still have money to use.

    1. How many times do I need to explain to you people that Microsoft and Sony are not strictly gaming companies? Sony is losing money because they have a lot of crap to handle. TV’s movies, phones, etc. And Microsoft is making billions with Windows. There’s millions of people around the world using Windows as we speak. If anyone is greedy, IT’S THEM.

  42. Because Windows is the most “reliable”. Yeah, ok. I’ll stick to things that don’t require hour-long updates everytime I load a game.

  43. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the structure of
    your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so
    people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of
    text for only having 1 or two images. Maybe
    you could space it out better?

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