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Nintendo Is The Second Biggest Publisher In Germany

Official chart tracking source GFK has revealed the state of the German video game market. The publication has revealed that Nintendo has the second biggest publisher share in the country which amounts to 13.2%. The biggest publisher in Germany is EA which currently has a 16.7% share of the video game market.

  1. Electronic Arts (16.7%)
  2. Nintendo (13.2%)
  3. Ubisoft (13.1%)

Thanks, Champ

123 thoughts on “Nintendo Is The Second Biggest Publisher In Germany”

  1. EA? 16.7% too much.
    But I guess that’s becuase every year thousands of people buy the new fifa game with nearly no changes

    1. True and now that Germany are the World Cup holders, it may very well increase from here until the 2018 World Cup, unless Germany win that as well…

            1. accusing the german national team of being nazis .. you’re so full of shit

              you’ve been annoying me with your incredibly ignorant and polemic comments for weeks now but this is really adding a whole new level to it

              fucking mook seriously

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                First of all, learn to read, I said SOME you idiot…

                How about you take a look at the world today and learn about things that is happening all around this world before saying anything at all to me first…

                1. it doesn’t matter whether you accuse some or all of them

                  on what observation are you basing this bullshit claim? they’re germans so they must be nazis? is that it?
                  that’s exemplary for your whole demeaner here
                  intolerant and ignorant

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Clearly you’re the ignorant one, why? If you are smart enough you’ll figure it out on your own, I’m done explaining to you humans when I already did minutes ago…

                    1. i already know what you’re talking about, knew since your first comment, and to even interpret RACISM into a victory dance is so fucking stupid that i can’t find any words for it..

                      you’re however managed to one-up even that and likened them to nazis and i seriously want to give you a good slapping for even making that comparison because you TRULY deserve it

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I’d love to see you say the same thing if it was an African team with no light skinned players that they did that too…

                        But I’m sure you would just reply with a “No it would be the same thing”, “ok”…

                      2. so you’re implying that i’m a nazi too now? this just keeps getting better and better

                        yeah sure i’d mind if a black skinned african team did that because i care SO much about harmless expressions of joy/victory ;)

                        you’re the one who’s a little overfixated on reading something into that stuff, let’s not forget that

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          “so you’re implying that i’m a nazi too now? this just keeps getting better and better”

                          Indeed it is getting better and better because you just did EXACTLY the same thing you accused me of doing, fixating things too much on something that isn’t there, difference is, your version is not based on anything at all…

                          And considering how much crap I’ve received from you humans over the smallest things in about 85% of my entire life, you’d be surprised just how low humans can get…

                          But someone who hasn’t experienced the rabbid primitive ways of the humans don’t know anything…

                        2. the fact that you refer to yourself as nonhuman clearly indicates that you’re in need of mental treatment thus i won’t waste my time with you any longer

                          arguing with a loon isn’t going to get anyone anywhere

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Thank you for proving the point I made below…

                            Now enjoy the rest of your boring existence then and leave me alone consdiering you started this whole charade in the first place…

                            Entertainment at its finest!

                          2. you can be damn sure that i will keep replying whenever i see you spouting your bullshit

                            only it won’t be an argument ;)

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Exposed twice now that youäre the one looking for a fight…

                              The entertainment I get from you primitive lifeforms…

                            2. i’ll be looking for a fight with idiots like you any day

                              idiots have to be fought or they’ll slowly but surely infect everyone else

                              so if you will, don’t regard my attacks against you as a personal attack but rather as attacks against idiocy in general

                              your cooperation of course is not necessary, thus there’s no need for arguments in the future

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        And I know the only reason you get annoyed by me is the same reason as that idiot Michelle, you just can’t stand someone that roleplays and that’s how you began to insult me some time ago…

                        1. you’re not roleplaying you’re spouting intolerant crap about people based on their purchase decisions

                          if you want to roleplay go to an appropriate platform, there’s tons of them out there
                          but don’t release your “roleplaying” bullshit on a platform like this and expect people to believe you when you say it was all just in good fun

                          now shove off

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            And it’s very hypocritical of all of you who accuses me of being the “intolerant” one when there are several dussins of idiots on this site that spits out their homophobia, racism and other judgemental things every day but the likes of you never say a word…

                            That’s how I know that the only reason some of you are after me is because of my name and acting…

                            Anyway, I know who I am in real life and that’s all that matters…

                            1. because most of them are either clear trolls, aren’t regulars or at least don’t post nearly as much as you do

                              and i’m not attacking your position of being a nintendo fan i’m attacking your position of claiming to be superior and beyond flaw while at the same time publishing your intolerant crap on here backed by complete bogus arguments

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Clerly you’re blind then considering about 90% of everyone that comments in here are like that, including Nintendo fans…

                                So you probably think I’m “intolerant” about that comment I made about the US goverment agenda and so on in that Gamestop article too right?…

                                Just reading about what Edward Snowden has revelaed is enough to backup my plans but many takes that so personally because they are patriots or because they cannot read between the lines…

                              2. the fact that role playing doesn’t belong here left aside: you do realize the immense stupidity of mixing up, what you claim to be “role playing” with your personal opinion and afterwards complaining that people don’t understand you’re actually role playing right?

                  2. What the actual hell is wrong with you ?
                    I’ve read your whole conversation with Kehool and every single comment of yours just shows how much of an idiot you are. Truly, truly sad.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I don’t even care anymore about explaining things, assume whatever you apes want, you all take everything so seriously it’s pathetic…

                      1. “You apes”? … yeah, and you dare to call some of the german players “nazis”, you just sound like one. I used to follow your comments in this site, but you just lost my respect, son.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Only proves that you haven’t because I’ve been using the word “apes”, “Xbots”, “nazis” etc etc ever since I got here…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              You assumed that and I just played a long with it because you took it beyond serious…

                              1. You obviously were serious about it. Denying it at this poing just makes you look even more pathetic than you already did, really.
                                You can’t hide behind that “I’m just roleplaying, am not even serious” shit every single time you get negative backlash from people, just stop lmao.

                        2. Sorry ? Do you expect people not to react when you call players of the German national team nazis ?
                          You seriously need to rethink your attitude, because calling people “apes” and acting all superior really isn’t the way to go, mate.

                    2. I think you went too far on that one. don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the German football team and every football game is a game we (my national team)have to win even a friendly. In fact a friendly game has just as friendly as a name cause on the pitch it a different story. OK we get it the Germans had terrible things in the past but that the past and we should move on without forgetting our past.calling some german nazis is just stupid, i thought you were better than that

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Them being germans had nothing to do with anything…

                        I use the Word nazi as a “slang” for silly purposes and that’s why I Think this whole charade was pointless…

                        If any of you had read my comments from earlier months, years ago, I call anyone nazis regardless of their origin whether it’s in game related topics or not that I donät approve of…

                        I couldn’t care less if someone is german or not, but I’ll stop using it since everyone are such hypocrites that when others uses the Word “faggot” whether it’s a troll or not, no one at all says a Word about it…

                        Anyway I’m done with this subject…

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        One last thing Before I’m done, keep in mind that I’m Swedish and they are just as accused for being nazis whether as a joke or not but I don’t get butthurt because of it because I know I’m not a stupid nazi one way or the other…

                    1. The thing is, I really wanted Argentina to win in the Final, I was sorely disappointed that Germany won. Also, I read that the Germany players decided at half time of their Semi-Final analialation of Brazil that they would take it easy in the second half, it was such a jerk thing to do and I feel sorry for the Brazil players and supporters……

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        True but what I was talking about was the part when they had this big party for their team 2-3 days later and some in their team decided to mock the Argentinians in a racist way…

                        I don’t care what excuses people makes but if someone does these things to begin with then they are racists, closeted racists…

                        What bothers me with soccer is that the majority of the soccer players around the world are such weaklings compared to other sports…

                        They cry over the smallest thing, it’s so boring…

                        1. They may be weaklings and cry over the smallest thing, but at least they don’t riot if their team doesn’t do well. By that I mean, in 2007 in the Cricket World Cup, India got eliminated in the Group stages, they even lost to a weak Bangladesh team, after they got eliminated, many India fans in India burnt posters and pieces of wood with the India players faces on them. India won the following World Cup in honor of one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, as it was his final World Cup. What I’m saying is that Cricket should not be taken too seriously. I’m not being racist when I say that as I am Indian as well……………

                          1. Are you saying football fans don’t riot? Brazilian fans went nuts after their German thrashing. And there are plenty of riots all over Europe and South America.

                        2. What they sang was not racist, but a very common fan song. It’s very common in football for the fans to “provoke” the other side a bit, even between different clubs in the same country, heck even the same region. Or if you only watch Baseball and American Football you don’t know much about fan culture ;)?

                          Also, the Argentinians are not exactly known for their fair play either. May I remind you that German player Per Mertesacker got literally kicked in the balls by an Argentinian player after they lost against Germany some years ago?

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            And that fan culture is what produces these huligans sooner or later since they take these things as their personal lives…

                            Then that player is just a stupid nazi aswell and I hope he was banned…

                            1. It’s not the fan culture that “produces” hooligans. Almost every single fan is very peaceful, even the biggest fans (again, usually) do not become aggressive outside of the stadium, really.

                              And seriously, it was just a victory dance, there is neither any harm done nor does anyone imply anything racist. It’s just mocking a defeated enemy, that’s all.

                              Anyway, accusing the German team of racism is kinda dumb. Germany in fact has a history of players with very different backgrounds. 2014’s team had two players born in Poland, one with Turkish roots, one with a Tunisian passport, one with Ghanaian parents and one with parents from Albania. It’s about as multicultural as it can get really…

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                So you think that a fan culture can never exceed into a some sort of “religiously” phase?…

                                I’ve seen that happen plenty of times not only in soccer but other sports like Basketball and Hockey…

                                And yes I also know that many of them are troublemakers that don’t have anything to do with the sports at all other than having fun ruining everyone elses joy…

                                1. No, I think IF something like this happens, it’s not the fault of football fan culture. Those people use the sport as a stage for their violence. In fact I’d say that is a problem of the whole society and politics gone wrong, not of fan culture.

                        3. “True but what I was talking about was the part when they had this big party for their team 2-3 days later and some in their team decided to mock the Argentinians in a racist way…”

                          only an idiot would interpret racism into a harmless victory dance

                          of course it’s okay when other national teams do that (and they have) but when germans do it it HAS to be racist because they’re all nazis deep down ;)

                          grow. the fuck. up

                            1. and nobody cares about your opinion

                              if you are so closed minded ans stuck up as to actually think a victory dance is racist you are clearly beyond help

                                1. “exposed”?

                                  so now you finally arrived on the same mental level as all these other seeming retards on here using that expression over and over?

                                  doesn’t surprise me tho, i’ve already had my suspicions about you

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Because you are one of those boring ones that must take everything so seriously 100% of the times no matter what topic it is and then you haters calls me the”serious” one…

                                    You humans are so laughable…

                                  2. if you accuse a team of being nazis because of some meaningless victory dance then you can be sure that i’ll take that serious

                                    if you don’t want to be taken seriously then stop making tall claims like that, simple as that

                                    post your usual bullshit about the glorious “nintendo empire” and be done with it but don’t meddle in affairs whose true meaning you apparently don’t have an inkling about

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      I’ll go along with it, but I’ll be monitoring your comments very carefully whenever I feel like it to see how consistent you are with your claim when it doesn’t apply to my comments…

                                    2. you go right ahead with that ;)

                                      unfortunately you’ll find that i made no claim here other than that you’re an ignorant intolerant idiot and you’ll probably have difficulities finding that claim replicated in any of my posts that don’t concern you

                                  3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    Okay I hate to drag myself into a controversial conversation, debate, or curse fight, whatever, but if you don’t care about his opinion, then stop arguing, it’s hypocritical.

                                    1. it was just a figure of speech, don’t get hung up on it

                                      besides i don’t have to care about his opinion to argue with him
                                      i do care when he randomly insults people as nazis, that has nothing to do with his opinion but with him being a complete dick

                          1. Well the alternative was to basically kick them in the nuts while they were down. What they did was actually better than that

                    2. A good game doesn’t need any changes. That’s the problem with many gamers today. They want change, but some franchises don’t need change. We saw how change can derail some intense series like Tomb Raider, Metroid, and Paper Mario….we need to stop changing and stick to a model that works.

                      1. i’d be willing to bet that it’s divided into “ignorance” “feeling of superiority” “intolerance” and “presumptiousness”

                          1. i compared him to the *seemingly* retarded people shouting “exposed” every chance they get since he used that word trying to piss me off

                            and now, before you bother with any kind of response, be a good boy and look up what the word “seemingly” means

                            long story short: i didn’t call anyone retarded

                            1. Right, but it’s not good to stereotype. I like to yell #exposed as often as I can as well. It’s just fun as long as it’s done in a kind/generous way.

                  3. Random question but what does turtwig have to do with this?? I know he’s owned by nintendo but cheesus…

                  4. Lol Nintendo commander. You have so many haters who dont understand the meaning of “role play”

                    I have a question tho: why did you ass quadraxis to your name?

                    1. understanding the meaning of “role play” is not necessary on a site where roleplaying doesn’t belong
                      if he’s role playing on here then what he says immediately becomes his personal credo .. either that or he’s a troll, whichever he prefers

                      either one or the other he deserves the reactions he’s getting

                      1. “understanding the meaning of role play is not necessary on a site where roleplaying doesn’t belong”

                        With all due respect, who are you to say that roleplaying doesn’t belong here? Or…did I miss that somewhere on the mynintendonews code of conduct? loosen up dude :3

                        1. if you roleplay on a site where that isn’t clear or encouraged you can’t expect people to know that you’re roleplaying

                          so if you give off random opinions under the pretense of “roleplay” you shouldn’t wonder when people are offended

                          and calling people “nazi scum” certainly isn’t part of any roleplay i’ve ever heard of… acting out a complete mook perhaps

                          1. You and the commander can debate all you want about name calling and what the German national team did (or did not do for that matter); I’ve read through your arguments and that’s not what I’m addressing. I can’t help you much if you’re having trouble distinguishing when people are roleplaying or not, however to outright condemn it because the site never explicitly endorsers it is humorous. You do know many users in many different websites do this right? Again, by all means it’s perfectly fine to challenge his accusations, but something as pragmatic as this shouldn’t deter others from roleplaying especially when it’s done for funsies (and for lighting up comment sections in a not so exciting topic) most of the time.

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      It’s pathetic, I guess that happens when you have a name that stands out…

                      They can all pretend that it’s because of my “intolerance”, that word doesn’t exist in my life nor does tolerance since both are abominations…

                      It’s either accept or not, I can tolerate the smell of disposable waste if I have too, doesn’t mean I like it at all…

                      Well I just love its design and purpose and the music added a lot to it too…

                      I was thinking about Ridley first but I wanted to choose a less known one…

                      Firs tI started off as the Pirate Commander at the end of Metroid Prime 3 if you’ve played it?…

                      1. No I haven’t tried Prime 3 yet, never got around to playing it XP

                        But don’t worry Commander, these haters are a small minority. There are thrice as many people who are perfectly fine with you and your presence in this website. Don’t bother about the people who are just trying to troll you :)

                        1. if anyone is trolling here it’s him.. claiming he’s role playing one second and then making arbitrary accusations of racism the next

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Don’t start something you can’t handle and you must be pretty naive to think that when someone uses the word “nazi” in the internet, that it means nazi…

                            And don’t think for a second that this is the reason to why you have a problem with me, you’ve had plenty of complaints about me even when I’m not stating “real life” situations…

                            Sorry human, I am done with you…

                            1. oh you didn’t just use “nazi” you used “nazi scum”
                              and you used it to describe an actual situation that got quite some (unjustified) buzz in the media

                              it was pretty clear what you meant ;)

                              “And don’t think for a second that this is the reason to why you have a problem with me, you’ve had plenty of complaints about me even when I’m not stating “real life” situations…And don’t think for a second that this is the reason to why you have a problem with me, you’ve had plenty of complaints about me even when I’m not stating “real life” situations…”

                              why of course it’s not the only reason i have a problem with you.. did i make the impression anywhere that this was the case? don’t think i did, so why should *I* think that?

                              i have a problem with you in general as this isn’t the first bloody ignorant comment you’ve let loose here

                            2. not to mention that you didn’t clarify *anywhere* that you didn’t actually mean they were nazis after i confronted you.. that’s pretty telling don’t you think?
                              so much for your “nazi defense”

                                1. too bad that this doesn’t work with me

                                  if you feel like insulting random people be prepared for the backlash
                                  welcome to the internet yourself ;)

                                    1. your random accusations won’t stop me from confronting you but keep telling yourself that it might help

                  5. Well, second is only a step or two from first. With just a little bit more time and effort, Nintendo can win Germany.

                  6. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                    off topic . wtf … lord derasoo is to powerful in bravely default. does anyone have any clue in what level are you suppose to be fit to beat him. he keeps killing my team and am in 70 with a couple of mastered level 14 jobs.

                    1. You need to have a specific set of jobs for him. But I forgot which one though, I haven’t played Braely Default in months

                    2. Don’t worry, we’re already off topic in this thread! xD I recommend just leveling up some more. It’s what I do whenever I’m faced with a tough boss. There are ways to win with items and so on, but I prefer to just jump in and tackle my opponents with brute strength

                    3. You could be at level 99 & he’d still obliterate you. He’s one of those bosses that brute strength just won’t cut it. You need to be strategic with characters like Lester. Going in all Call of Duty with guns blazing & mindlessly attacking the bosses at this point in the game would be suicide. If you aren’t good at strategy, I suggest you go back to whatever mindless button mashing, or motion control waggling, game you were playing before it like Battlefield, wasn’t it? Or you could, oh I don’t know, use Gamefaqs.

                  7. The video game market segment in Germany is quite diverse. I really hope Nintendo figures out, how to take some advantage of the new generations of gamers.

                  8. Isn’t Germany the SAME country that bans any video game that’s extremely violent like House of the Dead?

                    1. not sure what that has to do with anything but yeah extremely violent games are often indexed which is why publishers usually create a somewhat toned down version for the market
                      being indexed isn’t the same as being banned however
                      indexed games may still be sold but they can’t be advertised where underage people could see it or be laid out in public

                    2. forgot to add: only few games are banned, most often it’s games that clearly violate laws (such as KZ-Manager)
                      but there have been other cases such as left 4 dead 2 or manhunt

                      HOTD isn’t among the banned games

                    3. I’m from Germany and only very very few games are banned here. A lot of games get censored though, so we don’t get uncut versions of quite a few games, unfortunately.

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                  10. Its funny Germany comes up and the first thing people have to say is Nazi Nazi Nazi. If I was them by this time I would just say screw it I am a Nazi. Anyways its someone’s belief if they want to be a Nazi and they should have that right just like someone that believes in whatever it is they believe in. And the real name of them was the NSDAP the term Nazi was made up and is a propaganda term.

                  11. The entire comment section here is completely fucked up. All the arguing about race and roleplaying. Take that shit elsewhere! Jesus.. I’d rather read another console war than hear about that shit. X(

                  12. I hate to take sides on a controversial debate but for all we know, one of them on the German team could actually be a nazi. And Quadraxis did say some of them but Kehool & Namie act like he said all of them. For Namie, I can see why she’s upset since she’s from Germany. But I’ve seen Quadraxis use the term nazi countless times, so I don’t really see the big deal even if the people he were talking about just so happened to be German. The sad truth is there might still be some Germans of today that actually still follow nazi code. Just like there are some Jews that are greedy little shits that only care about money. Or that some black people are gangsters that fight over stupid things like turf. Same with the fact that there are some Muslims that are terrorists. And that some North Koreans are mindless little drones that listen to every word their so called “God Incarnate” says. So again I say, for all we know, one of the people on the German team could in fact be a nazi. It’s not like the nazis all died out, after all. For all I know, one of my neighbors could be a German Nazi with a basement full of Nazi paraphernalia, or a Muslim terrorist, or even a gangster. Hell, I don’t know! It’s not like all Nazis of today are out & about proclaiming to the world, or anyone that will listen, that they are in fact a nazi. Quadraxis probably could have held back with the nazi term since there appears to be people here taking everything he says seriously. To the people fighting with him: if you’ve paid as much attention to Quadraxis, like Kehool alluded to doing just that, then you should know he tends to role play & you should not take everything he says seriously.

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