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Masahiro Sakurai’s Birthday Was This Weekend, Here’s A Look At His Cake

It was Masahiro Sakurai’s birthday this weekend, but the dedicated developer ended up spending his time working. However, that didn’t stop his staff from celebrating the special occasion with a lovely cake. Sakurai spent this majority of the time working feverishly on the next Super Smash Bros game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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84 thoughts on “Masahiro Sakurai’s Birthday Was This Weekend, Here’s A Look At His Cake”

    1. Maybe your not looking forward to Super Smash Bros or don’t care but the man gave up a special day to work on some game for us have some respect

    2. Maybe your not looking forward to Super Smash Bros or don’t care but the man gave up a special day to work on some game for us have some respect ShadowBladeGod

  1. One can only have respect for this guy. The amount of work he handles is mastodontic, and he’s one of the biggest trolls on the industry.
    God bless his soul, I hope he lives for a hundred years.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Me too, but he might not if he eats that whole cake.

      It looks so tasty and sweet I am getting diabetes just thinking of it!

      I only hope he had a great birthday even with his schedule.

  2. Nintendo is my Blood

    That shows dedication, you gotta give props to Sakurai-san, it takes a devoted man to spend his birthday developing a game for us including selfish gamers, rather than spend his birthday with his family

    Happy birthday Mr. Sakurai

  3. I have to admire how hard working this guy is, he goes above and beyond the call of duty than most ever would.

    I am curious though as to why “Happy Birthday” is written in English, Why isn’t it written in Japanese?

    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      treyech devs are also hardworking. they gave use wii u cod players are great expenice for the next generation of call of duty. #wiiiuneedsmorecodplayers

        1. He “may” have been referring to the great use of the game pad. One player plays on the TV, the other on the game pad. Something Nintendo SHOULD have done with Mario Kart 8. :/

      1. well, good on them. I’m not much of a fan of the series, but hopefully they’ll find an audience on the platform.

      2. COD Ghosts/BO2 ran really bad IMO. The framerate and texture models were not up to par with the PS360 versions. I notices quite a bit of screen tearing as well

        1. Well, we all know you don’t have a wii u or either cod game for wii u. The framerate feels fine. I’ve played black ops 2 and Ghosts on the 360 and the wii u. In terms of framerate, I didn’t notice it. I also didn’t notice screen tearing. You know why there was no screen tearing? Because both cods have V-Sync on the wii u. Lastly, I agree. The texture pop up isn’t as good as the 360 and ps3 versions. But that issue is only present in black ops 2 on wii u. Ghosts on wii u is exactly the same ghosts on the 360. You just lost your credibility.

          1. It’s called a different opinion from you. I don’t have any credibility because this come from my experience with both games. Don’t need to get so hostile

            1. Ah. My bad. Well, IMO, Playing them side by side, It looked the same or better, only on the other systems I had to play split screen, whereas on the wiiU, we each got our own screen. Much better experience, IMO.

      3. He wasn’t talking about the game Call Of Duty, he was talking about the phrase in English terms, that’s how the name of Activision’s best selling shooter came about after all. Lol

      4. They do work hard, but this is a little more impressive since it resonates with us in a personal way. Now, a skeptical person may say that Sakurai is only going to work for an hour or so and then go home, just so that he could say that he’s working, but we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I recommend buying a Gamecube while you’re at it. No Call of Duty, but it has a lot of other good games

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        “japs to steal OUR language” ?….

        So you “own” the English language now?

        and this “our” I assume it is your redneck way of saying white people?

        not to mention “japs” is an offensive term

    2. English is a very common second language in Japan and is even required in some areas. It’s also why a lot of anime throw in random lines that are spoken in English. I guess it adds a little bit of flair to it for them.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      We don’t feel bad for him, we are just admiring him, instead of celebrating the only day dedicated to himself, he spent it making the best game he possibly could for us, all of us, even the greedy ones.

      Most developers would say “On my birthday? Fat chance. I’ll just develop the rest as DLC another time and sell it for more to the masses.”

      But not Sakurai-san, he is honorable.

    1. Considering that cake is also a slur for a certain part of the female anatomy, this comment went from hilarious to disturbingly hilarious. XD

  4. This guy and his moon surface design shirts are great, truly the epitome of a hardworking perfectionist XD Seeing how random and trollish he is, I’d love to see him running the company one day.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Sakurai. Now give me Ridley so I can crush the ones online that said he’s too big as if that silly meme is a fact. This is a non-canon crossover of all things Nintendo! Fuck his canon size in the Metroid games! If canon was so important, Olimar would be the size of a Pikmin & a Pikmin would be… too freaking small to see. xD Not to mention Kirby wouldn’t be half of Mario’s size. But yeah, happy birthday. Now hurry up with Smash Bros so you can actually rest for a few weeks.

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