We Shall Get The First Look At Fast Racing NEO Next Month

Shin’en Games have revealed via Twitter that they will be giving everyone the first glimpse at Fast Racing NEO for Wii U in September. We’ve barely heard anything about the intriguing project, so next month can’t come soon enough.

Thanks, WhiteEagle


      1. lol Unless Shin’en is a public company, Nintendo can’t buy them even if they wanted to. Think before you speak.


    1. Small or not, Nintendo can’t buy them if they are a private company. Especially if said private company isn’t wanting to be bought.


  1. why would nintendo own a 3 man show of programmers what would be the point….

    theres 3 dudes i think at shin’in they make download games only but are real programmers coding well to cpu gpu and compression

    nintendo doesnt need coders it has plenty…

    100% deferred rendering with HDR @60FRAMES all in edram expect a good looking high speed downloader of a game nothing more…


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