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Bravely Second Is Nearly Complete, But Square Enix Is Giving The Game Some Polish

New information regarding Bravely Second can be found in the latest edition of Famitsu. There’s a wealth of interesting information contained in the publication including the fact that the game is nearly complete, but the team are concentrating on giving it some polish. The main concept resolves around Agnes and the team are intent on making the player feel as though they’re saving a princess. There will be a number of new jobs and also the return of some existing ones.

“Yes, you may have noticed by looking at the illustration, but this time, the adventure will be centered around saving Agnes, who gets taken away,” says Asano. He adds that the idea is to bring out a feeling of saving a princess.

“No, the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing,” says Asano. “Please look forward to seeing what they’ll be up to in the world of Bravely Second.”

“I’d really like to do that,” Asano replies. “I’d also like to release a demo for the game, so look forward to that, as well. For those who haven’t played the first game, there’s a demo that lets you play up to the first four chapters, so please go ahead and give that a try!”

32 thoughts on “Bravely Second Is Nearly Complete, But Square Enix Is Giving The Game Some Polish”

      1. I was half joking on that one. I don’t believe that either one of those games is really rushed out. Call of Duty has many different developers and the Mario games are pretty fun. At the same time, they come out so often that you can’t completely disregard the possibility. I think they rushed with New Super Mario Bros 2 and NSMB U. Those two felt like they cut a few corners so that they could come out so quickly to maximize on the profit. Beyond that, they typically take their time.

  1. I’m not entirely convinced about this franchise. I like the concept on paper, but the demo felt a bit off, with all that ‘take care of the town’ business and fetch missions. I’ll probably get the first one when it’s cheaper.

    1. I hate that people are judging the game by that demo. It’s okay if you want to wait for a price drop if you are unsure. Just know however that I hated that demo (really hated the damn thing!!!) but love the game.
      I don’t understand why this demo is always being recommended as I believe it isn’t representative of the game in any way. Was about to dismiss the game because of it but took the plunge anyway.
      The game is still not perfect though, especially the last chapters, but has great charm and the same addiction FF5 provided.

      1. That’s usually what demos are for. To judge the game before buying it. Monster Hunter 3DS demo was horrible, for example. Glad to read this is a similar case and the game is not like that.

        1. Yes, of course. Anyone without having experienced the game would judge the game by that demo. I did the same but actually playing the game gave me a different feel. I too hate the fetch quests of the demo and that is less present in the main game or much more integrated in the storyline.
          The demo gives good insight into battle mechanics but not the pacing of the game and character interaction.

            1. The game initially follows the very traditional formula of different zones, each with one city and several dungeons or places of interest. Visiting the locations is generally more integrated to the story or part of a subplot and not a quest by some villager. It is definitely much more interesting plot wise than the demo.
              I would be more concerned with the second part of the game disliked by many. It’s a somewhat artificial attempt at prolonging game duration. Although the true ending is pretty nice. Check some forums but try to avoid spoilers about it.

        2. So true … And MH was amazing but I hated the demo. Just buy the game, it’s worth it! Bravely default is similar – bleh demo but awesome game!

  2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i hope they ton down the difficulty. the bosses were to powerful especially victor and Victoria.

  3. Is it just me, or is it WAY too soon for a sequel to Bravely Default? It seems like it barely came out.

    1. Actually, remember that BD originally came out over 2 years ago. It just took a long time for it to reach NA and Europe.

    2. It came out 2-3 years ago, actually. It was just released this year in the States if I remember correctly.

  4. “… a feeling of saving a princess.” Ugh. I hope the characters are at least compelling because this sounds like an old story.

    1. Um, because it’s named after the game’s mechanics? Hey, I admit it’s odd but it’s hardly the worst name out there.

    2. Games are named for many reasons & this game is just so happened to be named after the main gameplay mechanic. There is more to a “book” than just the name, after all.

    3. if you actually played the first game, you would know of the mechanic called bravely second which would allow you to freeze time so one of your characters can make 1-4 actions with garenteed chance of hitting the target. That is also the reason i think it is a clever name for the SECOND game of the series.

  5. Part one was tough during boss battles but I really enjoyed playing it. I got easily 100+ hours in it so it was totally worth the 40$. They did a good job with making me care about the characters. Is it the same group this time minus Agnes?

    1. As far as we know, only one character from the previous game will be in your group. I’d say which one but I don’t know if you’ve actually beaten the game’s true ending, so I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

  6. Just started playing Bravely Default, so far im enjoying it very much so. So it’ll be per fek by the time the second game comes out !!!

  7. I hope they release it outside of Japan before next E3. More like before May at the most, April at the least. If I have to wait 1+ years for the sequel, I’ll be pissed.

    1. you have no idea how long i have been waiting for the sequel to come out to north america. they sure are taking they’re sweet ass time.

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