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Nintendo Canada Confirms Rayman Won’t Be Playable In Smash Bros But Will Appear As A Trophy

Nintendo of Canada has confirmed to us that Rayman won’t be playable in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. However, the firm says that Rayman will appear as a trophy when the game launches later this year on both platforms.

“In the recent interview in Canada about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Rayman was mentioned, and this was referring to the previously announced Rayman trophy in the game.”

85 thoughts on “Nintendo Canada Confirms Rayman Won’t Be Playable In Smash Bros But Will Appear As A Trophy”

  1. Ah well….there goes that. Rayman definitely should have been in it though. I don’t care about our strained relationship with Ubisoft, Rayman would have been great to play as! I hope we get a new character by the end of the month.

    1. It didn’t make aNy sense as to why rayman wasn’t included. Ubisoft came out with rayman games for the wii wii u and 3ds while other 3rd parties were in the process of abandoning the platforms. Plus he could have some pretty unique abilities!

      1. Definitely! Ubisoft made more of an effort than the other companies and I really would have liked to see their mascot in the game. I’m sure that his moveset would have been great!

        1. Rayman is not their mascot anymore, you may pick your choice of the collection of gay little AC characters.

        2. By delaying 2 COMPLETED Wii U ports, denied a sequel of ZombiU even though it was conceived well by fans (critic reviews & ratings are BS), gimping Blacklist out of tardiness, holding Wii U gamers of extortion for more games by buying more of their crap just so the gimping dance can continue.

          Best Wii U 3rd party supporter? MY ASS.

      2. Sega deserved it way more and there is enough third party characters. And ubisoft screwed over Nintendo with raymen, assassin’s creed, and watch dog

        1. Wtf are you talking about?! Are u mentally retarded?!! Rayman was one of the best platformer games out their and watch dogs and assassins creed was a huge succes you fucking idiot… you arent even a real gamer so stfu..

          1. If Rayman is so great, why is it that he
            lost the spotlight to an army of LITERALLY mentally
            retarded rabbits?
            I have played Rayman games, & they are NOTHING
            compared to the likes of Mario, Sonic or Mega Man.

      1. Pac Man is amazing so your comment just lost credibility….#exposed

        Either way, Rayman is a cool character. He should have been in it along with Snake

          1. …Why not both? Ubisoft is still epic and you know it….

            They’ve just gone through some tough times…nothing that they can’t fix….eventually. Nintendo doesn’t make all of the right calls all of the time either….everyone makes mistakes. We have to believe in Ubisoft’s ability to succeed….

      2. Excuse me but Pac-Man is as legendary as Mario himself. Megaman is great and so as Sonic despite having a bad 10 years of games with the exception of Advance, Rush, Colors and Generations.

  2. He was talking about playable chars and then he said ‘characters like pacman and rayman….’ I think he just meant megaman and he wasn’t talking about the rayman trophy

    1. my thoughts exactly. been playing the rayman games for years, but smash doesn’t need more 3rd party characters

  3. Im probably being hopeful but if you look at the wording he didn’t say he isnt going to be in the game, he just said he slipped up and was refering to the trophy.

  4. Good, Ubisoft doesnt deserve to have their character be playable in one of Nintendos best franchises.

    Shouldnt even be a Trophy.

    1. Clearly u havent played any Ubisoft games so how about u play them instead of judging Ubisoft when u havent played their games.. clearly u dont have an opinion so u just go along with what other people say like brainless dog..

      1. He means, why is there a trophy of a third party character when that franchise isn’t in the game. At least…that’s what I think he meant. It’s too bad since Rayman deserves to be in the game since Ubisoft has been pretty epic all these years. #MakeItHappenNintendo

          1. Damn straight. Ubisoft had destroyed that respect and damn well will never get it back.

            You have one chance in life when it comes to trust. You fuck it up once, you fuck up for the last time.

  5. It doesn’t confirm or unconfirm anything in my opinion. But I look at it this way… If rayman is in the game, that’s one more unique and probably fun character. If not, then we can stick with a more Nintendo cerntric game. Win win?

  6. Nowhere does it say that Rayman won’t be playable. I’m not saying he will be, I’m just saying that it doesn’t say that.

    1. How about right there in front of your face that reads “NINTENDO CANADA CONFIRMS RAYMAN WON’T BE PLAYABLE IN SMASH BROS BUT WILL APPEAR AS A TROPHY”?

      1. If you read the actual quote from Nintendo Canada, they were simply specifying that that particular interview was talking about the Trophy. Nowhere does it say he won’t be playable.

  7. I think that if Ubisoft kept Rayman Legends a Wii U exclusive then Rayman would’ve had a chance to be an actual playable character in SSB.

    1. not really, the roster was decided back in 2012/11, how was nintendo supposed to know they were going to delay the game to make it multiplat?

  8. The only thing Ubisoft deserves is an offhand mention, DKC2 style: a garbage can filled with stuff like Master Chief’s helmet or Rayman’s gloves, marked “NO HOPERS.”

  9. Major bummer.
    Was really hoping for this to turn out to be true.
    3 third-party characters are actually good enough. Although, Pacman is probably the only one I’ll be using out of the 3.
    Here’s to hoping Rayman makes the cut in the next Smash game if there will ever be one.

  10. Smash 4 is not worth it without one international mascot. as a Ray-fan, No Ray, no buy. You blew it Sakurai.

    1. Wow, so you’re gonna miss out on a fantastic game… because… ragman’s not in it? Whatever. God, that’s so lame.

    2. You’re a dumbass. Nobody with a right sense of mind would want Rayman in the game as a painful reminder of Ubisoft’s backstabbing BS they pulled.

      Grow up. The fans don’t want his exisntence anywhere near the game roster and thank god fir that.

    1. The news author is still putting his own interpretations as a news headline. Stay neutral and stick to the things your SAYS… not what it might imply!

      The very same mistake happened some days ago…

  11. UGH, the guy like offhandedly mentions he’s confirmed and the world EXPLODES like “CONFIRMED, CONFIRMED, HE’S CONFIRMED”. Like, no dude. He was already confirmed as a trophy, and we KNOW that is NOT how Sakurai reveals things. We KNOW that.I’m sure Rayman was wanted by many, but REALLY, it’s so much easier to accept something rather than pretending like it didn’t happen. I know, it sucks, but seriously. The game will be fine without him. You’ll live.

    1. Pfft, we had it coming, anyway.

      Still, it’s odd as hell for Rayman to be just a trophy in the game. It’s unlikely at this rate that Nintendo of Canada is lying to us just to kill the hype, but bring it back up when he officially gets announced by Nintendo.

      Sakurai: Oh, you want your mascot in the game? You want your mascot in the game? *makes only the trophy* Haha, yeah, fuck you, that’s all you’re getting.

      1. Would be funny though, if Ubisoft approached Nintendo for Rayman to Smash, and Sakurai reaction would be like: “Assist trophy maybe?”

  12. NOC’s statement says that he was referring to the trophy, but doesn’t outright say he’s unplayable. To me, this seems like a lie to save face about the slip. “Shit, he accidentally let it out. Shit. Shit. SHIT. Wait… We can use the trophy as an excuse!” Unless there is more to the interview you haven’t posted, this could be a matter of interpretation for the reporter.

      1. I mean, technically all of them? It’s just the trophy was unlocked by beating single player mode instead of being random.

        Personally I’m worried. I doubt Nintendo and Ubisoft would go through with the paperwork necessary for one measly trophy. If Rayman isn’t a playable character, what other characters could they have?
        Barbara, a new face for Rayman and a perfect candidate for adding more female characters to Smash?
        Ezio, a realistic character to take the place of Konami’s Snake?
        A… ZombiU character?

        Look what I’m getting at is I’m worried Rabbids will be playable characters and that’s stupid.

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  14. Nowhere in that quote does it say he won’t be playable. They were simply specifying that that particular interview was talking about the Trophy.

  15. Shitty fan site. Where do you read he’s unconfirmed ? What I only read is “olol i was talking about Rayman trophy ! yeah during a conversation about newcomer and all that stuff yeah lolololol”

  16. This is great news indeed and a relief. I don’t want that motherfucker Ubisoft and Rayman come anywhere near the game’s roster thinking they’re worthy for a spot. Please. They only thing they’re worthy for is getting the bird from millions of Nintendo fans they pissed off and those who think they’re still great and best supporters, you’re as a fucking brain dead sheep as EA fans supporting their BS.

    Ubisoft, go to hell and take your BS EA 2.0 propaganda ass with you.

    1. Rayman being included in the game has nothing to do with Ubisoft’s relation with Nintendo fans. Snake was in Brawl and his latest game isn’t coming to any Nintendo platform at all. How’s that for backstab? XD But seriously, I think Rayman is a funny/ cool character. And Rayman Legends is amazing. Why do you hate him so much? Hate Ubisoft, not him! He’s fucking awesome! :(

      1. You say Rayman don’t deserve the hate but I’m also saying they shouldn’t deserve any remorse or respect back from Nintendo period and Rayman shouldn’t be mentioned or included in any sense.

        I have nothing to say about Snake either but MGS should be included in Nintendo Wii U. But forget about it.

    1. The guy who is has no limbs is too hard to animate as opposed to the rest of the characters with limbs? Yeah sure, whatever you say

  17. I ultimately don’t give a fuck either way at this point. If he’s not playable, fucking great because Ubisoft doesn’t deserve the publicity. If he is playable, I’m going to enjoy crushing him every time I see his fucking face.

      1. Nope, sorry. I hate Rayman. He will suffer for the sins of his owners! Sins of the father & all that jazz shit! xD

  18. I don’t get it. So much hate because Ubi would have screwed Nintendo. Do not forget what Nintendo did to us. Removing the wifi from the Wii and NDS for an unknown reason. Besides, Nintendo is doing worse each year. Anyways, I’d say that Rayman deserves a chance. He could a great addition to the game. He’d be my main if it happened ;)

  19. Well, Mewtwo is a trophy in game, but was also announced playable. So, I don’t really see what that has to do with anything…

  20. Also, it’s the company’s fault, not Rayman at all. Take a look at Mega Man. Capcom was treating their own mascot like shit, and Nintendo took him in… It’s not the series’ fault.

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