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Here’s A Look At A Gorgeous Zelda Majora’s Mask Fan Remake Project

A dedicated Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask fan has recreated Link’s acclaimed adventure utilising modern-day technology. The project is currently a work in progress, but as you can see from the video embedded above it looks lovely. Whether this project will be shut down by Nintendo remains to be seen, but be sure to watch the video if you’re a Majora’s Mask fan.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

69 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At A Gorgeous Zelda Majora’s Mask Fan Remake Project”

  1. I hope nintendo just hire these guys, I think they might have pitch the idea during E3 because they went there with a few models. If nintendo were smart they would let work on the project, and give the a few extra hands and publish it on wii u…awesome now the monkey creeps me out?

      1. yah… they can’t complete the game due to copyrights… the same thing happened to some Metroid movie that was in development without proper rights. ( Nintendo forced them to cease development)

    1. They could show it but i highly doubt Nin. will do much (they are stubborn like that)…
      on the other hand, they will notice the enthusiasm and realize the demand for the game more than they do now.

    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      of course nintendo cant do it. they use the excuse graphics dont matter and the fanboys eat up what ever miyamoto and iwata say and produce.

      1. I love that you showed us a clip from… TITANFALL THE SECOND WORST LOOKING NEXT GEN GAME BESIDE CALL OF DUTY… Can you get any worse?

    2. Of course they’re not going to do this, because this is not a game. Nintendo will make the real remake. Remember my words.

      1. But it won’t be nearly as exciting. Because it will be on the 3DS instead of the Wii U like it should.

        1. It belongs with the Ocarina of Time remake. It would feel weird to have two games that were both on the same console have their remakes be on two different consoles. Maybe 10 years down the road, Nintendo can remake Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask in HD. Til then, it will be just fine right on the 3DS along with it’s “brother.”

    3. I’m pretty sure its in top secret development or pre-development… they recently stated that they realize the demand for the game.

  2. Yeah, as good as it looks I’m kind of split about whether or not it maintains the original graphic design aesthetic or not.

    1. It was for n64 the graphics have no place in wondering about “art style” as its hard to put a art style on such a game with limited graphical power.

      1. You, sir, have no idea what you’re saying

        Compare Majora’s Mask to Goldeneye, Jet Force Gemini, and Conkers Bad Fur Day. They all have very different art-styles

  3. “This interactive project is intended to be neither a commercial product or a remake of the game.” -from video’s description.

    Please fix the title. Everybody will spread this as if someone is trying to remake the game entirely.

      1. no it isn’t

        guess nobody actually reads the comments

        it’s *not* a remake, this material has all been on the net for years

    1. For some of us, it is. Majora’s mask is my favorite game of all times. It touched my heart more than Ocarina of time did.

    2. Actualy it is, it changes the story and flow of gameplay quite a bit, its also a story about link finding him self, its more of Zelda meets Alice and wonderland.
      Even though Zelda tends to have a dark side and it departes its self from our world. MM takes a even bigger departure as its literally not even in Hyrule.
      It was also built from a perfected version of the oot engine and yet still made a good game.

  4. seriously.. that material is old

    most of it is from a fan made trailer several years ago.. it’s not a remake, they’re just showing some footage of the models used for that trailer.. that trailer was never meant to turn into a remake

    1. some of these models have apparently been taken from someplace else, not the fan trailer.. it’s just mashed together random stuff

      certainly not a remake

  5. And now we wait for the cease and dissed. Seriously with that much talent and dedication. Why don’t they just make their own game?

    1. there is no game

      it’s random tidbits and parts from an old fan made trailer which was never meant to turn into a game

  6. This looks big. Like big enough to the point where Nintendo might get envolved legally. Or they could just hire the workers to help and skip all the drama. I have mixed feelings about this reveal trailer.

  7. If is fan made, free and they are not asking for money, then Nobody, Nintendo, could legally stop them, do they?

    1. of course they *could* stop them and they even might if it was non-profit
      the zelda franchise is theirs to do with as they please

      however this is *not* a remake x_x

  8. erhdshtchahvsrdbjntujryeh64ve57i8to;,i

    By the time he’s about to finish, Nintendo will suddenly decide “Hey, let’s remake Majora’s Mask.”

  9. This work has been created by fans for fans, but its ultimate purpose is to be presented to Nintendo Co. (They will be the owners of the commercial-economic decisions.)

    Just a reminder

  10. Sickr, they are not remaking Majora’s Mask. Did you read the video’s description? The uploader even +1 my comment that was telling other viewers it wasn’t a remake…

  11. It would literally take millions of dollars to remake MM on a console or PC. Nobody is gonna throw that much money down the drain just for Nintendo to cancel it through copyright infringment. The only way MM will be made is if Nintendo does it, and they are probably about half way finished with it already.

  12. I doubt its a game but the models I think do respect the art style, at least the drawings in the booklets. I wonder if this is more of an animation, if so that would be so cool. Anyway, I wish them well but Nintendo will eventually send out a cease and desist order against them. Which is a damn shame since they seem to have no concept of listening that well to their fanbase, we wanted HD remakes of OOT and MM, why the 3DS pussy footing? Oh well..

  13. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Whatever anyone makes, official products are always better when it comes to Nintendo…

  14. funny how this isn’t even getting a correction

    now 20 dozen more people actually believe that a remake is in the works

    worst journalistic effort ever

    1. What makes you think Nintendo hasn’t already got Grezzo, who did Ocarina of Time 3D, doing a Majora’s Mask remake even as we speak?

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