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Project X Zone Sold Ten Times Better Than Bandai Namco Expected Overseas

Bandai Namco has revealed that the mixed Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS sold around ten times better than the company originally envisioned when it was released in the west in 2013. When the company was asked about a sequel, Shonen Gamez were told that Bandai Namco would love to eventually create one.

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25 thoughts on “Project X Zone Sold Ten Times Better Than Bandai Namco Expected Overseas”

  1. Bought my copy at launched, played a few chapters and haven’t touched it since. The game got pretty repetitive quick so I get why they would be surprise.

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    1. Not entirely an RPG, its a cross between RPG, TRPG, and Time sequence events. Its a mismatch that ends up beign very tedious in the end.

  3. As much as I loved this game, there needed to be more famous Sega characters like Sonic and Beat. Not to mention the House of the Dead representation was atrocious (No Agent G and Motherfucking Detective Washington?).

  4. Link, Wandering Hero

    I played it too, but still haven’t beaten it. It’s super long with a ridiculous story and fan service. It’s a strategy game, but I wish it were more of a fighting game.

    1. there’s 51 chapters, and you get the option to listen to any song you heard throughout the game as you replay the game, this time with more and better equips

  5. It is good but gets repetitive soon, still, to get critical hits you need to be very accurate and some of the interactions are very funny, if this game was a little more like Fire Emblem it would be better, and maybe make it a little more of a fighting game, or at least like the bonus levels in Street Fighter, 20 seconds to inflict all the damage you can, and you can perform combos and stuff depending on your ability with the characters, be able to set your own teams. Its a lot of stuff they can improve and make it better, for me was really fun but not a must buy if you’re not a fan of the characters.

  6. only time i’d agree is if they ave a god damn english option and not a lazy subtitled option i can understand for japanese only charcters but ones that have a dub voice should be used no excuse

  7. Still haven’t gotten this game, but I really, really want it.

    It looks like my cup of tea. I love games like this.

  8. The game felt repetitive, but yet there was something about that repetition that I found quite charming.

    Also, the dialogues were fun.

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