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Hyrule Warriors Scores Highly In Famitsu

Japanese gaming publication Famsitu has reviewed the long-awaited Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. As per usual with Famitsu reviews there are four reviewers. In this case each of the four reviewers gave the game an impressive nine out of ten. Famitsu is renowned for giving out high scores, so it will be interesting to see what the game will be rewarded with when the western reviews start to roll in next month.

  • Hyrule Warriors (Wii U) – 9/9/9/9
  • Bullet Girls (PSV) – 8/8/7/7

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52 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Scores Highly In Famitsu”

    1. And the game definitely looks polished and deserving of a high score. Western reviewers will hate on the game as they do with every Warriors game though.

        1. In the end, whether you like it or not, this is the reviewer’s personal opinion. You either agree or disagree. Opinions are not facts so there truly is no right or wrong in this instance.

    1. Honestly, I’ve had my BEST luck in Miiverse… This has Link in it, which means I have to buy it day one, and just hope it’s good. If Zelda is on it, I’ve got to own it, but generally if I give Miiverse a few days, you start to see the honest reviews, and they are usually very accurate!

      1. Never gave Miiverse a chance. I usually go for a combination of Let’s Play, non-famous YouTube reviewers and review compilators like Metacritic. I’ll give it a try.

  1. “Renowned” for giving high scores or “notorious” for doing so compared to most western reviewers? It’s not a practice that is exactly celebrated here in the west. We have to also consider that Japanese gamers have fundamentally different tastes than most western gamers, which was most memorably revealed in the debate over FFXIII’s linearity. Personally, having not played this yet I can’t say much about it, but from the gameplay videos it looks like more of the same mindless hack and slash we could expect from a Dynasty Warriors game. Hacking through a crowd of enemies with an overpowered character is maybe exciting for the first minute; after that it’s unsatisfying to me. Kind of like having too much of something decadent — there’s no balance, and so the novelty wears off.

    1. I cant say about Dynasty Warriors, but Warriors Orochi 3, that is half Dynasty and half Samurai, has not been just brainlesshack and slash.
      Sure, you can play the whole game using the same combo, and that is little boring, but playing it brainless is out of question.
      When I get carried away by my superiority against the grunts, occasionally along comes an officer that beats the crap out of me,
      or I lose the sight of my objective/friends on need, and the mission fails.
      And that is on “Normal”, “Hard” and “Chaos” makes even the grunts dangerous.

      1. ^^This. If they play this game on the higher difficulties, they’ll see firsthand that these games are not just mindless hack & slash games like say God of War.

          1. Me & you must have been playing two different games then. Like fighting games today, it’s just a big ass button mashing mini-game. This isn’t a bad thing, though.

            1. fleshed out mini-game.* I might have been too harsh with just saying mini-game. But maybe fleshed out mini-game is still too harsh. Eh, w/e. I can’t think of a better word right now. I’m just been very… bleh today.

    2. I’ve never played a dynasty warriors game but i would think that on harder difficulties it must get challenging and that’s wt I’m hoping for

      1. I’ve played Samurai Warriors 3 on Hard and got anal raped within minutes. That should prove you how challenging the higher difficulties are.

  2. Famitsu gave Sonic lost world a similar rating so that does not mean much.

    This will be a niche game, I for one can´t get excited over this game, it looks like you are just fighting endless hordes of enemies.

    Hope the people who are waiting for HW will be happy with it

      1. Sonic Lost World has been established by the “quality gaming community” as a POOR video game and a MEDIOCRE Sonic game.

    1. “Famitsu gave Sonic lost world a similar rating so that does not mean much.” All it means is they like agame you don’t. People don’t half go on about scores far, far too much. If I like a game I couldn’t care if everyone else loves it or hates it. People give far too big of a shit about what other people think. Look at that moron who posts on here (the one who does videos and has a voice like a cat being done up the arse by a massive carrot), he hates Nintendo-made games *without* playing them, basing his opinions on other people who also haven’t played it. Why care what others think? Magazines and websites need to stop adding a score on a review as that is *all* 99% of people look at. Rant over.



  4. Zant and Link are going to be my mains. So pumped for this game. Started charging my Wii U tablet to play some Mario Kart and Twilight Princess.

  5. Famitsu is still the best rating group out there. The western nonsense just want to hijack everything. IGn should not review anything but Niaomi Kyle’s dressing.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Hello Gamer…

      And I predict that either Gamespot or IGN or both will give it a mediocre score or lower because they will say:

      “This game didn’t catch my eyes because it lacked everything the Zelda franchise do right, this game does it all wrong.”

      Obviously ignoring that this game is not a real Zelda game at all other than having the characters…

  6. This looks great but Nintendo is really stupid for not giving it online co -op. Don’t all the other Warriors games have online co-op? So why not this game? Now all the other Warriors games with online co-op seem superior to this game…

  7. Why is there a PSV title listed along with Hyrule Warriors? Not only is it not even mentioned in the paragraph, it has nothing to do with the post’s point.

  8. Sonic lost world is a terrible game i as a sonic fan have to say this, even shadow the hedehog is a far better game than sonic lost world

    1. Then you’re clearly either a sad attempt at a troll or an idiot. Sonic: Lost World isn’t amazing but it’s noway near as much of a clusterfuck as Shadow the hedgehog.

  9. If IGN gives the game an 8/10, I will be super surprised and incredibly happy. A lot of people buy games based on IGN’s scores, so if the game gets an 80%, it will surpass the expectations of those who dwell on the internet and people will be curious to buy and try the game.

    Which means IGN’s review of the game can mean more or less sales for the game in the U.S.

  10. Hm. Well that’s one good score for the game so far. Least it will get the Japanese that follow this article to buy the game in their country since I’m guessing Famitsu is a Japanese video game magazine.

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