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Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Confirmed For Japanese 3DS

Koei Tecmo together with developer Omega Force has announced Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 will arrive for the Japanese 3DS later in the year. According to translations from this week’s Famitsu magazine, the hack and slash spin-off game will feature more than 50 military commanders seen in Samurai Warriors 4 – the latest game in the main series which was released in Japan earlier this year – along with new scenarios and character edit slots.

Aside from a tentative 2014 release date, Koei Tecmo has yet to specify when the game will launch. It’s not known whether the game will release outside of Japan but, with the arrival of Samurai Warriors 4 for western Sony systems later this year, there’s still a ray of hope for Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3. The game is set to launch on both the 3DS and PlayStation Vita for Japan.

13 thoughts on “Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Confirmed For Japanese 3DS”

  1. I still play the first one. As a launch game it’s pretty good. I don’t see why people don’t like it. I hated we didn’t get the second one on the 3ds but sales probably justified it :/

    1. that was my first 3ds game too and a pretty awesome one at that seeing as it was loosely based on Japanese history.. Though I’m wondering how this one will be in terms of differences and improvements.

    1. fyi, ymca is our anthem. we listen to it to invoke the spirit of sasori. oh, sasori, purge the chimps. amen

    2. Nintendo Overlord Raiuga

      Don’t you ever give up Sasori? This is getting stupid just give it up!
      or are you that starved for attention you make a second account and make a cult/religion based on your thoughts. We already have one of those and it’s Scientology we don’t need anymore!

      1. Well you’re the one responding to the obvious trolling… And obviously Sasori likes Nintendo, he owns many games for it’s system. Trolling is like a modern day pranking thing. Get over it. Don’t get emotional because someone is joking with a game company.

  2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Well I was going to be pissed about SW:C2 skipping the States but then I found out on wikipedia that it’s just an expansion of the first game. SM:C3 is the true sequel. Anyway, we better get it over here on the 3DS, because I’ll gladly buy the game!

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