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Here’s How NA Club Nintendo Members Can Grab Ganondorf’s Hyrule Warriors Costume DLC

Nintendo of America has given eager Zelda fans the details on how you can obtain the fantastic Ganondorf costume DLC for Hyrule Warriors, previously mentioned in the Nintendo Direct. Available to all participating Club Nintendo members in US and Canada, fans can grab a free download code for the Demon King costume set DLC, which includes Ganondorf’s eerie, metallic costume from Twilight Princess and the vibrant but evil colours from his Ocarina of Time costume.

In order to obtain your free code, fans must purchase Hyrule Warriors for Wii U and register the title with Club Nintendo between September 26, 2014, and October 10, 2014.  More details on other costume DLC sets for the Zelda spin-off game will be available in the near future.

30 thoughts on “Here’s How NA Club Nintendo Members Can Grab Ganondorf’s Hyrule Warriors Costume DLC”

  1. I am definitely getting these costumes. I can’t believe how awesome Ganondorf is in this game. If they ever decide to give us the DLC costumes for Link and Zelda, then I’m definitely getting the Twilight Princess costumes. Heck yes.

    1. I’m going for the Ocarina of Time outfits if that’s how the sets go. But the sets will most likely go by Link & Zelda, not Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword. In which case, I’ll be going for the Link set. I want the Ocarina of Time & Skyward Sword outfits.

  2. I was going to buy this game anyway, but the inclusion of Ganondorf made this a must have for me. Getting so excited for this game. They should release an eShop demo for those of us who have to wait.

    1. This looks like ont of the coolest Zelda spinoffs in years! I’m all for a demo, the more potential sales the better for crossovers like these :)

  3. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    am not yet convinced. this better not be $60, hopefully its aroud $45-50

      1. daddy, brother, lover, little boy

        he needs what he calls “sexy fan service” in other words a pair of boobs so he can fap

  4. Sirry. I’m skipping this. After they just dropped their promised online mode in favor of yet another stupid ass ghost data BS, I might as well go for Bayonetta 1/2 bundle.

    1. I would be upset with you skipping the game since it will mean I won’t be able to have even the slightest chance of encountering you in online co-op mode… but there is no online co-op mode so no loss.

  5. Sadly, I may not be able to grab this by it’s deadline. Because I am getting a Wii-U in September, then Smash for the 3DS in October. That’s killing my wallet enough. But, then again, my birthday is on October, so I could make it before the deadline if my family is willing lol.

  6. I was pretty much buying this game anyway. I’m not too interested in the dlc’s but hey it’s free so I’m not complaining. So I’ll get the costumes.

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