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Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Available, Only One Play Coin Needed For Online Mode

A new update for Steel Diver: Sub Wars has been made available by Nintendo. We reported an update was on the cards for the free-to-play 3DS game a few days ago, though whether it would make some deep-sea changes to the title was unknown. Nintendo of America has confirmed these changes on their official website, stipulating that users must download the new data for online and local multiplayer play.

To download the update, simply head to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and search for updates to the software. Check out the list below to see what changes have been made; please note that the update will include version 1.1 and version 2.0 updates as well.

  • Battle online with players on your Nintendo 3DS Friend List (Premium version only).
  • Unlock three additional subs by playing a certain number of Local Play battles. (These submarines can be unlocked in both versions, but can only be used in the Premium version.)
  • Two new arenas were added especially for Local Play battles: “Underwater Rings” and “Underwater Plant” (These can also be used in Friend Battles in Internet Mode).
  • Owners of the Free version can access the submarine shop and purchase extra subs.
  • The number of Play Coins required to play Internet Mode in the Free version has been reduced from two coins to one coin.
  • Subs will not take damage from allied attacks.
  • Send preset messages in Morse-Code Chat using the direction pad (Up: “THANK YOU”, Right: “GOOD”, Down: “STOP”, Left: “SORRY”)
  • Score three times as many points for long-range hits.
  • Torpedoes will travel at 1.25 normal speed if fired while the sub is moving forward.
  • Eight new crew members were added. (These crew can only be used in the Premium version.)
  • Improved stats of the Clairvoyant and the Mechanic.
  • Some submarine stats have been fine-tuned.
  • Other adjustments have also been made to balance the game and make for a more fun gaming experience.

9 thoughts on “Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Available, Only One Play Coin Needed For Online Mode”

  1. I tried this game before and I’d say it’s alright. I would definitely get it off I didn’t have other games to focus on.

    1. Actually, compare this to all of the mobile garbage loaded with even worse kinds of microtransactions, this game isnt that bad on the freemium experiment. You unlock everything at a cheap price which is fair.

      WTF are you talking about?

    2. Seal of Quality is a joke? How about ALL 3rd parties recycling shit for cash grab from idiots being a bigger joke? Their quality is as crap as baby diapers.

  2. I went ahead and upgraded to the full version. I’ve Great Fox as one of my subs! Pretty fun. Now that there is no friendly fire (fixing the “broken scoring”) I’ll probably jump back in again. I’ve purchased most of the subs.

  3. I’m glad for changes! Will be alot easier to play now! Some allies were killing me and I quit playing. Will be playing again soon! Great job nintendo! Thank uou.

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