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Nintendo Announces Major Mario Kart 8 Update And Mercedes DLC Pack For August 27

Nintendo has confirmed a substantial update will be provided for Mario Kart 8 later this month, alongside the free Mercedes DLC pack. The major update will see an optional on-screen map added to TV display – a significant feature we mentioned was missing in our review – and the default menu selection after a Grand Prix race will be adjusted to the “next race” key, rather than the “view highlight” button.

Alongside those two updates are a number of smaller yet significant fixes, aiding in an enhanced user experience. Your preferred or last used Kart customisation will be saved to your system, shortening the lengthy process of choosing your cyber slick or monster wheels, plus you can copy and edit other players’ highlights in Mario Kart TV. Other key areas addressed are:

  • Scoreboard area can be selected so you can view your total coins, online record of wins and losses, selection of characters, and so on.
  • Online communication and races will have improved stability.
  • Other minor fixes to problems.

During this substantial update, Nintendo will also add the free Mercedes-Benz DLC pack, which comes with the GLA, 300 SL Roadster and the Silver Arrow from the ’30s. Both the update and DLC pack will be available from August 27 in Europe, North America and Japan. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comment section below.

152 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Major Mario Kart 8 Update And Mercedes DLC Pack For August 27”

    1. Don’t forget the character roster update as well. Some people are plainly bitching about it so update that so they can STFU already.


  1. I like most of this, but I would prefer the map-on-TV to be optional. I’m kinda used to it being on the Gamepad now and means you can see more of the amazing scenary on the TV without it. Of course, I’d have been saying the exact opposite before release…

    1. I think the on-screen TV map will be an optional choice, possibly a tick box on the settings screen or something similar. Nintendo has yet to clarify it, but I’ll highlight this in the article. :)

      *EDIT* Nintendo of Europe clarified in their press release that the on-screen TV map is optional.

        1. Well Microsoft sure didn’t for theirs. Shitty hardware that breaks very often like Red Ring or Xbox One blowing up, BS Live premium for free only play and that gay ass Paywall nonsense like you can’t even use Netflix freely without paying $60 when you’re paying for internet, Netflix and all other crap. What about Sony’s own c9nsole when PSN got hacked multiple times with personal information at risk because their lazy asses didn’t update their security.

          So STFU because when it comes to building hardware,, Nintendo is the only one out of the 3 that has the least amount of technical issues in both hardware and software and their consoles are affordable and eco-friendly.

      1. Oh good! I want to be able to toggle the TV map on & off with one of the extra buttons, so I can take a quick glimpse at it when I need to. I don’t want it stuck up there & blocking my view of the beautiful HD scenery.

    2. ” The major update will see an (optional) on-screen map added to TV display”

      So no worries, it’s optional.

  2. 1) Mappack of some kind, for battlemode arenas
    2) Voice chat, at least with friends, if not optionally with everyone, during races
    3) just an idea, but why can’t i have the rearview on my gamepad, at least the 2nd screen would have some use then
    4) Update for WWHD plz, it is still missing dat Y-Inversion, should be a matter of minutes really .

    1. Hoping MK9 brings back Double Dash elements and uses the gamepad for the player in the back. That or 3ds connectivity for the same ends would be incredible!

    2. I like your 3rd idea. A rear view option on the second screen would be a great, GREAT use of the Gamepad for racing games.

  3. It looks SO weird to see these characters drive real life looking cars. And when there’s a race of all of them using Mercedes cars it just looks too weird, like out of place. But I guess it’s fun, more options for everybody.

    1. So? Sonic Racing Transformed added a real life racer into the game and I don’t hear anyone complaining. Oh but its always Nintendo over some little BS that you retards wanna nitpick on to feel like you got brains and balls on the internet.

  4. So there’s 3 free cars? I thought there would only be one. Sweet! And this update will be great. I’ve been dying to see how far I am from 10000 coins. Doing a great job so far!

    1. That’s even better than I remember. :3 Now let’s work on updating the Gamepad use, fix the online connection, update the roster and for the love of god, change Battle Mode back to the way it was suppose to be.

      1. I think this battle mode would actually be more enjoyed by everyone IF they
        A) had no time limit cause 5 minutes is ridiculous considering the size of the courses. with no time limit you might actually be able to have some strategy with teams instead of chasing each other in circles IF you find each other.

        B) if they had the regular Arena style battle mode included AS WELL AS this new type right from the get go. Now people want the arenas so bad they may never give this type a chance. Arena is no doubt better, but this new way would be a fun alternative (NOT REPLACEMENT).

        Also, it sucks that on Toad’s Turnpike the truck with the glider is gone as are the trucks you can land on. It would be badass to play that track with no time limit and fly on top of cars and wait with some shells and shoot people below then hop into battle lol.

        1. You only have three minutes, but you can lose all your balloons in like thirty seconds, which get’s pretty old. If you get balloons replaced when you die, then only turn into a ghost in the final minute, that would make it soooo much better.

            1. I was speaking about online battle, which once you lose balloons and you’re a ghost I hunt everyone down in hopes to start a new battle.

        2. Toad’s Turnpike, for this version of “Battle Mode”, is what I consider too big of a stage. The only good-sized course to me is Moo Moo Meadows. The others find you driving around until you find the last couple of people, which is tedious in itself.

  5. Besides the on-screen map, lame. The game will still be missing a decent battle mode, a diverse roster, balance in terms of items, voice chat and so on.
    Well, at least there’ll be 3 free Mercedes cars, my favorite car brand, lmao.

    1. I don’t care about the roster anymore. I already picked my favorites, PGP and Rosalina, anyways. I don’t care about battle mode either. I never go to that. Not even in MK7. And I’m ok with the voice chat thing at the moment. I don’t know anyone that owns a Wii U, sooo lol. Mario Kart 8 is extremely fun especially online. And it has the best tracks imo. I am perfectly ok with it now.

      1. It’s good that those missing things don’t affect you, but I know there are lots of people who are affected by it. I personally think that battle mode could get extremely fun, especially with friends. I also know that I always wanted voice chat features integrated into the game when playing MK Wii with friends, instead of having to go through the inconvenience of having Skype or something similar running simultanously in the “background”. And I think they’ve wasted a huge oppurtunity with the roster. Instead of providing a huge diversity, which really wouldn’t have been difficult at all, seeing all the different characters that have joined Mario’s world in the past 30 years, they decided to give us a bunch of babies and the Koopalings.
        And about the gameplay, personally, I don’t think it’s anywhere as fun as previous entries in the series, the unbalanced items being one of the reasons for that.
        But yea, that’s just my personal opinion.

        1. I agree with voice chat but only with friends…I’ve said this before I don’t want to fall victim to, or be yelled at by some kid or adult who was leading the whole race and had some really bad luck at the end…and I don’t want to be mad at them when it happens to me….I understand there is a mute button but…whatever that agreement stinks…but I will have to disagree slightly on balance….it’s almost to balanced it’s hard to catch up when your In that 4th to 10th place distraction derby when everyone has mushrooms…this is way more balanced the MK Wii was. More updates to battle mode would be nice ….and I really like that we can see wins and losses now…tht was a major oversight I thought

        2. Honestly the item balance does suck compared to other mario karts, I will agree, but I would also say this mario kart relies more on drifting skills and such then items. Everyone gets the same shitty item luck, but the people with the best skills and knowledge of how to take advantage of certain things still consistently win. I find this mario kart to be the best since double dash and 64 in terms of handling and tracks. The items definitely suck getting coins and single shells in 6th or below, but unless you’re playing in a room FULL of pros, you should be able to make up for it. The babies suck by the way, but Koopalings deserve to be in a game after all these years. The problem is only having 30 people. And having 3 different Marios and such. And making up characters like PGP. Voice chat definitely should be there.

      2. You may not like Battle Mode or even care, but if you played it in Double Dash, trust me, you’ll have a blast. :3

      3. What is your NNID? You race often? I’ve still been on a break but my thumbs feel better so I might be jumping back on again.

      1. This game is one of the most challenging of the Mario Kart series besides probably the first one (although I never played super circuit or DS so can’t compare). I think that’s why most people don’t like it. The item balance complaint, though true, kind of tells me most people don’t like the challenge. Even with crappy items, if you’re good you should still win. And if you were relying on items to win in the first place, well….there you go.

        1. Maybe not win but place high unless you’re in a room full of really good racers that are just flat out better than you, or know short cuts you don’t. Pretty much it all comes down to practice, which most people don’t do in gaming these days.

        2. The only reply to this I can think of…is when you get your red shell blocker, but the person behind you nails a triple red shell, which is especially true online. To an extent, the hold-one-item thing is great. Online, though…it can kill a mood.

          1. Yea that is the one thing that’s messed up. Second place being able to get 3 red shells and first place only having one item to block. And if you’re near a gliding part forget it lol.

              1. lol yea I’ve played since day 1, took a break and then played with a group of friends at home the last two nights. It’s great fun! I’m in florida (eastern time zone) and get off around 11:30. What time you usually race and what’s your time zone? Stay up late?

                1. Well, it depends. Most of the day I am on my 3DS and I don’t usually get on my Wii U until evening. Like 5-9PM. The time zone is Eastern Standard time. :P Right now as of posting this message, it is 5:20 PM. If that helps at all. :)

                  1. Yea that helps we are on the same time awesome lol. What do you play on 3DS? I haven’t played mine in a bit, since I beat Link Between Worlds pretty much.

                    1. I usually spend my time playing Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf World Tour. I do still occasionally play Animal Crossing New Leaf and Mario Kart 7 too.

                      1. Nice. I have 7, and I got Animal Crossing but never opened it lol. How is trple deluxe for a kirby game? My roomate likes the classic ones a lot, and he was thinking about getting triple deluxe when he had the money.

        1. You’ve only played the game for a week and this is your complaint? I know that when you’re in the lead you see these items often, but I think your memory is failing you. It has been two months since you last played, surely you remember getting a banana or two? Also, try online play in Frantic Mode. Anyone, no matter what position they’re in, has a chance to get ANY of the items. So it’s not just those at the back of the pack that can get a high powered items. You could be in first and get a Bullet Bill or 3 Red Shells. I think it’s a lot of fun, except when that dude in second place gets the Blue Shell, seems like such a waste.

        2. Are you interested in racing with no items? Or one on one? And I’m not trolling you or making fun lol literally asking

    1. Well that’s good news. I hope the online lag gets resolved with this update. Also I can see much more updates coming to the game in the future which is great.

        1. It also has to do with internet coding. Also, I’ve played with friends that have perfect online connection like i do and there is still lag in the match. Example: I hit my friend or other player with the piranha plant and on me screen he gets hit, but he doesn’t stop like he got hit, instead he keeps going. That’s the online lag I’m talking about, which can be fixed

          1. So you mean like the hit registers and you see his animation of being hit but he loses no speed if any? Cause that happens to me and I wondered if they somehow had such good acceleration AND speed that hits literally didn’t matter with that vehicle set up. That seems impossible though, everyone would go for that.

        2. Its also affected by internet traffic and relay from the servers. Any of both sides can be affected by traffic.

      1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        its funny how black ops 2 and ghosts lets you do that but not in nintendo games.

      2. You mean you want Nintendo to provide gamepad support on their own games? Sorry, only Ubisoft and Cod have done that. Unfortunately Nintendo fans hate both. So we get gimped Nintendo software. X.x

        1. Since when the fan ever complained about that? If the 3rd party has done clever usage of the gamepad, then that’s great and Nintendo should takes notes if they missed it. Both side have used Gamepad cleverly in different ways so its not like one side is doing better than the other. Everything goes both ways in life including video games and support. Besides, who cares about Ubisoft anymore. COD BO2 usage of the Gamepad acting as a secondary TV with the built in sensor (that I once never knew was there) that works in junction with the Wii-Mote really surprised me.

      3. I would like that, I would also like the option of having vertical or horizontal split, I never liked side by side for 2 player. And if you’re playing with 3 players, give player 1 the top half of the screen and split the bottom half with player 2 & 3 like they used to. I don’t need a stupid camera in the fourth box taking up space that I’m not even going to watch cause….I’m racing.

    2. AKA the “Shit that should have been in the released game and some terrible DLC” Online stability should have been in the game already.

    3. I hope they add arena tracks to battle mode. They were stupid in thinking race tracks for battling was a good idea to begin with. Also stupid for getting rid of you able to carry two items. Stupid for Wii loading faster than the Wii U. What was they smoking in 2008?

      1. The race tracks for battle mode was a great idea. Sadly, the time limit ruins it. Oh & if they updated it to allow 24 players for the battle mode, the race tracks for battle mode would be fucking awesome if you play it online.

    4. Well I’ll prolly just wait for the update cause I’m currently still trying to get the Golden Kart in Mario Kart 7 and I’m almost at 13,000 coins and I usually use download play since I have 2 3DS’s and I just do verses on SNES Mario circuit., best way to get coins fast :)

      Also I’m glad they’re finally adding these updates and I can finally know how many coins I have. :)
      The Cars looks awesome too :)
      But I still want the regular tracks for battle mode and why couldn’t they do battle track like where u battle on the Wii U system similar to the GCN and DS battle area as now those were awesome! Come on Nintendo bring us our regular battle arenas.

    5. nobody wants to play MK8 with me b/c I destroy them all so I don’t care about separate screens for multi. I would like OFF TV play though. I beat the game (3 stars on every course) and mad that I didn’t get anything for it so i thought an update would at least give you something. I also never used the map on the gamepad so you don’t really even need the map at all.

    6. Sounds like this update isn’t for me. I love where the replay button is, the map on screen will ruin it for me, the scoreboard is stupid (I prefer the points) & I don’t mind going through the kart customation every time to choose the same kart.
      I hope this update isn’t automatic & is optional.

    7. I see I’m gonna be playing this game more again by this month. :3 3 new Mercedes car parts pack, Gamepad update, internet fix, this is gonna be a good update.

      Hope they change back Battle Mode the way it usw to be, fix the 2 item hold feature, add more characters so idiots like Sasori can stop bitching for 3 seconds and fix the ridiculous voice chat restriction.

    8. Yes! Now I can tell how many more coins I need for that next part. I feel that such simple features will actual make me pick up MK8 again. Xenoblade still has hours of my time. ;)

    9. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Battle Mode DLC, character DLC, voice chat, and abolishment of two-player split-screen is all I want now.

    10. One step towards a perfect game. While I rarely play battle mode, the tracks in this one has made me not wanting to play it at all! Also, the rooster could have been a lot better, though I have just the ones I need.

    11. finally the wait is almost over, in 21 more days. they should have released it sooner and im kinda bored of the game, just like how i got bored of pokemon y, dont get me wrong, its a fun game but gets boring after a while.

    12. I don’t know exactly what this update will introduce in the game but what i’m sure abou is:
      1) This is the first time that a mario kart game needs a patch (will they improve graphics and frame rate stability??)
      2) I will never download and add to the game the mercedes benz pack, even if it’s free. It’s abominable.

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