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Yoshi’s Real Name Is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

yoshi_character_guideYoshi’s real name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, according to the Nintendo character guide that was released in 1993. The official description also refers to Mario as homo nintendonus and a plumber, who rescued the anthropomorphic dinosaur and quickly became friends with him. The duo regularly sets out to rescue Yoshi’s pals from the clutches of the nefarious Bowser. Yoshi made his debut in the 1990 classic Super Mario World. He also stars in the recently-released Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS.

85 thoughts on “Yoshi’s Real Name Is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas”

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      1. Tranny is super offensive because it gets rid of the differences between Transvestite, Transgender, and Transsexual then puts them into one category. I’m just bringing this up so you can be better informed for the next time you want to post something about either of the 3 different categories.

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      2. First of all, it’s Sheik not Shiek.
        Second of all, wouldn’t she be considered normal since she’s no longer confused as being male? Zelda’s a tranny, how?
        Third of all, Mario a Homo? Wow, what rock did you crawl out of? You mean to tell me you never played Super Mario Galaxy? It’s not the best game in the world but it’s definitely amazing. – U R MR GAY
        And finally… have you ever even played a Nintendo game?! Most of them are filled with homosexual characters or gay moments! The Cuckoo guy from Twilight Princess or Ghirahim from Skyward Sword. How about all the male characters that Nintendo of America tries to cover as females because they still believe children aren’t ready for homosexuality or gay relationships like they terribly try to convert in Sailor Moon as a lesbian couple being dubbed as cousins… yeah it’s time to know the truth if you don’t figure it out for yourself! Birdo, Vivian, GracieGrace, Sarahah Camel and I’m sure there’s plenty more to name were all originally once guys. Look at how much of a fairy Link looks like, what’s that? He’s based off of fairy boy, Peter Pan himself?! Fairy types in Pokemon now! Star Fox is a fairy fest of guys, girls that existed before Krystal didn’t come into play. Krystal and the girls after were late inclusions to the sausage fest that existed long before. Katt flirts with Falco yet he shoves her off for Fox. Yoshi’s use rainbows as their powers! Never seen a female Yoshi in a single game before and Birdo is considered to be Yoshi’s boyfriend. I just noticed Nintendo has a thing for gay animals… The gayest of them all is how much of a pedophile Sakurai is for his baby Kirby… probably most of the people working at Nintendo have secret lives from their wives to sneak off with men like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. :D

        1. Don’t be a dumbass there is a mrs Miyamoto u know and hey Its like perverted Anime moments somethings are in games because the are because some of the staff ideas in japan alright so like a fantendo YouTube song say take ur complains and your lies shove um so far up ur ass they end up behind ur eyes @anonymous

      3. You got it all wrong, they mean scientific names. Homo in scientific genus means humanoid. Research before you assume incorrectly.

    1. It was revealed in nintendo power that the saddle is actually a shell, due to early planning where he was originally a koopa. Just an interesting fact :D

      1. Please… now you’re giving too much credit.
        Homo retardus might be closer to truth.
        Or homo basement dweller.

  1. MunchaKOOPAS

    Bastard, now nobody will feel guilty in sacrifice him in the abyss in Super Mario World to save Mario

    1. I always find it funny how you’re so obessed with making fun of nintendo on a nintendo themed site, but anyway you know since Yoshi lays eggs it could be considered a female.
      Soo… No homo.

  2. I think Mario’s Character sheet in the link tells more lore, like how it says that Mario himself makes the Feather into the Cape Power up, and that fixing a Squirt Gun for a friend would make him into the Plumber and Hero he is.

  3. I did remember that in one Super Mario World episode, Luigi had called Yoshi “Yoshisaurus”. Close enough though.

            1. I know it is. No need to remind me. Lol. You guys have completely ruined the way I look at Lana. Now every time I heat that name, I either get disgusted or slightly turned on… I told you guys to stop that. XD

  4. Hey anonomus who called Miyamoto gay u know UR MR GAY could have been a misunderstanding check other mario gaxily box art

  5. It could be that that’s his species’s scientific name (genus represented by a single letter (it’s common, eg T. rex), species name, then subspecies name. (example: “B. bison bison”))

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  8. The only thing that blew my mind was the reveal that this game was released in 19-fucking-90! @.@ I didn’t play that game til somewhere between the beginning of 1992 & the end of 1994 & never really noticed when the game came out. I was too busy having fun with the damn game to pay attention to the year it came out. The name crap looks more like shitty American English dubbing made up bullshit, to be honest. We all know Nintendo of America was notorious for some bad English dubbing back in the day, whether it was on purpose or by accident.

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