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Nintendo Says It’s Important To Get Third Party Titles Like Assassin’s Creed And Call Of Duty

Nintendo Canada’s Matt Ryan says it’s extremely important for the company to secure certain franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Call of DutyWe heard today that Ubisoft is only releasing Assassin’s Creed Rogue on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has only been confirmed for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC. Here’s what he had to say.

“Those partnership and relationships are very important. Not only are those third-party relationships important for collaborating on games together, it’s also important for us to have certain important games on other systems come to our systems as well. True video game fans that enjoy putting in a ton of hours playing games also want to play these big titles, and they may not have the other systems to provide that for them. Now, while we may not get them all, it’s important that we get some, especially the really big ones. Like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and some of the Batman games we’ve seen on Wii U.”

140 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It’s Important To Get Third Party Titles Like Assassin’s Creed And Call Of Duty”

  1. Maybe keep that in mind when designing the console, rather than expecting developers to flock to you just because.

              1. Your point? The Wii U is still selling no matter how little a month. My point is that they leave out all the extra crap to make the console more affordable and 7 million people bought it. What’s your point?

                1. The point is even if WiiU is 7m (more than X1, last time I checked), developers doesn’t care about it, they only care about where the “gamers” will play next, where they can get higher profits.

                  WiiU buyers haven’t showed any sign of buying 3rd party games. Don’t blame it all in developers, Nintendo is also guilty. They still need to lure developers to put games on the WiiU.

                  And this is coming from a WiiU owner.

                  1. Oh yeah, completely agree! The Wii U was rushed out by Nintendo due to pressure from their investors, some of which don’t even understand video games in general, because they wanted to be a year ahead in this generation. On top of that the marketing strategy was incredibly lacking due to overconfidence on the “Wii brand”. Unfortunately what they failed to see is that the “casual market” in which they tapped with the Wii isn’t easily coerced into buying something new. Plus the casual folk still think the Wii U is a tablet for the Wii they already own.

                    Nintendo jumped the gun and thought everyone with a Wii would automatically upgrade to the Wii U and because of this they fell behind. However, Nintendo showed us at E3 that they are picking themselves up from their shortcomings and taking this situation seriously. The rest of 2014 and all of 2015 are looking very bright.

                    Now, Nintendo is also facing that “kiddy” or family friendly stigma as well. The “hard core” gamer, especially in the states, looks to Nintendo as a brand for kids. While the PS 4 is the hot shiny new thing to hit the shelves. Sony doesn’t have a stigma because, like the new tv or blu-ray player, Sony’s console will always be the “hot new” item to own. I know so many people who just got the PS4 because it’s the new thing and when I ask about the Wii U they often don’t know what I’m talking about or they say their grandma\little brother has that one. The PS4 is selling due to blind consumerism and the Wii U is left in the dust due to the popularity of Sony as a whole. Along with Nintendo’s failure to market the U properly and the “kiddy” system stigma.

                    As a Wii U owner I am extremely satisfied with my U and I have plenty to play on the system, but there can always be improvements. Which Nintendo has shown us they are working on.

                    1. And as far as 3rd party devs go; all they want is sales. Which is understandable as a business. So, it’s up to Nintendo alone to pick up the pace. Once it’s making “acceptable” numbers in sales the 3rd party devs will slowly come back. All they want is a larger install base for their games. It has nothing to do with the power of the system, with the exception of games like Arkham Knight.

                  1. Do you have proof that he’s wrong? Nope. You’re just a Nintendo fanboy CLAIMING that he’s lying because you HOPE it’s not true.

                    Except, he probably is:

                    Last official reporting, back in APRIL mind you, was 7 million sold for PS4. With the monthly sales that PS4 has been STEADILY making, it’s very, very likely the number currently is in the 9 to 10 million area. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed to be at LEAST 9 million.

              2. When you consider how many active gamers there are out there, that is NOTHING. Especially for just under TWO YEARS of console lifespan.

                Look, I love Nintendo’s games, I just HATE their consoles! They haven’t made a truly triple-A console since the SNES; an argument can be made for Nintendo 64 MAYBE, but even that had a great deal of shortcomings that could have EASILY been avoided.

                Nintendo’s problem is: they’re arrogant morons. Seriously, they are, think about it: they are CONSTANTLY saying things like, “Oh, we don’t pay attention to what ‘the other guys’ are doing, we just do our own thing.” Oh is that so, Nintendo? Well the problem with that arrogant statement is that ‘the other guys’ have all the third party support. You can’t ignore the rest of the gaming world because you think you’re ‘the shit’, but then also say, “it’s important to gain support from ‘the other guys’, even though we don’t pay attention to what they’re doing on other consoles and/or what the other consoles are doing for THEM (the third parties)”.

                It just doesn’t work. They’re trying to have their cake and eat it, too. It’s simple, Nintendo: you either play along with the rest of the gaming world and gain support from it, or you fuck off and do your own thing and therefore rely almost exclusively on your own first-party titles to move consoles. And in an age where gamers have more options than ever, Nintendo first-party games are becoming less and less of a must-have commodity.

                Again: I love Nintendo’s first-party games (many, not all), but they are just bass-ackwards when it comes to making consoles. They can EASILY cater to third-party developer needs & desires, AND still make great games themselves. Instead, they choose to serve themselves first, and the rest of the development world second, and then wonder why they don’t hae great third-party support.

                The saddest thing is: it’s not a difficult concept to grasp. But year after year, console after console, Nintendo gets it wrong. Sure, the Wii sold well, but we all know why it sold well, and it’s not because it catered to third parties.

                So it’s time to make a drastic change, Nintendo: you’re just ONE company that, while admittedly capable of making great games, can only make so many of them. It’s time to make a console that serves the greater development world first, but then ALSO serves your needs as well. Compromise. Adapt. You’re too stuck in your ways, like a senior citizen who refuses to learn how to use a computer. You had better learn how to use the damn thing, or go retire to a cabin in the woods (aka revert to making games only, and drop out of the hardware game). I mean, think about that: imagine playing a Mario 64-type of game on a console with the power of something like PS4. Think of all they could do; just the thought of, say, a Mario 64 sequel at 1080p / 60 frames per second, Nintendo’s signature art style and genius level design, iconic music and sound in crispy, high-fidelity audio, etc. I’d choose that over “Oh look, another 2d Mario game similar to one we just made a few years ago, and you can tap on a controller screen to make a block!”

    1. It is important…it just won’t happen. The Wii U isn’t considered next gen because it lacks processing power and quad cores. It’s harder for it to do 1080P and 60FPS…not that the others can do this either. Call of Duty is a Must though. Let me explain…next time.

      1. Assassin’s Creed Rogue should be able to run on WiiU due.

        The problem is that the WiiU has a X86 architecture, just like PS4 & Xbox One but isn’t powerful enough for a easy(cheap) port.

        And the Architecture is to different of that of a PS3/X360 for a easy(cheap) port

        So yeah Nintendo was very smart when making the console.
        They need to hope their games sell well which would make a PS3/X360 to WiiU port worth it.
        But when PS3/X360 supports stops they are done to.

          1. Wildly inaccurate post, but even if that were true (and it’s not): the Wii U still has to carve out a significant amount of power for the ridiculous GamePad, which brings the overall power of the Wii U down even further below PS4 and XB1, and thereby stifling third parties significantly.

            No third party dev studios want to make games that are almost as limiting as last-gen (aka 8 year old console) games. They’re done with that; they spent 8 years with that level of power/capability. They’re onto bigger and better things now, and Nintendo doesn’t get that.

        1. Actually PS3 ports are super fucking cheap. Less than 1 million $

          And the WIi U is not X86 its power pc which is more efficient. Architecture doesnt matter since everyone works in middleware

        2. Actually no, Wii U uses Power PC RISC architecture. Which is far more efficient than X86.

          They have the same GPGPU/CPU set up as the PS4 basically with different memory bandwith and multi threading to take advantage of the hardware. But same basic concept and same filtrate.

          The problem is the Wii U’s GPU is 50% weaker than the PS4. and the Wii U is also 50 % stronger than the 360

        3. No, they were NOT very smart when making their console.

          Smart would have been asking what third party developers wanted, researching their current and future projects’ needs and assets, looking at what Sony and Microsoft are doing (which Nintendo, by their own admission, says they DO NOT do at all) and what third party developers like and hate about each (and obviously incorporate the good, improve the bad), etc.

          They did virtually NONE of this. And when Wii U arrived, hardly any third parties came on board, because all of their current and/or future projects required a bigger platform, more power, better online infastructure/presence, etc. Nintendo has a nasty habit of building a console for themselves first, and just hoping for third party developers to “get it”; to “get” THEIR vision. To conform to THEIR thinking. And therein lies the problem.

          Third party devs have their own visions, and while Nintendo fans may or may not agree with some of them, the fact is that many of them are widely successful. Nintendo continues to cut themselves out of being a part of that, and it’s their own fault.

      2. That isnt true at all. Dev’s could do it, they’re just not going to since the return on investment is not too big

      3. Eben though it has 1080p 60fps games on it already while xbone struggles with it. And yes I own all three. And so far my favorite is the xbone

      4. And you honestly think X1 or PS4 can pull it off easily and better? PS4 can’t even crack 900p at best without sacrificing aspects of a PC port and we all know Xbox One is an even shittier “next gen” cable box that can’t pass 800p without blowing itself up or not having the same lazy static audience from a 90s arcade in a racing game like Forza 5.

        Wii U is capable, just not exactly like a PC which it shouldn’t be. Trust me, if Wii U is exactly like it is specs wise and have x86 like PS4/One instead of the more efficient PowerPC, it wouldn’t make any difference. 3rd parties still despise Nintendo over some bad decision calls they made befire and are trying to remediate most of it now with Wii U and they still flipped the bird. So fuck them all. They wanna keep rehashing garbage for quick cash, that’s their BS business and business death wish if they want. I no longer want their lackluster trash on my console.

        And as for Nintendo, they have faults which as a fan, I will not ignore or ever damage control like the other idiots do on the other platforms but one thing is clear to me: Nintendo wouldn’t forsaken their fans for the sake of greed, not by a long shot.

        1. LOL. Nintendo has forsaken their true fans for cash back with the Wii already, where have you been ? Everyone knows the amount of shovelware compared quality titles was unreal. Even with the WiiU, they’ve made so many disappointing moves. Or did you already forget how they first introduced the WiiU as a console that’s going to cater to core gamers and not casual gamers like the Wii did, and how the very next thinh they did was wasting an entire E3 conference on showcasing Nintendoland, the casualest casual game you can even imagine ? Oh, and let’s not forget New Super Mario Bros. U, the BIG Mario title that was absolutely not supposed to be a quick cash grab !
          Nintendo has long forsaken their true fans and supporters, sorry.
          And I won’t even bother going into the “The PS4 and Xbox One can’t even handle 1080p !!!!!” garbage you’ve pulled out. So ridiculous, it’s funny already.

      5. It’s not all about having powerful hardware though. It’s just as important in what the console does per each clock cycle.

        It’s fact that a single core of a Wii U can do twice the amount of work as 2 cores of Jaguar. Think I’m lying? Look it up.

    2. Okay…this guy lost all credability for me. At the end, he tries to talk tough by mentioning Batman and Assassin’s Creed on the Wii U. Why even bother to mention them when the sequels aren’t for the Wii U. I don’t like when people try to disguise the facts like that. Just admit that the Wii U has reached its limit with third parties at this point and they should just ask EA or Capcom for support. Bluffing is really not what Nintendo needs.

      Better yet…make some deals. Allow EA to use Nintendo costumes in their sports games in exchange for their games to come to the Wii U. Or maybe a partnership with Microsoft where they get to make a game for each company. Microsoft can make a Call of Duty game with Mario in it and Nintendo can add Master Chief to the new Legend of Zelda or to Smash Bros. Nintendo needs some partnerships and fast. If not…at least bust onto the film/tv scene.

      1. Nintendo is already exploring these options. All the 3rd party devs want is sales. Once the Wii U reaches “acceptable” numbers the 3rd party devs will come back. It has nothing to do with power or AC, Arkham Origins, and Ghosts wouldn’t have made it on the system in the first place. Every game that can run on PS3 and 360 can easily run on the U. There are some exceptions like Arkham Knight.

        Like I said, Nintendo is already exploring the idea of licensing out their IPs. Hyrule Warriors is a great example. Iwata voiced at a investor meeting that they are going to start getting creative with their characters and another example of this is Amiibo.

        However, a partnership with Microsoft is like dealing with the devil. Many devs have died because of the way MS operates. Oddworld Inhabitants is an example of this. They were forced by MS to partner with EA and it broke the little dev studio. Plus the whole reason Rayman Legends was delayed on Wii U is because MS wanted a simultaneous multi-plat launch.

        Everyone just needs to be patient while Nintendo gets back up on their feet. 2015 is going to be a huge year for Nintendo and if the Wii U is still struggling January 2016, then you can start complaining.

        1. And that’s where we that own the Wii U got screwed. Microsoft & Sony got the better of that deal as they got Rayman Legends 2 months before the Wii U even though the Wii U version was practically finished. Of course, it backfired on Sony, Microsoft, AND Ubisoft as it sold the best on the Wii U. Ever since then, Ubisoft has been getting the worst end of the deal they made with Microsoft as they damaged whatever trust they had with a number of Nintendo fans. Of course, Ubisoft isn’t helping themselves out, either, by still giving Nintendo the short end of the stick.

      2. Call of Duty with Mario in it, and Master Cheif in Zelda or Smash Bros.? I don’t think you realize how stupid of an idea that is.

          1. Only sometimes. I would rather have Nintendo be true to itself and actually care about their fans (which they are doing) than to only care about money like Microsoft.

      3. Putting first- party characters from Nintendo, into X-Box games?
        You, sir, are a bon-a-fide imbecile.
        Nintendo’s been surviving without using third parties as their backbone for over three generations now.
        They can do it again, and they’ll supplement the missing ports using exclusives instead.

        Making a deal that gives away a first party character while it’s still got a home console to support, would literally ruin the company’s credibility to an unimaginably horrible degree, and should never be allowed.

        There’s no bluffing going on, here; Nintendo doesn’t need every single multiplatform title in order to thrive this generation so long as they get high-quality exclusives to make up the lack, no matter how important this Canadian representative believes it to be.

        1. I disagree too…

          Nintendo it’s not that big to keep releasing 1st party games every month or 2, it needs 3rd party support, especially when this generation of gamers want CoD, Battlefield, Tomb Raider, FF, DA, etc.

      4. i dont like that idea, i get separate consoles because i like each uniqueness. Wii u hasn’t peaked yet luckily they can upgrade it and yes it will never be as strong as xbox one and ps4 but the gpu on system must be great or gpgpu whatever and nintendo make their games great. I believe they can reach 1080p 60fps, they are getting as close as most systems. Still i need my ps4 to play games online since the internet is superior.

      5. “Allow EA to use Nintendo costumes in their sports games in exchange for their games to come to the Wii U.”
        they already did that in the Gamecube era… and didn’t worked well… also EA wants more control in this relationship, that’s why the WiiU is not getting EA games.
        “Or maybe a partnership with Microsoft where they get to make a game for each company. Microsoft can make a Call of Duty game with Mario in it and Nintendo can add Master Chief to the new Legend of Zelda or to Smash Bros.”
        in other words you want Nintendo to go 3rd party?

        1. I definitely wouldn’t mind Nintendo turning to third party world. I’d get to play as Mario on my PS3! The closest thing so far is Soul Calibur

      6. That last paragraph just screams “please kick my biased ass” because you talk of Nintendo losing support and shit but expect them to sink so low to sell themselves out to EA and Microsoft having their games on their BS DRM written consoles because fandorks like you are so chickenshit to even come close in contact with Nintendo consoles without the fear of being ridiculed by your dumbass friends pretending to be mature by buying a cheap ass black box that can’t even work without breaking down within its first 4 months.

        Get with the fucking program. Nintendo is not gonna sink to their level just to please you confused and biased dumbasses of your gore and shooting fetishes.

      7. The partnership idea is a good idea. The people you want Nintendo to partner with, though, is a bad idea. The EA of today CAN NOT be trusted. Nor should they be given any favors til they can do the same for Nintendo.

    3. but its true the wiiu has no 3rd party support anymore after watch dogs ubisoft is done and that was the wiiu’s biggest supporter. UbiSoft even stated they won’t develop for the console until it has a larger install base so its not a surprise that assassin’s creed is not coming. The only reason watch dogs is coming is because they already started development and it would be a waste of money not to finish it and get some profit out of it if any .

      1. Problem is, Ubisoft’s criticism over Wii U has been a lie, an illusion of their making. Wii U did 3+ million in its first 2 months and Ubisoft decided to delay Rayman when it was doing fine and the demand for the game was great. That was their first dumbass mistake. Dumbass mistake #2: Gimping only the Wii U version of Blacklist while saying they didn’t have enough time. Oh but they can include everything in 360/PS3 which both have different coding architectures before x86 so their excuse was BS. Dumbass mistake #3: Not giving Wii U owners DLC for AC4 which by then became another COD/EA Sports spammer. Dumbass mistake #4: Delaying Watchdogs without any clear explanation besides “Shifting focus on other platforms to polish the game” when after they said that, the game still looks and plays like shit compare to its 2012 reveal so what exactly did they polish? Jack shit because PC version is crippled and other versions were nothing but a balant white lie of its next gen experience that were promised 2 years ago. Not to mention that the delay theory is stupid. Its can’t be MK8 because the game had a 3 day window to capitalize sales on Wii U which if it came on time, the game would’ve sold very well on Wii U and MK8 would look at some competition. Second theory is their same old “Wii U needs bigger install base” excuse when Wii U already did 6.4 million at its time, 1.5 million ahead of Xbox One and they still wanna BS about Wii U doing poorly when its clearly still in 2nd place?! Also, there was another studio that was working on the Wii U port so why Ubisoft stop another studio from doing their porting job while they had enough people to work on Xbox/PS versions to begin with?

        I’ll tell you exactly why: 3rd parties are a bunch of lying, greedy assholes and they know Nintendo fans are too smart to fall for their shit which is why sales sucks because of their piss poor porting, deliberate absence of equal support, spamming games without any real fresh ideas and greed.

    4. That’s great! Except they’re steadily losing 3rd party support. Assassin’s Creed skipping the Wii U is quite the alarm. They only have Bayonetta, Sonic and Devil’s Third because they basically saved those franchises. But I bet y’all the devs are lamenting every day not being able to release those games to PlayStation and Xbox.

        1. Oh yup. I have a feeling the devs won’t break too even though. Maybe Bayonetta will move some consoles but I dunno.

      1. AC skipping Wii U shouldn’t be a major suprise here:
        1. Before E3, UBISOFT said they had nothing to announce for Nintendo consoles.
        2. Watch_Dogs Wii delay
        3. Hidden Wii u game
        4. Ubisoft basically saying they will support Nintendo once sales pick up.

        Expect the next AC game to be released next year on Wii U (I expect a fiscal profit from Nintendo this ear.)

    5. What? This guy said “ass” in the last story and said third party games are important in this one? Goodbye Matt Ryan, we hardly knew ye…

      1. Yeah true. I am a Nintendo fan since I grew up with it and the Wii U can be disappointing. I play my 3ds way more than my Wii U. My Wii U is more of a friend thing because that’s what I really enjoy from it. Not much stuff with good alone time and online . And it sucks for me because only one of my friends own a Wii U but he’s addicted to League of Legends and friends don’t come over by my house that often. Hopefully Hyrule Warriors and Smash is coming soon and that will deal with alone time and online.

    6. what he meant to say is it is important to get non gimped/feature missing/well done ports of these games. Sadly, not a single one exists. Can’t miss something you never had

      1. How about Hyrule Warriors I recall co-op online being announced and now its stated to not have it and will have some online functionality which will probably be some mii verse bull shit….

        1. Nope. They never confirmed it. A representative from e3 Said it and she probably said it by not knowing or misinterpreted.

      2. Not true. I’ve played Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 both on Wii U and 360, and I had a much better experience with them on Wii U, not to mention the multiplayer modes on those games were completely locked off from me on 360 unless I wanted to pay extra…

    7. You have to be a fool if you expect to play 3rd party on the Wii U. I own one, and I love it, but I know it’s destined to be a “Nintendo games video-game”. And, in the end of the day, if that is what it turns out to be, I’m cool. ;)

      1. But it won’t be cool if it turns it to one of the worst mistakes Nintendo made which most of it was because of their dumb ass marketing….. and targeting to kids when most kids these days play with dumb ass I-Pads some people still think the wiiu is a fucking attachment for the wii an im dead serious I have come across those people. Should of listen to the fans an get a time machine because some reason they still live in the 1990’s its 2014 time doesn’t go back. Don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo, but some of this shit needs to be fixed.

            1. why are u following me get on the topic on hand an stop worrying about other things im not here to get judged on how I talk.

    8. This is bullshit. How can you say that after all of the bad news today? Because I’m a “true video game fan” I now have to buy another system. Thanks Nintendo.

    9. Apparently Nintendo Canada didn’t get the memo from the homeland. Talk is meaningless – action is what matters, and Nintendo has faltered in that regard with getting more 3rd party developers on board.

    10. Yep. It’s very important. I’d love for my Wii U to get every third party game ever made and not have to buy any other console. But unfortunately, it’s gotten too late for that. I’m gonna have to save up for a backup system for all my 3rd party needs while playing Nintendo games on my Wii U. It’s such a shame that developers have to be such assholes to Nintendo and give fans such a hard time. Wii U could’ve been the perfect all in one Nintendo system this gen, but maybe we might have to see next gen. I think that if this keeps up, they’re going to cost Nintendo a lot of money. Nintendo can’t keep supporting the console themselves. They aren’t making enough back for it to be worthwhile. At this point, it’s up to 3DS owners to save the Wii U.

      1. Why are the 3rd party developers assholes when they have to take extra resources and time to develop for a different control scheme and console and aren’t assured that they’ll even make a profit?

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Why do developers have to developer for last gen consoles as well which are vastly different compared to the current gen counterparts? How about you try to look at the bigger picture than just focusing in one single aspect.

          1. Well said.
            To add to that, these same third parties, which COULD be making exclusive content for Wii U multiplats that would cater to the audience on the system and entice them to buy the multiplats, are instead making exclusive content ONLY for the other two systems.
            It makes them sell even better whenever that happens, yet they’re too stupid to see that it would make Wii U multiplats sell far better, as well.

            1. They could do that, but with the number of systems sold and taking into account not just 3rd party sales on the Wii U but previous Nintendo consoles, why would the put that much risk into it when they have much more to lose than by releasing it on another console?

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                That doesn’t stop Ubisoft putti exclusive content for Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs on Playstation. So your point is mute.

                  1. *moot

                    (Sorry to be a stickler w/ spelling, but I keep seeing ‘moot’ spelled like ‘mute’, yet both words have different meanings & pronunciations.)

          2. Because the install base is huge, they’ve had success in the past selling previous iterations of the game property on those consoles, and they’re more certain to get an actual return on the product?

        2. And that hasn’t stop them before and in which case, they’re still doing it for 360/PS3 so what’s their excuse again for Wii U if its truly the same shit as PS3/360 that they’re still supporting an already dying console and ignoring a new and more powerful console?

          These fuckers are full of double standards and makes me wanna bitchslap all of them silly over thinking that we’re too stupid to overlook that.

    11. Very true. But this means third parties need to start treating Nintendo equally instead of constantly turning their backs on Nintendo. Also Nintendo needs to try hard to bring third parties on board (do things like make consoles easy to develop for).

      1. They need to get third parties to do more collaborative works on Nintendo’s systems.
        That’s all.
        At this point, multiplats are a bad investment for Nintendo, because they’re always lacking in content compared to versions on other systems.

      2. The Wii U, as a console, is easy to develop for (being an evolution of Wii, which was an evolution of GameCube). Alas, Sony & MS designed there platforms more like PCs instead, cutting out many of the characteristics that define a console in favor of direct-from-PC porting. The GameCube was designed w/ easy development in mind, yet, even though the PS2 was comparatively harder to develop for than the N64, it garnered way more 3rd party support. The main issues surrounding the Wii U are misconceptions, hardware sales, Gamepad development, overemphasis on hardcore audiovisuals, & ignoring the Nintendo demographic (or the entire 6th gen developmental approach & back).

      3. The Wii U, as a console, is easy to develop for (being an evolution of Wii, which was an evolution of GameCube). Alas, Sony & MS designed there platforms more like PCs instead, cutting out many of the characteristics that define a console in favor of direct-from-PC porting. That’ll certainly make development easier, but those ports are then devoid of uniqueness & undermine consoles save for affordability. The GameCube was designed w/ easy development in mind, yet, even though the PS2 was comparatively harder to develop for than the N64, it garnered way more 3rd party support. & even then, middleware was used on all those consoles.

        The main issues surrounding the Wii U are misconceptions re hardware, hardware sales, Gamepad development (optional or not, it’s a defining feature), the industries over-emphasis on hardcore audiovisuals, Japanese devs ain’t what they used to be, & ignoring the Nintendo demographic (or the entire 6th gen developmental approach & back, which could also fall under the waning Japanese devs & sensibilities).

    12. I really wish Nintendo could get Ubisoft to bring the Assassin’s Creed games to the Wii U. Aside from the super boring real-time sequences, I really enjoyed A.C. III and IV.

      1. Are you referring to the modern day sections? Where you play shortly as Desmond for awhile? Alot of new AC fans seem to complain about that… I’m guessing because it breaks the flow of the game and people find the world in the Animus to be much more interesting. :P

        1. Yes, those are the parts I’m talking about. It’s like being forced to play a super boring game in between an exciting game. Those parts nearly caused me to stop playing a few times. Especially in A.C. III. The Animus parts are where all the fun is at.

    13. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      at lease he said wii u needs call of duty. #wiiuneedsmoreCODplayers

      1. At least he also said we need better supporters. Better as in not the fake dumbass bias like you wanna to speak about loving something over something but also wanna claim BS excuse for hating that something. STFU and bring your fake black gorilla ass back to retard’s land where yoy dug yourself out from.

      1. Smarter than you, yes. Smarter than their fans, not a chance. Thats why they’re just starting to cater more fan service than before.

    14. God don’t do it Nintendo cod sucks it was cool now its all future garbage it went from call of duty to halo there’s better third party games than this garbage

      1. COD was never good, and if anything the future stuff is actually improving it. COD was okay at MW2, but it still didn’t impress me. COD may suck, but it’s a money maker. Do you really think Nintendo does EVERYTHING just for the fans? There’s obviously money involved.

    15. Lol I bet when they release third party games people won’t buy them then when next year comes I will see people saying stuff like Nintendo where’s the third party games god you suck Nintendo its a baby console for baby’s wheres the hardcore games at fuck this guys I am done with Nintendo little kid shit fuck you nintendo

      1. What about Bayonetta 2, Devil’s Third, and Hyrule Warriors? Or are you going to tell me those are baby games too. The third party games aren’t gone because of Nintendo, it’s because YOU aren’t even buying them.

    16. What would help is making more crossovers like SMT X FE and this Hyrule Warriors thing.
      Not to mention having trophies and assist trophies in Smash be from third party games.
      Also, including demos from upcoming 3rd party titles in their 1st party games would help Nintendo-only gamers to explore something new.
      Finally, be all experimental and revolutionary with your Games… Not your Console, so as not to alienate already stupi- uh, salty developers.

      Amy chance they heard me?

    17. WHAT IS THE POINT IN SAYING THIS!? What’s the point in saying “these games are important” if we’re not getting them anyway! Granted I’m not getting either one of these games but that’s just me. There are people out there who own Wii U’s that want to play these games. Once a franchise lands on a console, they need to stick to that console. It’s unfair for those who don’t own the other games.


    18. COD may come because its obvious it won’t miss out on Nintendo consoles but fuck backstabbing Ubisoft and their garbage.

    19. Most of the people blame it on Nintendo, who is guilty without a doubt, but the sw houses are guilty too.
      They made ports but they haven’t spent one cent in optimization of the product.
      That is why you get games that have eternal loading times and obscene frame rates. Same thing happens on PC (case and point Dark Souls 1).
      First party and second party however take their sweet time in optimizing the code, and that’s why many of the Nintendo produced titles have little to no loading time.
      That is a plus for me as a buyer. I’d rather get a well optimized game that runs smoothly without a hiccup with lower resolution graphics than a 1080p game that can barely run at 30fps and has loading times that give me the chance to read the lord of the rings back to back while it loads.
      But sw houses are not interested in that, and this is a shame imho.

    20. If Nintendo truly care they would pay game developers for this which is not going to happen, because they are to conservative on their money…

      1. Which is a good thing. What if they did pay these guys but they still gave us shitty games & took off at the first sign of trouble? There goes the money that Nintendo threw at them along with them.

    21. Wii U Best Graphics & Performance Depend on Custom Coding
      July 10, 2014 at 4:59pm
      So the Wii U specs themselves are nothing to write home about when you compare them to the PS4 and Xbox One right? Well what is so interesting about that, is the Wii U is still a Next Gen Console in terms of graphics in it’s own architectural make up. The only similar aspects the Wii U has in common with the PS4 and Xbox One are it’s GPU feature set. The tech specs suggest at DirectX 10.1 chip but the extra custom features inside the GPU that are not listed in the dev kit, give it all the visual effects found in DirectX 11 GPU’s of today.

      A reminder:The Wii U GPU is highly efficient and not based on “Power Hungry x86” like PS4 and Xbox One:

      Keep in mind that the Wii U MCM (Multi Chip Module) is designed like a Frankenstein, meaning that the GPU, CPU and EDRAM are put on the same module (not a hybrid APU mind you but all separate parts working on the same module) and data rate is extremely fast between all units when developed correctly, making for a very low power consuming console using less raw power, but able to show visual results similar to higher end systems by eliminating the overhead, kinda like the Gamecube but in a larger way.

      Then you combine this with Nintendo going with PPC architecture vs x86 PC architecture and the pieces start to fall together if you do some research.

      Does x86 have the capability to be power efficient? Yes. The designs are improving and are much better than they used to be versus Power PC.

      Are the PS4 and Xbox One doing that though? Not quite. They consume a lot more power in watts than the Wii U does by a mile, and they need to this because they support components that are built with PC architecture in mind; and any PC Gamer knows you need a lot of raw power to get the best results and the higher spec GPU you buy, the better CPU you need to even out the efficiency, or your PC will have performance problems like stuttering and slight skipping when loading a streaming area in a large level in a game. It’s a never ending cycle for PC gaming, but it’s kinda fun being able to upgrade without buying a whole new system.

      This is where the Wii U has a surprising advantage, what what you say? Well basically the Wii U has potential completely untapped due to it’s design and the PS4 and Xbox One have extremely limited potential due to their own designs. How? Those systems will not benefit as much as the Wii U from having the games built from the ground up on them because they will never be able to reach the pinnicle of PC graphics due to each of them having low to mid range modern PC x86 specs.

      The Wii U has suffered from poor sales leading to last generation un-optimized code porting from old systems, however some developers like Shin’en, Monolith, Platinum and Nintendo themselves with the new Zelda have shown that with far less power consumption than the Xbox 360 for example, they can produce results that look significantly better than that system:

      Do you really think the Wii U could produce graphics like these at a max 40 watts power consumption without some highly custom/modified/tested hardware? You simply can’t compare the Wii U to a PS4 or Xbox One in those terms, they are completely different in just about every way except for the GPU features which all 3 can produce similar effects.

      Developers also have a lot they can work with in terms of texture compression and optimizing on the Wii U which some have already said is off the charts. What the PS4 and Xbox One have the advantage in is giving developers everything right at the beginning, they have all the power (right now) to make games look great with not too much effort, whereas with the Wii U, they need to write new code, texture compress, optimize and basically do more work to get the same results and granted with the low sales of the console, it’s not gonna happen and devs would rather just not make the game on the Wii U due to this.

      I guess it’s a good and bad thing, good in the way that Nintendo made the Wii U so efficient and solid with the low power consumption and cheaper costs associated with it, but bad in that for developers to get the most out of making games for the console, they need to write code directly to the hardware and not try to port down or port in general other code designed for other systems in mind for it.

      The Wii U does not have “high specs” but it’s not underpowered either, it’s made to play games designed for the console itself. Wii U = Nintendo’s Gamecube mentality in console development.

      1. What makes the Wii U GPU and CPU combination unique from the PS4 or Xbox One, is the architecture. The whole fact that the Wii U architecture is designed around PPC and not x86 gives the system the ability to produce amazing results in a small package. This is a smart design choice for a console, since x86 design relies to a much greater degree on raw power and less efficiency to get better results. The Wii U has modern graphical features and shaders on par with DirectX 11, in combination with the Out-of-Order PPC CPU gives the system a very efficient way to produce Next-Gen modern effects in it’s games with a fraction of the overall power that is needed in the other new consoles.

    22. Well no duh but hey Matt Ryan: Is Call of Duty :Advanced Warfighter coming to Wii U? Not confirmed yet. Is Assassin’s Creed Unity/Rogue coming to Wii U? No. Is Batman Arkham Knight coming to Wii U? Nope. So what your saying Matt Ryan is that Nintendo is failing to do their job.

    23. The title says one thing but the article itself says another. The guy is pretty much saying they want the main games of these series, not their stupid spin-off titles.

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