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Nintendo Says Captain Toad Won’t Just Be A Fleshed Out Mini-Game

Nintendo of Canada spokesperson Matt Ryan has reassured Nintendo fans that the upcoming Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker won’t just be a fleshed out mini game of the one found in Super Mario 3D World. Ryan says there’s still a lot more of the game that Nintendo has yet to show off. The game is coming this fall to the United States, but has been delayed until early 2015 in Europe.

“Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be a full standalone retail game. It won’t just be a fleshed out mini-game. We’ve actually only shown a little bit of the game so far. There’s a lot more we haven’t shown yet. The game is very “Nintendo”. It brings Toad into the foreground as the star of his own game, because until now he’s just been given side character roles. And because he’s the focus, the gameplay revolves around his personality and play-style, similarly. You’ve got to deal with the “Toad” physics – he’s slower, he doesn’t jump, he’s weighed down by the backpack, he’s smaller. And because of that, there’s this whole puzzle environment which is different than how Mario would deal with obstacles. You’ll have to solve puzzles and learn to avoid obstacles. It’s a much more evolved version of the mini-game levels you played in the past. So, it’s hard to compare it to a Mario Galaxy or 3D World, because the gameplay is very different. This is more of a puzzle-platformer. But in terms of content, this is definitely a fully fleshed out retail game.”

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62 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Captain Toad Won’t Just Be A Fleshed Out Mini-Game”

      1. Obviously it’s going to play the same as 3D land considering it is a sequel. What are you getting at here?

        1. Ah yes it looked like I was complaining about 3d world sry…It was just an example of nintendo redoing something that worked before such as a mini game or a 3ds game. Really was not a point at all I was just connecting things and thinking out loud. But I think my problem aside from the 3d world games if it can be called a problem that is that is that the toad game is still a fleshed out mini game (really fleshed out id assume) and I could see this comeing as soon as I played it in 3d world. I hope they add alot to it…make the levels really really big. AHH YES my other problem is that I hate toad :3

      2. You’re obviously an idiot. 3D World being a direct 3D Land repeat? Moron, its a direct sequel with 5 playable characters, live musical score, multiple control options, exclusive Gamepad centered levels, HD visuals, Peach isnt kidnapped, Miiverse and Vs. Ghost data.

        Again, you’re a fleshed out idiot.

    1. To be fair…it basically Is a fleshed out mini game, but there’s nothing wrong with that. One could argue that Madden is a fleshed out Football mini game, but it’s still off the walls epic

      1. Madden #75th game in 25 years = Off the wall epic? Your comment alone is off the wall of logic. Madden has been the same dull ass recycling bin for years with nothing changed but its player rosters which all of them play exactly the same.

        1. Yeah, it’s the same thing, but the first 74 games were also epic. Some games don’t need to change because they were born epic. It’s just how they roll….seriously, not all games need change. I still get a kick out of playing Madden 2004

    1. So those same idiots rather blindly pay $160 a year for every COD ever spammed but scared shitless to even drop 65 percent of what they actually waste on a single recycled video game for a quality defined game that has no BS strings attached and has enough real new additions to make it different than the last? Man people truly are this stupid.

      1. Yeah most likely. But $40-45 would clean up around Black Friday. Every family who bought a Wii U would also buy MK8 and this. Smh fingers crossed that Nintendo sees the opportunity here.

  1. I’m sorry, but anyone that thought this was gonna just be a fleshed out mini-game, you are a dumbass. This serves you right for assuming Captain Toad couldn’t be great on his own. He definitely deserves this since being introduced in the Toad Brigade in 2007. All you Toad haters STFU. He’s awesome, and adorable and this game will rule. Can’t wait for it. :)

    1. Its his own standalone game that happens to be a puzzle platformer and I do enjoy both genres because they can provide a real challenge, something that most game designers (3rd parties) don’t anymore because of whiny chickenshit brats who can’t use their brains collectively to save their own ass anymore.

      I’ll be buying this if the game seems different and challenging enough. :)

  2. I glad Toad is finally in the spotlight. He’s been a side kick for how many years? I just hope he gets the attention he deserves, :)

  3. Since I never played Super Mario 3D World, I’ve never heard of Captain Toad. This is one of the few E3 games that I’m interested in. Always loved the Toads.

    1. Captain Toad is from Super Mario Galaxy. He was introduced with his team of other Toads with his team named “Toad Brigade”. He’s been here since 2007. Lol.

      1. Hmm……I thought Captain Toad seemed familiar somehow. But some people kept talking like he only appeared in 3D World. So that confused me.

    1. STFU. If you can’t afford the gumball stuck between your ass or a $8 used 360 game without an actual console to run it, you can’t afford this game even if it were priced at 0.30 cents you poor, dumbass fool.

    1. I like Toad. :) He’s up there with the rest of the cast. Only Daisy and Wailuigi I hate, especially Wailuigi who is the most wasteful and pointless character in video games.

        1. She’s another one shot main game character in the Mario games, like Waluigi. If not for her appearances in side Mario games, people wouldn’t even be talking about her. In fact, I hate Daisy’s fucking voice A LOT more than Peach’s.

          1. I don’t care about how mainy main Mario games she has been in, all I know is that I like her as a character. I’m not going to argue, but I strongly disagree with your opinion.

  4. Why are so many of you saying you wont pay full retail price for this game when nintendo just said above it’s going to be more than a fleshed out mini-game? Nintendo does not sell thier games for 20 dollars, they are at least 50, sometimes 60. Pay that or your not getting the game.

    1. Not sure if you were looking for opinions or not Deepsouth, but there’s no way I am getting this game in the first place. It just isn’t the kind of game that I would have fun playing. I enjoy a good puzzle platformer every once in a while- Fez and Portal are both amazing, but I payed less than 20$ for each game. 60$ for more 3D World [single player] stages does not really appeal to me.

      1. You sre welcome to skip this if you’re being such a cheapskate over pricing. Wait it out to see if it brings anything good to the table as well as its real price. $40 may sound too generous so $50 with future DLC will be fair enough.

  5. I can’t wait til they show a new trailer as the game is nearing completion. This game is getting the same “This game doesn’t look very interesting.” crap that Hyrule Warriors got when it was first revealed with a teaser trailer. A bunch of words doesn’t mean shit to some people til they see a longer trailer that shows off more of the game.

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