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New Pokemon Game Trailer Features New Mega Pokemon And Cosplay Pikachu

The Pokémon Company International today released a new game trailer for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, launching November 21, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. The trailer reveals new incredibly powerful Mega-Evolved Pokémon like Mega Salamence, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Altaria. Fans can also get a first look at the five different Cosplay Pikachu in battle.

It was also announced that beginning November 21, players who purchase Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire can receive an incredibly rare Shiny Beldum holding a Mega Stone via an in-game Internet character distribution. When evolved into Shiny Metagross, players can use the Mega Stone to Mega Evolve into Shiny Mega Metagross.


46 thoughts on “New Pokemon Game Trailer Features New Mega Pokemon And Cosplay Pikachu”

  1. pokemon omega ruby legends are oh ho luigi entei mewtwo zapdos dalgia palkia and garantina and mew siecune zekrom kyrum and calbion virision and terricion

    1. you want difficulty, do a nuzlocke run. pokemon games arent aimed at masochistic gamers you know… It’s the same as mario 3d world, people complained the golden tanooki suit made things too easy when all they have to do is to stop picking it up. It’s as if people were looking for stuff to complain about before even taking the time to think about it.

  2. I wish pokemon had a better story. The unending amounts of grinding jus doesn’t keep my interest as much as it used to

    1. Word. My favorite wool always be red blue but sorry always stays the same. I’m just glad that now you pokemon level up way faster than the game boy era lol

    2. those games are so easy, I don’t understand how you can feel the need to grind, unless you’re doing a nuzlocke run which makes these game freaking hard to beat.

  3. A a wild gaychu has appeared. What will I do? Throw Dildo’eballs in its mouth or make magikarp splash it’s harm less jeez in it’s face. Pokemon gay version is coming soon💃

  4. The one thing that bothers me about this is that I actually found a shiny Metang in Black 2 and now it’s going to become effortless to obtain one, hahah.

  5. I like the first cosplay outfit Pikachu had on. The others weren’t that great. I’ll save leveling up my Pikachu on Pokemon Y/X for when I get Omega Ruby. Mega Salamence didn’t look that good from the magazine pictures from an earlier article, but after seeing it in action in a trailer, I can’t wait to use it!

    As for the Shiny Beldum, damn it! Now I have to trade the Metagross I have now for a Beldum, so I can use the shiny Beldum for evolving into Metagross & into Mega Metagross. Oh well. Least this will make getting a regular Beldum easy on GTS, as I can trade the high level Metagross I have for a Beldum in the levels 1-10 range.

  6. Is it just me, or is Pikachu wearing out its welcome, even with these “themed” costumes? What, no other Pokemon can look good as a Professor or a Wrestler? Or is Pikachu the biggest thing in Japan since Hatsune Miku?

    1. Bitch please! lol (Don’t take that personal as I’m just using a popular phrase.) It’s the other way around. Pikachu was the biggest thing in Japan before Miku was even conceived in her creator’s head. Where the hell have you been?

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