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Here’s A Closer Look At Some Of The Enemies In Bayonetta 2

Yusuke Hashimoto, the director behind Bayonetta 2, has posted some concept art of a few of the enemies that you’ll inevitably face when the action packed game launches in October. Hashimoto says that they were initially going to include some of these in the original Bayonetta, but weren’t able to squeeze them in. Here’s some of the enemies and there’s a few more on Platinum’s official blog.

Headless Angel


Magic Angel


Centaur Angel


17 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At Some Of The Enemies In Bayonetta 2”

    1. Well I have never tried this game so it’s really good that the game will contain additional disk of the first game so I can try it

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  2. The enhanced Bayonetta HD and Bayonetta 2 are most definitely the best of Both Worlds. I’m glad that Nintendo have made an epic decision of launching the Bayonetta 2 collection during the Halloween season.

    Welcome to the Season of the Umbra Witch!

  3. Devil May Cry vibe for me. And I’ve played the first 4. Number 3 was the most challenging one for me. But the enemies seem more similar to the ones in number 4, the Angelo class of enemies. I know my stuff! Hugs!

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