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HMV In London Says Smash Bros Wii U Will Be Coming November 28th


A reader of My Nintendo News has snapped a pre-order box shot of Super Smash Bros Wii U in one of the HMV stores in London. The accompanying label claims that Super Smash Bros for the Wii U will be arriving in stores on November 28th. Of course, this could simply be a placeholder, but as Nintendo has yet to officially confirm anything other than winter, this is one of the closest things we’ve got to a release date for the game.

Thanks, Lorn and Willz

346 thoughts on “HMV In London Says Smash Bros Wii U Will Be Coming November 28th”

    1. You mean that game that will never see a sequel because it sold poorly and the devs behind it got shut down?

      1. Nintendo Commander 4axis

        Why do you guys reply to these kind of people!!?? You are giving them exactly what they want…seriously if we just let them say what they want and ignore them, we are pissing them off more than anything in the whole world! They feed off being called trolls. Thats what keeps them going

      2. Muthafuck Nintendo, Muthafuck Smash Bros, Muthafuck Iwata I hope he sees a loved one die of cancer that fucking rice eating waste of life…

        Stranga bitches!

      3. To be fair to that game, it broke 2 million in sales as a new IP. I know they shut down the studio, but I don’t understand how anyone could consider that not enough sales. They probably spent way too licensing all the third party characters. What a waste. Another chance to bring the game into it’s own would’ve made for a world of good for that series. Lost potential

    2. The games fun, but its a train wreak. Lack of content outside of arcade, and online, character are unbalanced like freakin hell, Difficulty offers no challenge, most characters don’t feel like a proper sony rep and lots of othe issue. I would like to see another entry only if they improve what they screwed up on

    3. You got it reversed playstation battle royal 10x worse than smash. Stop living to yourself and get a wii u . Troll

      1. Riiiight, I’ll believe when I see it, already tried it, it basically is a smash bros clone with broken gunners and off balance gameplay. The game didn’t even make a sequel that fits the style they tried to make it be.

    4. If its better, why is it a mere copycat of the original real deal that is Smash Bros.? So then Smash Bros. is supeeior if it inspired Sony to rip off another fine work of Nintendo. Sorry troll, you lose. :3

            1. And I see no innovation in PS since PS1 and Xbox never innovated anything besides how to scam idiots to pay for free online play.

              Wii U brings Off-TV Play, first 5-players locally on a single console, integrated NFC and acting as secondary TV with Wii Remote pairing. What does PS4 brought in that’s new from PS2/3? Nothing. Xbox? Nothing.

              1. “Wii U brings Off-TV Play, first 5-players locally on a single console, integrated NFC and acting as secondary TV with Wii Remote pairing”

                …Which no one really uses/cares

                1. NFC will be accordingly used when Amiibo launches..guaranteed, people do play 5-players locally on some titles, Off-TV play is the most used and loved feature of the Gamepad and have you ever used Gamepad as a secondary TV on Black Ops 2? Now that’s innovation of the Gamepad use.

                  1. Yeah LOL, Pokémon Rumble U was such an awesome game
                    Yeah, I forgot to remove off-tv play. It’s literally the only good thing about the Wii U
                    People have been playing split-screen multiplayer for COD for years. And it’s laughable how COD, a “rehashed” series according to you, actually uses the game-pad, while the devs over at Nintendo are too lazy to implement a secondary TV for MK8

                    1. Only BO2 pulled this off for a Wii U game but that also applies for Wii mode when playing games like Metroid Prime so its not just 3rd parties using it differently. Super Mario 3D World used the Gamepad features more differently from Rayman.

                      And yes, no matter what COD game it is, the series has been unoriginal and rehashed since COD4 with the exception of WaW and BO2.

                    2. “but that also applies for Wii mode when playing games like Metroid Prime”
                      Umm, no. You can’t even use the gamepad in Wii mode. Just another low-res screen for you to look at

                      Super Mario 3D World barely uses the gamepad. You can blow into it in 2 levels. You can touch the gamepad for another 2 levels. Everything else is basically your typical Mario game. Very innovative

                    1. No off tv play and no way of affecting other players in local multiplayer via the touch screen, and no second stick or L2/3 buttons.
                      Display is also smaller.
                      So, no. Not a 3ds snapped in half.

                    2. Actually, you could’ve said DS since it came first with dual screen display so epic fail there.

                      And I should say the same thing for PSVitanic since its as much of a failure as Ouya and its now marketed a Gamepad ripoff instead of PSP’s successor. Y
                      That joke PSP Go was more of a successor than Vita.

                      1. “Actually, you could’ve said DS since it came first with dual screen display so epic fail there.”

                        Okay. Thank you for proving my point.

                        The rest you saud was a pathetic excuse of a comeback.

                          1. And you seem to have been dropped on your head multiple times because you have got to be a dumbass to not have seen my other comment correcting myself immediately after.


                          2. Speak for yourself: all of those things are far more important than a share button and a mouse pad glued to the the front of the controller of a system that only has its graphical power and pc-poser architecture as a selling point.

                            1. If that’s the only comeback you can think of, then I have to say, the PS4 already won this gen

                              Your logic is ridiculously stupid. OF COURSE the graphical power would be a selling point. Everyone who buys the PS4 will know that it’ll have the most options for third and first parties, which means better gameplay overall and obviously better graphics, which leads to BETTER GAMES. What do people want? BETTER GAMES. And when a console has the potential for devs to make the best games? PEOPLE BUY IT.

                              1. Sorry, but your point is just as idiotic; better power does NOT guarantee better games, nor even better graphical aesthetics.
                                And it CERTAINLY isn’t going to guarantee better first or third party anything.
                                Selling off of graphics will only work so long; after a point that is coming up very quickly, they won’t be able to do anything than minor improvements over long periods of time. Minor enough that they won’t be huge selling points any longer.

                                And after all the time spent relying on that, it’s stifled much of their ability to think of making games with more emphasis on gameplay than on graphics.
                                So no, it hasn’t already won jack shit.

                              2. Did you just change your username? lmao
                                Better power = Better worlds, better stories, better level design; devs aren’t restricted because of the limited power of the last gen consoles anymore. They can put 100% of what they originally wanted in the game without cutting corners.

                                But I doubt you’ll understand, given how hypocritical you are. First you’re saying selling off of graphics will only work so long. Yet in your reply to Anubis you praise the PC. It’s laughable how pathetic your arguments are when you keep flip-flopping

                              3. It’s sad how you Nintendo fanboys get so sensitive over one negative comment about them and resort to calling said people “trolls”, when you don’t even know the proper definition of the word. If that’s how you go about in real life I really feel sorry for you guys

                              1. It doesn’t have the games needed to get me to buy one yet.
                                I’m not a sheeple that’s drawn in by graphics and the so-called “promise of greatness”.
                                PS3 still gets games at this stage, and Sony likely won’t get me to go to PS4 unless they get a lot of key single-player experiences and cut their online away from the pay-wall of PS+, on top of revising the incredibly stupid way that PS Now is going to work.

                                It’s the games I care about. Not the system itself. And as of right now, the PS4 is worthless to me in that respect, especially compared to my PS3, let alone my PC.

                                1. If you already have a PC and a PS3, then I don’t see what is preventing you from getting a PS4. It is definitely going to get exclusives that you like in the future. And considering how many great and fun exclusives the PS3 got last gen, you are basically already guaranteed the PS4 will go through the exact same thing. It will get tons of exclusives. Nothing to worry about.

                            2. as of yet because its not even out yet…but you could be right this time…maybe no one will get them. but then again, this is smash bros. we’re talking about, WHO IN THE FUCK WOULD NOT WANT A TAG TEAM PARTNER CPU help you out like an assistant trophy but you can kill off? Personally, I want to punch pacman in the nose or tear off mega man’s arms.

                          3. Yeah like people have time to get a fifth player >_>

                            Off Tv play is practicably useless since the range is abysmal… why even bother with it…

                            Integrated NFC, haven’t seen an actual use for it besides Smash.

                            I find the gamepad more useful as a tv remote than than an actual controller.

                            As for the PS4, there are a number of things that separate it from the ps2 & ps3. My personal favorite is the playstation app. One amazing thing about it is that if I’m at work, school, or just gone out; I can’t still access my PSN account. Meaning that if I wanted to buy game… lets say at work, I can go on the app search any game like Destiny and buy it. And the PS4 will automatically download the game, so when I get home, it will already be installed. That is innovative.
                            I rest my case.

                            1. That sounds like a really cool feature. Except I buy physical copies of games. Lol so it’s kind of useless to me. Off-TV play is the best feature ever on the Wii U. At the time I got my Wii U, I didn’t even have a TV so that was definitely helpful! As for 5 player co-op, only like 2 games use that. Lol and the way it is used is almost only for the touch screen. Like NSMBU (assist mode) or Rayman Legends (using Murphy to help the characters by moving platforms, cutting ropes, etc) And I love the motion control. Unlike the Wii, you don’t need a stupid sensor bar and you can aim wherever you want and motion control feels even better and more responsive than Wii Remote Plus.

                              1. I do too, but i think that digital is better. It’s more convenient, and you don’t have to ever worry about damaging the disk.

                                Plus it has 500 gigs, I’m definitely going to put that to use. Weather you like it or not, digital gaming is the future.

                                1. I already have a 2TB Hard Drive for my Wii U. I was gonna download every game I get but then I looked at the seriously sexy looking Wii U boxes and the store… No way am I going digital yet! I’m holding Mario Kart 8’s glorious red case in my hand as we speak and for some reason, I just LOVE repeatedly opening and closing the case over and over again. And running my fingers over that smooth soft disc… Oh my. And the box at on the front and back of games can be really cool to look at too. Like WWHD has all those Zelda characters from the game on it and the case it’s covered in with a shiny color of gold with the Wii U’s signature blue on the outsides. It’s just too amazing right now for me to give up and switch to digital. I have 3D World and NSMBU on my hard drive which is the biggest mistake I have ever made. Their retail cases are filled with so much color and awesomeness on the cover! What was I thinking? :( *cries*

                                    1. How many times do I have to tell you guys that I have only played 2 Zelda games? If you try to talk about a character from any Zelda game not named A Link Between Worlds or Wind Waker, I am not going to understand what you are talking about. Lol and no I am not going to look it up either because I’m ultra lazy and plus, I’d rather get introduced in the game. Lol. ;P

                                    2. I urge you to play it then friend, the sisters are ghosts of the forest temple, a bitch to solve but nothing best that water temple in Ocarina of Time. they look nothing like in the video…they tried but failed. still the video was great, its a remix of the forest temple of OoT. Play legend of Zelda OoT 3d if you want better visuals and faster gameplay.

                                2. New Super Mario Bros. U? They did use 5-players for that.

                                  NFC not used? I think you missed Pokemon Rumble U which did came out first and used NFC and I think Skylanders/Disney Infinity used it too.

                                  Off-TV isn’t as useless if you use it for someone to watch TV while playing Wii U on the Gamepad and use it to save power and electric bills that way. As for the range, it uses Bluetooth which only goes up to 25-30 feet depending single strength.

                                  Another useful part of the Gamepad is the TV Remote function, it comes in handy if you lose the main TV remote or use Gamepad as a shortcut. XP

                                  I must admit, buying PS games from PSN via app anywhere is handy but what are the chances you’ll use it conventionally? That’s basically a once in a while thing. Other than that, PS4 is just a cosmetic update of the last console just like Xbox One. PS2>PS3 is a huge generation jump in terms of features and specs.

                                  Rest what case? XD. You only got one, I repeat, ONE excuse to make PS4 sound “innovative” when such feature was already done years before. XP So, I dismiss this sad debate. XD

                                    1. HEEEEeeey, for once we agree on something, pokemon…specially rumble and the newer generation pokemon…but then again, I could never get used to a an electric rat fighting my battles. I just don’t see the point in it.

                                      Why let a little shit like that fight for my battles when I can do it myself? Sure I realize their potential and dangerous powers but come on, Someone has to fight their own battles now and then instead of…


                                      I mean its one sided…same to yugioh or vanguard or whoever the fuck uses cards or mons to fight, digimon is no acception either

                                  1. Ugh. NSMBU sucks. Gameplay wise, graphics wise, story wise, and music good. It is the exact definition of rehash. All it has now is HD and online. Yipee! Fuck no. Lol. I personally found NSMB Wii to be MUCH better. Every level in that one iz fun and it’s great to play with friends! NSMBU is boring as shit in comparison and despite it being easy, there are so many god damn death traps and enemies that it isn’t even worth it to play with friends. Same exact story as NSMBW and final boss sucks ass. Miiverse Integration for the game is dumb as hell you may as well turn that shit off. And worst of all, they took some of the best power ups from NSMBW, and replaced them with the fucking SUPER ACORN. That is such bullshit. And another thing. On NSMBW when you hit a box with Yoshi in it in during multiplayer, different colored Yoshi’s come out and I always used to go after the blue one. But in NSMBU, pop… You all get the same generic fucking green Yoshi. Ooh, and ANOTHER thing. The bosses on NSMBU (the Koopas) give you ACTUAL challenge! On NSMBU they are EASY AS FUCK to beat. You can even hit them with a damn power up instead of jumping on them! All I can say is, sigh. Nintendo fucked up the series. 3D World destroys that garbage. Don’t waste your fucking time with it. *angry Nintendo fan rant over*

                                      1. At least it gives more of a challenge than the pathetic six final levels in NSMBU. Lol.

                                      2. Wow. XD Fanboy rage alert here. I know its a rehash, probably the only one from Nintendo ever since Mario Party. I’m not saying its a great or terrible game. Just way too familiar just like COD every fucking year. XP Only difference in COD is timeline. Otherwise, same old shit, different year.

                                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        That was a fail attempt trying to sound like a tough guy who wasn’t butthurt at the truth.

                                      2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        No, the correct thing that I’m trying to say which you can’t get through that Thick Sonyan Skull of your’s is “You are retarded.”

                                      3. Oh, PLEASE tell me how I can improve myself. I’m SUCH a Sonyan. Sony for lyfe!!! I luv Kaz Hirai!!! Nintendo sucks because I say so and PS4 has a HUGE load of gamezzzzzz111!!11!!!11!!!

                                        It’s not me being retarded, it’s you not accepting my opinion. Sad isn’t it?

                                      4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        First it was “facts”, not that they were facts in the first place, now it’s an opinion? Which is it? Or are you too much of a dumb ass to figure out what you are trying to say?

                                      5. If you’re really that stupid, now we are talking about in general. Or are you too much of a dumb ass to figure THAT out?

                                      1. Now you’re hearing from your ass. I said x86, a fucking programming architecture, is primitive and power demanding which explains why PS4 packs higher graphics/processing chips and 8GB RAM. PowerPC, as proven with facts, is a successor generation that requires lesser specs power to compile codes. Why do you think Nintendo went down the route to use minimum specs for Wii U? Not only for efficiency which is what PowerPC is for but to make the console affordable.

                                        Again, Wii U is not weak. Its built differently and everybody who has an embarrassing intelligence and attention span to figure that out is a freaking joke.

                                      2. You’re really proving my point right now. Comparing a PS4 to a Wii U is like comparing a printer to a typewriter. It’s incredible how you actually praise the way Nintendo tries to go cheapskate over EVERYTHING, even the programming shit they use. So you’re either blind or are so delusional that you think the Wii U doesn’t have PS3 visuals

                                        Again, Wii U is weak. It’s built differently and everybody who has an embarrassing intelligence and attention span to figure that out is a freaking joke.

                                      3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        Wii U is a joke? Lol, then your ps4 is a joke too, it’s as big of a joke as Xbomb, since it can’t even compare to PC.

                                      4. Where in my comment did I say the Wii U was a joke? Don’t put words in my mouth. But meh, scratch that, it’s complete garbage
                                        You’re really blind, you know that? I’ve stated so many times how PCs can’t be compared to consoles, even in this news article, and you guys still call the PS4 an underpowered console. Please read my reasoning and we can have a conversation that actually makes sense

                                      5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        I read what you said dipshit. You are the one blind to your own comment. Not surprising.

                                1. Because them fools are allergic to gaming unity. I actually welcome it myself since I play most of other consoles in my life but all they wanna talk about is who have the largest, most detailed penis and odd thing about that is its exactly all they think about. XD

                                        1. The stupidity of a Nintendo fanboy’s mindset? Yea, I really wish that never existed

                                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                            Wow, look at all the bais in your comment, thinking only Nintendo has fanboys. Typical of a Sony fanboy.

                                        1. Typical Nintendo fanboy excuse: PC rulez all dem console graphiz!

                                          Well no. There are reasons why people choose next gen consoles over PC. And you guys don’t seem to understand that

                                          1. You say there are reasons but failed to disclose those reasons so allow me to say why PC stomps ALL consoles: Robust and FREE online interactivity, upgradable and custom specs so you can save money from wasting another $400-600 for a new console model that’s still behind PC’s technical standards, tons more features, software and limitless access to more Internet content and no in-system DRM BS like what Microsoft tried to pull on Xbox One. Oh and did I forget to mention about tons of indies too? X3 Sorry but you lose.

                                          2. 1. Console Games Work Out of the Box, Every Time
                                            2. Console Games Are Made for Controllers
                                            3. Consoles Get Exclusive Games
                                            Besides, I spend 40-50 hours a week in front of a computer for work, and I’m sure you do too. The last thing I want to do is spend my leisure hours there as well. Console gaming gets me away from computer, out of my chair (or in the case of mobile gaming, out of my house completely), and away from work. Plus you get to kick back on the couch, which is a great way to take a load off at the end of a long day.

                                          3. Tons of indies????? So you’re saying consoles don’t have games like Hohokum, Doki-Doki Universe, The Witness, Transistor, Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings, Octodad, Outlast, Abe’s Oddysee: New n’ Tasty, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Minecraft, Volume, Rime, Rogue Legacy, The Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Fez, N++, Guns of Icarus Online, Velocity 2X, Helldiver, Assault Android Cactus, Final Horizon, Samurai Gunn, Starbound,
                                            Road Not Taken, 1,001 Spikes, Contrast , and Awesomenauts???

                                        1. what’s wrong of just playing them and shutting up about who has the bigger cyber dick? Just play the fucking dam thing and be happy, no need for this shit of who plays what, regardless of what it has, its still a gaming system.

                                        2. unless you mean this…

                                          The Wii U GamePad is a controller used by Nintendo’s Wii U video game console. Incorporating traits from tablet devices, the GamePad incorporates both traditional input methods (such as buttons, dual analog sticks, and a D-pad) and a touchscreen.

                                      1. Whoah wait, you better think about that one…because yes a gaming console is a specialized PC. Its main sole purpose is to create games and some of these games are meant for military training too. So yes, they are underpowered PCs but no one fucking understands that they are computers too, how the fuck you think they get hacked to do shit they are not meant to do? Or may I remind you of Homebrew channel, PSN hacked news article, or hacking Street fighter X Tekken hidden DLC characters news before release?

                                        I’m just saying, you better think about that one.

                                2. I definitely gotta disagree there. The PS4 is easily the better console.

                                  + Power
                                  + Controller Scheme
                                  + Console Design

                                  Wii U
                                  + Games

                                  The Wii U has the better games by a wide margin, but the PS4 wins in every other category

                                  1. The power in PS4 is primarily used for x86 and if you don’t know what x86 is, how primitive and power demanding, go look it up. The console doesn’t or barely look any different than PS3 other than being slightly sharper and cleaner. That’s it and everyone knows PC is untouchable when it comes to power. If PS4 motherboard chips are removable and Upgradeable, then we’ll talk about power. Until then, PS4 is just a gimped PC in a black box just like Xbox One that explodes for trying to run pass 800p native by leeching too much electricity.

                                    Controller is a surprising change and more comfortable, I admit. But as far as innovation goes, it doesn’t even come close. The touchpad, trying to copy Gamepad in a pathetic way, is a wasted resource and the integrated PSMove or whatever the hell that neon light on it is, its just as stupid as continuing the Kinect when it failed hard last gen.

                                    Console design is kinda odd as hell with its slanted ends which isn’t much of a problem. But the design itself should be the least concern for everyone. All I care about is if the console box works as advertised.

                                    Wii U has the games and you forget 2 factors: Exclusives and FREE online play as well. Sony charging $50 just to mimc Xbox Live is pretty sad and no I’m not paying for something that’s free everywhere else and on top of that, I’m already paying for Internet access service so this double dipping on Xbox and now PS is just stupid.

                                    1. “The touchpad, trying to copy Gamepad in a pathetic way”
                                      Oh, like how the GamePad ripped-off Apple’s iPad?

                                      “whatever the hell that neon light on it is”
                                      If you actually bother to research, which you obviously didn’t, it was developed for Project Morpheus.

                                      Console design is sleek and slim, so it fits well into the living room, widely praised by reviewers from IGN, Polygon, Eurogamer, etc. AND people know that Sony put effort into the console design, rather than just fattening its last gen console like what Nintendo lazily did.

                                      You realize the PS4’s gonna have the significantly more games than the Wii U? Let’s see what’s coming out for PS4 this year versus the Wii U:

                                      Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
                                      Madden NFL 15
                                      NHL 15
                                      Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
                                      Alien: Isolation
                                      Dragon Age: Inquisition
                                      Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
                                      The Evil Within
                                      Assassin’s Creed: Unity
                                      Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
                                      The Crew
                                      Far Cry 4
                                      Little Big Planet 3
                                      The Elder Scrolls: Online
                                      Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
                                      Skylanders: Trap Team
                                      Project CARS

                                      Wii U:
                                      Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
                                      Hyrule Warriors
                                      Skylanders: Trap Team
                                      Bayonetta 2
                                      Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
                                      Project CARS
                                      Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
                                      Super Smash Bros for Wii U

                                      1. WTF?! I didn’t know there was a Dragon Age coming to PS4! I always wanted to play one of those games before! My interest for PS4 just went up ALOT. O_O

                                      2. Now you’re literally and intentionally making Wii U look terrible. How the fuck is the Gamepad anywhere near being an iPad ripoff? There is no other tablet on earth that can be compared to iPad, not even Samsung no matter how much they try to adapt from it and still being sued $1 billion every time.

                                        Morpheus is that VR thing I bet and I seriously think VR is still not ready to take off, otherwise Nintendo would’ve hopped back in and revive the Virtual Boy by now. They know when its a good time to do VR after they made that mistake in the 90s because back then it was too early with technology being beyond limited. I’ve seen Oculus Rift and if VR still looks like that, then IDK WTF is up with you people calling Nintendo consoles weak when VR graphics is still a joke now.

                                        “At least everyone knows Sony puts more effort into console design rather than trimming down from its last gen console like Nintendo did” *face palm*…you idiot, that is EXACTLY what Sony did with PS4, its a half trimmed, slightly upgraded PS3 slim with slanted front/back ends that doesn’t make any sense in its design and a glowing blue line in the center to attract idiots thinking that part is anywhere near relevant to its functions. Wii U didn’t cut its thickness from Wii but extended its length and curved its sides you dumbass. That right there strongly proves you still don’t know WTF Wii U is or what it looks like.

                                        You seriously missed tons more Wii U games coming for your list and I know that was a deliberate insult to the console. You forget to add these:

                                        Yoshi’s Wooly World
                                        Kirby and The Rainbow Curse
                                        Devil’s Third
                                        Mario Party 10
                                        Star Fox
                                        Possible Metroid Prime 4
                                        The Legend of Zelda Wii U
                                        Project CARS is coming to Wii U
                                        Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is also likely coming to Wii U
                                        Bayonetta 1 since its bundled with the sequel
                                        Sonic Boom
                                        Mystery Wii U Pokemon game

                                        Now looks talking about not researching facts. Don’t rush your stupid ass next time and maybe you’ll finally pass your 11th grade after 3 years being left back this way.

                                        1. Are you really that stupid? Nintendo already said that the idea of the GamePad WAS FROM THE IPAD. So your argument in completely invalid

                                          VR graphics is still a joke??? It supports 4K RESOLUTIONS NOW. Please look up and search before typing stupid shit like that

                                          I really like how you twist my words. I said Nintendo FATTENED THE CONSOLE, not TRIMMED it, If you have a problem reading or understanding the use of thr English language I kindly advise you to get back to elementary school.

                                          Again, you didn’t read my comment properly. I clearly said GAMES THAT WERE COMING OUT THIS YEAR. Read through that again, and realize how dumb you are. BTW, I already added project CARS in my list, so clearly you’re not thinking through what you write.

                                          “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is also likely coming to Wii U” Proof? Either that or you’re simply being delusional *again*

                                          Now looks talking about not researching facts. Don’t rush your stupid ass next time and maybe you’ll finally pass your 11th grade after 3 years being left back this way.

                                          1. “Are you really that stupid? Nintendo already said that the idea of the GamePad WAS FROM THE IPAD. So your argument in completely invalid”.

                                            Can you show me that one? Because I don’t remember Nintendo saying that at all about the ipad.

                                          2. Did they specifically said they copied “iPad” or built the Gamepad out of inspiration from tablets in general because its a current sensation for casual market? Get it right.

                                            I could care less if it runs 8K someday. I’m talking about its fidelity and graphical detail being lacking for a 2014 technology. Why you think Nintendo going back to VR just yet? Its not ready nor open for mass marketing demand.

                                            Ass, trimmed is also the same as flattened because both terms mean reduction in size. How about you go back to studying the Webster Dictionary first before acting like a smartass without have guns to back yourself up right.

                                            You’re telling me to read your comment when you also failed to thoroughly research all Wii U games yourself like the Oddworld remake. So clearly, you didn’t do your homework either.

                                            Guess you don’t read proper news daily either huh? You missed the leaked info of a Wii U source code revealed in the Advanced Warfare website which both games BO2 and Ghosts were leaked just the same way. How’s that for being “delusional”?

                                            Again, a hypocrite doesn’t know he’s a hypocrite so please check yourself of what you type and claim to know. You’ll never know how surprisingly short sighted and misinformed you exposed yourself as today. XP Your move.

                                            1. The fact that every other console, last gen and current gen is already confirmed to get the game isn’t saying much. Activision used to not care about losing Monet on the Wii U and they happily ported 2 CoD’s on Wii U, but now looking at low Wii U sales, it looks like even they have given up. This console (Wii U) is probably going to get the WORST 3rd party support than any other Nintendo console in history. Even the Wii got more support despite the fact that it got gimped ports.

                                              1. Its tardiness. Nothing more and as for the “low sales” excuse, they’re hypocrite for ignoring Xbox One fumbling because of Microsoft’s dick move over DRM, ignoring that Wii U is currently ahead of Xbox One while MK8 is pushing the system sales up for the time being and still supporting PSVita (or known as PSVitantic) when it sold a lot less and a lot worst than GameCube and Wii U together.

                                                No matter how you look at it, its the 3rd party making things worst for Wii U because they hate Nintendo period.

                                                1. Lol Yes, but you have to understand that it is the other way around over there. Wii U has sold more than Xbox One, but third party games sell like crap on it. Those 8+million Wii U users didn’t buy their Wii U to play third party games. Whereas, Xbox One users mainly play 3rd party games and they end up selling twice as much than they would on the Wii U. The Wii proved this as well. Sold 100+million units and games still sold bad. How the fuck is that even possible? Lol. But anyways, people bought a Wii to play Nintendo games and it will be the same way this gen. Wii U for Nintendo games.

                                                  1. Again, you missed exactly why they sell like crap and specifically on any Nintendo platform. They serve nothing but garbage that’s either not appealing, anticipated games delayed for no good reason and gimped while fully priced. They do that all the fucking time and while they can BS about Wii U selling less, 3DS is far more successful than PS4 and have these same bastards made any game? No. Got any reason? No. They just shy away from 3DS’s success manly because its where their true intentions towards Nintendo will be further exposed if they make any crap for it.

                                                    You say Wii U is to blame but 3DS barely has any of their games and its the best selling platform of the generation and they’re quietly skipping 3DS for what reason again?…

                                                    1. I can write you a book about why Wii U and 3DS aren’t getting any games from 3rd parties, but I’ll just give you some of the most obvious reasons. :3 1: The Wii. Nintendo did not make the Wii to compete with the other 2. It did not get most of the other console games due to its hardware. And the Wii damaged Nintendo’s reputation a lot. Now a lot of people (even developers) think that anything (and I mean anything) with the word Wii in it means that it would be lackluster and missing a lot of things again just like the Wii did. (Which actually ended up being true) As for 3DS, that’s a completely different market. Nintendo is the only one that has succeeded with handhelds. Everyone else does not care. Just like the Wii U, people didn’t buy a 3DS for third party games, but for Nintendo games. And plus, 3DS is not very powerful. I am not being funny. It is really underpowered compared to most other devices we have today. If it has Vita’s power for example, it would probably have some more games due to that extra power. So there you have it. That’s why. It actually goes back even further than this though. Third parties have never sold well on Nintendo platforms at all so they decided “Hey, why are we still trying to make games for these systems? We aren’t getting any money!” So they left. I guess Wii U was the last straw for them.

                                                      1. *face palm*……..the name/specs excuse has got to be the worst idiotic excuse in history. Again, are you buying consoles for names and specs or for the damn games it offers? Can’t believe the amount of stupid people these days. Its un-fucking-believable that it makes God cring and cry at his own mistakes of making us.

                                                        1. Stranga, I think you are missing the point. Hi Definition is required to make games of today look and play the way they are. Notice how some PS3 and 360 games are MUCH bigger in terms of content compared to the Wii versions of games. It does contribute to gameplay. And to some people the specs do matter because if they are buying a new product, they obviously want it to be stronger than the previous products they used. And that’s the problem. The “damn games” just aren’t there. They choose to buy a specific console in order to play specific games. And the Wii U is mainly offering you only Nintendo games with the exception of a few third party here and there. The name is only because of the system’s reputation. If Wii was recognized as a hardcore system, everyone would be like: “Oh, Wii U? Heck yes! I remember playing the awesome Wii! So Wii U is definitely going to be even better!” But sadly this want the case. :b

                                                                      1. 1. Gimping port obviously turns the consumer off and away from buying except for idiots desperate for such game
                                                                        2. Delays involving neglecting one previously planned system for others in over nine months wait when the game was already completed
                                                                        3. Not providing enough or equal or timely support but doing so for other platforms
                                                                        4. Giving other platforms same game with more content for less while giving less for more on is beyond unfair and insulting
                                                                        5. Using 3rd party DRM that’ll ruin gaming experience for any involved players of all supported platforms

                                                                        All of these is exactly what 3rd parties have been doing in everyone face for YEARS but it seems everybody lacks the appropriate amount of intelligence to tell they’re only after your money and whatever product they give you, no matter if its completed or not, is the bottom line and will never improve that for the sake of the same customers they cheated and lied to.

                                                                        3rd parties have always intentionally gimp ports for Nintendo as means to drive support away as their excuse to not make games for Nintendo anymore but at the same time, they’re also attempting to trick gamers to think that continuing their purchases of their half ass games will make them give more support and the 3rd party realizes this so they can keep doing it again and again since they’re proven to be their suckers and milk their quick cash buy ins for as long as they can.

                                                                        What more of these simplest explanations on earth do I have to utter out of my body for you fools to understand? This should all be obvious to a 4 year old child if he/she was smart enough.

                                                                        1. I hope you don’t think what I am about to say is stupid but… I think I know know. 3rd parties simply don’t want Nintendo to be on top. They do not want the Wii U to succeed. I mean, think about it. If you could get every 3rd party game being released as well as the great Nintendo exclusives, who would even bother getting the other platforms? They gimp games on Wii U because they don’t want that version to sell more. They want PS and Xbox to beat out Wii U so they can compete. The more those other two consoles compete, the more $$$$ 3rd parties make. So they try to go after the big boss… Nintendo. Nintendo has made more money than any other game company can even dream of. So they get angry and all try to gang up on Ninty. They want them dead. They don’t put games on Nintendo platforms because they don’t want to compete directly with them. (Watch Dogs delay was probably because of MK8) So instead of putting it on the Wii U, they put it on the other platforms. The platforms where they know EVERYONE will buy it. So they could arrive maximum $$$. And they did. After all the money is collected, they simply put the game on rightWii U for a few quick bucks and to make it seem that they aren’t so bad. Like”Man.. Wow! Look at all this cash we got off of Watch Dogs! This is sweet! Phew, absolutely amaz-… Huh? What’s that ? Oh, right! Wii U? Um.. I almost forgot about that… Just port it over there right quick. But hey! DON’T include the DLC! It’ll cost too much money.. Oh, and you don’t need to make it run at a stable frame rate either. Nintendo fans don’t care about all that, they only care about gameplay!” “But sir” “But sir my ass! You either port a half assed version of Watch Dogs or you’re fired!” That’s how I imagine it. XD

                                                                          1. 3rd parties being scared of Nintendo over competition is pure BS. Like Watchdogs for example: It was anticipated by Wii U fans and had a 3 day window of opportunity sales before MK8 launch and same for Rayman when wanted to buy that more than NSMBU at launch was also delayed not for the “competition” fear but sales which is also BS so don’t start that 3rd parties were acting chickenshit nonsense.

                                                                            1. @Stranga you asked me “how the fuck is the Gamepad anywhere near being an iPad ripoff”. I answered your question. Now you’re telling me they built the Gamepad out of inspiration from tablets. Try harder bro.

                                                                              4K resolution/graphics/textures/whatever = fidelity and graphical detail. GET IT RIGHT.

                                                                              You’re really proving to me how you don’t read through my comments. FATTENED =/= FLATTENED. LMAO.

                                                                              So you’re admitting to me Wii U DO have remastered games. Great! Thanks for agreeing

                                                                              Ever heard of a game/port of a game being CANCELLED? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

                                                                              Again, a hypocrite doesn’t know he’s a hypocrite so please check yourself of what you type and claim to know. You’ll never know how surprisingly short sighted and misinformed you exposed yourself as today. XP Your move.

                                                                            2. So far, this is what I read…

                                                                              The Wii U GamePad is a controller used by Nintendo’s Wii U video game console. Incorporating traits from tablet devices, the GamePad incorporates both traditional input methods (such as buttons, dual analog sticks, and a D-pad) and a touchscreen. The touchscreen can be used to supplement a game by providing alternate, second screen functionality or an asymmetric view of a scenario in a game. The screen can also be used to play a game strictly on the GamePad screen, without the use of a television display at all. Conversely, non-gaming functions can be assigned to it as well, such as the ability to use it as a television remote.

                                                                              The Wii U GamePad can be used in conjunction with other controllers compatible with the console, such as the Wii Remote Plus, Wii Balance Board, and the more conventional Wii U Pro Controller.[2][3]

                                                                              Nintendo’s development team had determined that the Wii’s notification light did not provide enough information to be useful beyond whether it had received content or not. With the complexity of modern televisions, designer Shigeru Miyamoto believed that a monitor separate from the console would provide an easier way to check on the console’s status without needing to use the television.[2] Its operation as a supplemental display was also inspired by the common use of a secondary display at karaoke establishments in Japan, which display song information and also allows its users to select their next song.[4] Satoru Iwata stated that the controller’s design is intended to provide a deeper experience for all players and allow them to “see games in a different way,”[4] a concept referred to as “asymmetric gaming” during its E3 2012 press conference.[5] With the Wii U’s Miiverse social networking functionality, Iwata also likened the controller’s screen to a “social window”, which can allow users to remain connected even if they are not playing.[2] Gyroscopic capabilities were added by the team specifically to aid in aiming for first and third person shooter games. [6]

                                                                              The Nintendo EAD development team created two controller prototypes: a monitor with two Wii Remotes taped to the sides, and a display attached to a Wii Zapper.[7] In a prototype shown at E3, the controller had featured circle pads similar to those of the Nintendo 3DS. On May 19, 2012, a photograph of a near-final version of the controller was leaked on Twitter by an employee of TT Games, revealing a wider build with ergonomic grips, a redesigned button layout, and analog sticks instead of circle pads.[8] On June 3, 2012, Nintendo officially unveiled the final version of the controller, named “Wii U GamePad”, in a video presentation preceding E3 2012. This presentation confirmed the hardware changes which had been made since the E3 prototype, such as the addition of analog sticks; and, it revealed other features that can be used with its screen.[2]

                                                                              The GamePad’s primary feature is its 6.2 in (16 cm), FWVGA (854×480), touchscreen display, which can be controlled with either fingers or an included stylus. The screen can be used as a supplement to gameplay to provide additional functionality that can be controlled using the screen, or to stream gameplay from the console in lieu of a television display (Off-TV Play). The controller also features a front-facing camera (usable for video chat), dual analog sticks, and motion control support.[4] The GamePad also supports NFC, which allows developers to create figurines or cards that wirelessly interact with the controller through Nintendo’s Amiibo platform, and allow users to make contactless credit card transactions with compatible cards.[9] In a special presentation preceding E3 2012, Nintendo unveiled more details about the GamePad; including its ability to be used as a remote control for a television, and the ability to send handwritten messages and other content.[2]

                                                                              The GamePad communicates with a Wii U console over a modified Wi-Fi protocol designed for low-latency transmission, establishing its connection with the console by using a variant of the WPS process. The GamePad’s display contents are streamed as video from the console using a custom protocol and the H.264 video codec, for which the GamePad contains a hardware decoder.[1][10]

                                                                              Nintendo’s first presentation of the controller in 2011 led to confusion upon whether the Wii U would support the use of multiple GamePads. A Nintendo spokesperson stated that the GamePad would not be sold individually from a Wii U console,[11] and Shigeru Miyamoto had not ruled out the possibility of using multiple GamePads with a single console—but also felt that it may be more convenient to use the Nintendo 3DS as a controller in this scenario as well—implying potential compatibility.[11] During Nintendo’s E3 2012 presentation, it was confirmed that the console supports up to two GamePads simultaneously.[12]

                                                                              According to this, unless I missed it, it does npt say that it was a “gimped ipad” or the word ipad” at all…and just in case, here you go, the wiki you told me to look for.


                                                                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                                              Why should I bother, the fact that you purposefully left out a lot of information for your biased statement is enough to prove that you will ignore my facts and continue with your bullshit.

                                                                            2. Let me translate that for you: I realized my comment was utter bullshit and can’t figure out what Shuhei Yoshida left out

                                                                        1. Oh great. XD Another fucking remastered game from last gen because 2014 isn’t delivering shit for both PS4 and Xbox One. lol And funny story about it is when Nintendo does it even if its one of their best games they made, people bitch and call them out for “rehashing” the same game.

                                                                          And BTW, I still see nothing significantly different except, again, cleaner and smoother graphics. Try again when the real original “next gen” game comes.

                                                                          1. Like how Wind Waker HD was NEVER made, right? Oh wait…

                                                                            BTW, Metro 2033/Last Light was one of the best games ever made too, so don’t try to pull that Bullshit. You seem to be trying to damage control, so good for you. Obviously there is cleaner and smoother graphics. THAT’S WHAT YOU EXPECT EVERY NEW GEN.

                                                                            1. Says the fool who also missed millions of Final Fantasy remakes and ports and spin offs existing in every PS console. If any develop that does it worst or too often is Square Enix.

                                                                              Metro, best game ever made? XD Only because its another shooter and all excuse for “gamers” and media are into shooters and it makes gaming incredibly dull if everyone only likes 1-2 types of genre. FPS is a plague of the market that needs to calm the hell down. And before you say anything, I tried Metro before and the game does give a fun scare, something that Resident Evil has been missing for years.

                                                                              I don’t even try to damage control and please do define damage control. Not every generation is a minor leap. Starting from NES to SNES then PS1 to GameCube to PS3. Those generations offered significant leaps and changes. This generation from the last barely moved any change at all and that goes for all platforms. The only thing 8th generation has proven is that gaming leap is about to reach its peak and its gonna spell imminent end for technical/graphical leaps. Ya wanna make PS4 a huge deal when its a minor update of PS3, true story.

                                                                            2. Square Enix isn’t a Sony first party. So you’re not really saying much right off the bat.

                                                                              Mario, best game ever made? XD Only because its another platformer and all excuse for “gamers” and media are NOT into Mario and it makes gaming incredibly dull if everyone only likes 1-2 types of genre. Platformer is a plague of the market that needs to calm the hell down. And before you say anything, I tried Mario since the very first game and the game is really fun, up till, idk, 2006 when Nintendo completely casualized it?

                                                                              You ALWAYS try to damage control and please do define damage control. This generation from the last had huge changes but you just can’t accept it because fanboy. 8th generation has proven that gaming industry is growing at a huge rate and PC is evidence that the power of the consoles can get more and more powerful. Ya wanna make PS4 a huge deal when its the fastest selling console in the history of gaming, true story

                                                                            3. metro wasn’t one of the best games ever made. Great, maybe, but if it were in a top ten list of the best games of that year…probably an 8, or even lower; the “improvised weaponry” mechanic they added in wasn’t all that well implemented, and there was much more hype over it than the quality of the game warranted.

                                                                              Then again, that’s my opinion. Just like what you said was your opinion. NOT A FACT.

                                                                              Wind waker HD was made so a new generation of gamers could enjoy one of Nintendo’s greats. As has been made abundantly clear, Nintendo doesn’t make “rehashes” just to “save their bad sales” or whatever. They do it as both a financial benefit, and so they can show some of their classic games to a new gen. I didn’t hear anyone bitch when they made twilight princess for both the game cube and wii consoles, but as soon as they make an HD, modern version of wind waker with a new feature or two, OH SHIT, NINTENDO SUX SO BADLY, THEY MAKE ANOTHER REMAKE TO KEEP THEM FROM GOING UNDER, LAWL!

                                                                              Next time, if you’re going to bitch and moan over remakes, please pick a different company than sony, the master of shitty God of War ports and the Ratchet and Clank series, also known as Jak and Daxter Rehash 2008.

                                                                              1. I try to like Wind Waker HD, but I just… cannot. I like the graphics, but to me, it just feels like one of the most boring games I have ever played in awhile. Not bashing it or anything, just didn’t click for me. The other Zelda game I played (ALBW) was nowhere NEAR as boring. It was fucking amazing. I wish they’d have remade Majora’s Mask or Skyward Sword or something. I literally went the fuck asleep during the Earth Temple. Not kidding. XD

                                                                              2. Wind Waker was one of the worst Zelda games to be remade to HD. Its artstyle is timeless. There were so many other choices, INCLUDING Twilight Princess.

                                                                                Umm, they do make rehashes. Examples:
                                                                                New Super Mario Bros
                                                                                New Super Mario Bros Wii
                                                                                New Super Mario Bros 2
                                                                                New Super Mario Bros U
                                                                                New Super Luigi U
                                                                                Pokémon Platinum
                                                                                Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
                                                                                Pokémon Black and White
                                                                                Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
                                                                                Pokémon X and Y
                                                                                Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

                                                                                It’s sad how you can only think of 3 instances when Sony ported/remade games. It’s not really helping your case. Btw, 2 of those remakes were critically acclaimed, so I don’t see your reasoning

                                                                          2. That’s due to the game engine they use. Dark souls 2 uses very little resources and uses the rather simple graphics and physics engine to an extent where they can make what looks like HD textures by utilizing those simple graphics options to their full extent.

                                                                            Considering that Dark Souls 2 is a fairly modern game that has pretty high requirements for PC, my HP notebook 2000 runs it at the third-lowest resolution very smoothly.

                                                                            Now, also take into consideration the proven fact that Xbox Done and PsWhore purposely lowered their specs so it would be easier for game companies to release their games on both plats. Due to this, pretty much any damn company can slightly modify games normally meant for high-end gaming PC’s to fit those systems.

                                                                            In essence, they “dumb it down” to fit the system, which is much easier than modifying the way systems of equal or almost equal capacity handle the physics engine and the graphics packs to fit a different system.

                                                                            The Wii U didn’t even care about that, preferring to up the graphics of the Wii by implementing seldom-used hardware that not only makes the graphics better than its predecessor, but by essentially pulling a dark souls 2 by allowing clever programmers to be able to use the Wii U’s relatively limited graphics capabilities to the extent that their games can look almost exactly the same as other games, but in 1080p, 60fps.

                                                                            These are all perfectly verifiable facts. The facts about the Wii U came from the opinion of an expert programmer who, out of curiosity, decided to open up his Wii U and examine its innards, and the facts about the other systems are simply common knowledge; the Xbox was already going to be less than 1080p once they removed the policy about no game-shares, and the Ps4 lowered its graphics capabilities simply out of desire for more 3rd party support, and, ultimately, more money.

                                                                            1. Firstly, when were we ever talking about Dark Souls?

                                                                              And wow, PsWhore. Very mature of you.

                                                                              “purposely lowered their specs” Proof or it didn’t happen. AND even if Sony did that, it only shows their willingness to have more games for their system. More games = More sales. Get that into your head. And it’s ironic you say that when you look at the Wii U’s specs. Kinda shot yourself in the foot there.

                                                                              If Nintendo had “clever programmers”, when they decided to up the graphics of the Wii, why didn’t they just make it even more powerful than the PS4, which had apparently “lowered graphics capabilities”? Laziness, that’s why

                                                                              “almost exactly the same as other games” Very funny

                                                                              You do know there are 0 1080P 60FPS games for the Wii U?

                                                                              “The facts about the Wii U came from the opinion of an expert programmer who, out of curiosity, decided to open up his Wii U and examine its innards” Link? Source? Bullshit? Probably the latter.

                                                                              OBVIOUSLY they want more money. That’s the aim for literally every single company out there, INCLUDING Nintendo. What else would they want???

                                                                              1. Actually, if you want to get technical, yes, games don’t RUN at EXACTLY those specs on the Wii U, but the RESOLUTION for many games are at 1080p 60fps.

                                                                                We never were talking about dark souls till I brought it up. And the reason I did was to use an example. I never fangasm’d over it like you did with metro.

                                                                                When I said “clever programmers,” I didn’t mean Nintendo programmers, specifically. I was directing that more towards the lazy-ass 3rd party programmers who try to force their mechanics on a system meant to play games differently. Didn’t think I would have to spell that out for you. Then again, that in itself was an oversight on my part, considering the retardation present in your replies.

                                                                                Also, I don’t care about Call of Dollars. The fact that you even brought that up when we’re talking about rehashes is hilarious and easily discountable.

                                                                                Please, come back when you’re ready to debate with the big kids.

                                                                              2. @estoc Your first point is correct, then. I can agree with that

                                                                                HOWEVER, the second link:
                                                                                “Assuming Microsoft and Sony launch their next-generation consoles late next year, the Wii U will enjoy 12 months as (potentially) the most powerful console on the market. But the development community expects big things from the Xbox 720 and PS4 – power leaps that make costly investments worthwhile.

                                                                                Then, the Wii U will lag significantly behind in the graphics stakes. At least, that’s what we’re being told. The next Xbox, we understand, allows developers to use the DX11 graphics standard to easily shift code from PC to the console. The Wii U supports DX10 (one of the reasons you won’t see an Unreal Engine 4 game on it). And let’s not forget that processor.”

                                                                                “The Wii U versions of multi-platform games shown to the public have done little to fill Nintendo fans with confidence. The Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City looks poor in comparison to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and the less said about Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U the better.”

                                                                                ^not really proof that the Wii U, technically speaking, is the most powerful console due to programming, graphics, and data speeds.

                                                                              3. I’m going to make this short and sweet

                                                                                @estoc It’s not them being lazy; it’s Nintendo being too stuck up to actually help them out and get more games for the Wii U

                                                                                I brought up COD because it was the first search result I got for a PS4 VS Wii U comparison.

                                                                                The fact you self-praised yourself as a “big kid” shows how insecure you are

                                                                              4. “Hey, a negative comment about the Wii U! I’m gonna use this to prove them all wrong! Yeah, this’ll show them!”…”oh wait, this is about 3rd party games, not the Wii U. Oh well, ANYTHING to make the system seem bad!!1!”

                                                                                Sound familiar?

                                                                              5. Also, lulz due to the random facts you claim were from the link I sent, when there wasn’t anything on that particular page that stated that.

                                                                                Obvious damage control is obvious.

                                                                              6. Yup. It’s totally Nintendo’s fault. How DARE they not change their entire system so a developer doesn’t have to rewrite some code?

                                                                                They should really be ashamed of themselves.

                                                                                And yes, I am a big kid. I say kid because I’m not an old fart, and I say big because I am tall. These are facts, not compliments.

                                                                                Check yourself before you shrek yourself, broham.

                                                                              7. if you can’t find the stuff that’s in your own damn link it’s no my problem.

                                                                                And it’s about 3rd party games on Wii U. It’s not as irrelevant as you make it seem. Shocking!

                                                                              8. I literally searched the page using the search tool for some of the terms you posted and got nothing.

                                                                                And yes, lack of third party is irrelevant to the point I was making, Einstein.

                                                                                You should pull that butt-pacifier out of your eye, it’s really affecting your vision.

                                                                                Oh, and make sure you use it. The butthurt is strong within you.

                                                                            2. You’re just digging a bigger hole for yourself

                                                                              So Nintendo SHOULD design their console with third parties in mind. I said this so many times, it’ll help Nintendo to fill up their release schedule and therefore put less stress on their development teams to release a steady number of games for their system. You know how the Sony approached third parties to discuss how the PS4 should be made so it’s easier to develop for? You know how the PS4’s selling like hotcakes now? Yeah. Go figure

                                                                              1. Hey, did you hear about that new console that’s coming out? The Wii U?

                                                                                Oh wait, that already happened.

                                                                                Kind of hard to change a console already marketed, sold, and supported on numerous levels.

                                                                                You should really actually read the links I posted. If I recall, one of them stated something about how the Wii U had a very versatile, workable system, and how a few third party companies loved discovering new things about it and taking on the challenge of using its features in new ways.

                                                                                Oh wait, but that would actually be hard. Darn. Can’t have that, can we?

                                                                              2. I was talking about at the very start of the development of the console itself. Didn’t think I would have to spell that out for you. Then again, that in itself was an oversight on my part, considering the retardation present in your replies.
                                                                                But I’m guessing you didn’t read/are too delusional to remember the many times third parties have said how difficult the Wii U is to develop on? Oh wait, but that would actually be hard. Darn. Can’t have that, can we?

                                                                              3. oh wait, you mean that clearly outdated section where the situation has obviously changed? The section I proved wrong outright when I posted the link about the PsWhore and Xbox Done lowering their capabilities?

                                                                                Silly me, didn’t think that counted.

                                                                              4. I love how you just repeat what I said in an attempt to sound “synicul” and “sarrcastycc”, but you just sound butthurt.

                                                                                Ever consider Nintendo decided to go rogue on the design and the function of the Wii U because they thought it would persuade developers to be a little more creative?

                                                                                Oh wait, you’re too busy coming up with the next snarky reply to notice, never mind. I’ll let you continue. I’ll just be playing Animal Crossing. If you need some attention, just holler, OK, sport?

                                                                              5. This argument is going in circles
                                                                                “go rogue on the design” And look where that got them. Only 6 million after more than 1 and a half years. Bigger and bigger losses. Look, Nintendo’s an awesome company, they make some great stuff, but some of the stuff they do is just so uncalled for and unintelligent it’s really frustrating.

                                                                              6. Sorry, what? I was incredibly busy with the all-important task of watching paint dry.

                                                                                No, seriously, you’re interesting and all, but…man, that paint drying, it’s pretty intense.

                                                                              7. I know, that’s the type of comment people make when they can’t think of any more good replies. I feel for you bro. Don’t worry, I’ll satisfy your need to get the last word by making a final response to me. I’ll stop responding to you

                                                                              8. Admitting defeat so soon? My dearest condolences for your wounded posterior!

                                                                                Ah, well, at least that gives me more time to work more hours to save up for a Wii U. I might even program a game for it!

                                                                                Let me see…what would the title be…

                                                                                Aha! Here it is:
                                                                                Yoshida’s Grand Buttocks Adventure, the Video Game!

                                                                                I’ll even make a port for the PS Vita and PS4!…of course, I’ll make sure it gets the ritual delay in release time, and might even cancel it, just for good measure.

                                                                                What will be the plot of this supposed game? Well…

                                                                                Enter Yoshida, a rather large-bosomed fellow with a face resembling a pizza. Whilst engaging in hawt sex with all his sony products and games, he gets sucked into the disc drive of his PS4 by his dong and ends up hurting his butt in the PS4’s inevitable fall.

                                                                                The rest of this game chronicles this young lad’s journey to ease his hurt buttocks. At one point in the game, he even goes on forums to start flame wars and fangasm over overrated games and overhyped PS4 and Vita products!

                                                                                Eventually, however, he finally finds Filthy Frank’s Butthurt cream and uses it to return to reality, where he finds that, due to his special place being sucked into a disc drive, it shrinks to the size of a grain of rice.

                                                                                It will be a whimsical game with a strange plot, but I think it will become a hit in no time.

                                                                              9. Uh Shuhei Yoshida, he does destroyed you at least over 5 times man, not his fault you got served…but that’s ok, as long as you keep your options and play games for the fun then I can respect that.

                                                                        2. Nintendo’s controller definitely was more innovative..but that was a bad thing in this case. Innovation isn’t always good and the Wii U proved this. Nintendo did learn their lesson though so they should be okay with their next console.

                                                                          Well, exclusives and games go hand in hand in this case since pretty much all of the Wii U games are exclusive thanks to a lack of third party. So, the Wii U has the best games, but that’s why it always makes me feel bad. Imagine how much more fun those games could have been on a better console? You can’t even compare! I would still go with the PS4, but the Wii U will always have the better selection of titles.

                                                                          1. Its not that innovation is terrible, in this case with Wii U Gamepad, it wasn’t marketed and implemented well enough. That’s was Nintendo’s own primary setback, not the hardware. You can say Wii Remote is the same thing, which is false, but that controller also changed the rules of gaming. Its what you do with the innovation at hand and how you present it that determines its rate of success.

                                                                            Nintendo games on other consoles will never happen and there’s a very good reason behind it. Perfect example: Rare. After moving on from Nintendo, its when Rare basically died and never tried to be like itself ever again. Same will happen if Nintendo falls out of the console business and when it does, I’m done with gaming for good.

                                                              1. I know this is an obvious troll but PSABR was a lot of fun for me.

                                                                If there is no sequel I’ll at least be a tad upset.

                                                                Smash is the better more polished game but PSABR was and is fun.

                                                                1. you know fake stranga, that is really a horrible wish, be careful that same wish won’t hit you back in the face. Just saying the old saying, “whatever you say to me or call me, it will always bounce back at you” or “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

                                                                1. Amen to that.
                                                                  This is the most highly anticipated Wii U game that everyone is looking forward to playing.
                                                                  I for one am super excited about the Gamecube controller compatibility more than anything else.

                                                                  1. Same here, can’t wait to use my gamecube controllers. They feel so much better than the pro controllers. Something about the buttons doesn’t feel right. Among placement and everything else.

                                                              1. Yeah, but they usually mean it as to say before the winter shopping season starts. It really is a misnomer saying winter 2014, but it leaves room if they screw up and have a last minute delay too, so if it came out in January they could say it launched right on schedule, or something like that. But the game still needs to complete localization and local licensing and rating to be approved for their release date. Most dates are estimations, that’s why we see so many delays

                                                              1. Except the subtitles “for 3DS/Wii U” still bothers me.

                                                                3DS should be named “Go!” and Wii U either “Universe” or simply “Super Smash Bros. 4”

                                                                  1. Nintendo Commander 4axis

                                                                    I can see it now… shoppers buy wii u smash bros when they meant to buy 3ds version or vise versa.

                                                                1. It’s totally necessary! then again confused parents could create a nice leap in sales for super smash bros brawl

                                                            1. November 28th? Are you kidding me?! Smash Four may be released on my eighteenth birthday!?!? I mean, this isn’t official, and it’s for the UK, not the US, but that’d be just awesome! God, I’m ecstatically giggling like a child!!

                                                            2. Didn’t we already know this release date?

                                                              I feel like I’ve already played it because of hearing (and seeing) so much about it. Yet there’s some things I haven’t heard anything
                                                              about. Like, can you collect CD’s in the game like you could in Brawl? I hope so. With Brawl, I recorded my own collection of music CD’S. It took 6 discs to record every track of music from the game.

                                                                  1. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ KURISU’S GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE SAVES THE DAY. INTELLIGENCE IS POWER ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

                                                                  2. Had once a funny conversation with one brit who tried so hard to convince me, that UK was not a part of Europe.

                                                                1. And that’s a good thing. No outsider BS to disrupt their peace and way of life. It’ll be the first place to go when US goes into the shitters.

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                                                            4. I’m so buying both version baby! :D Smash Bros. FTW but the subtitles have to go. Its kinda annoying knowing its uncreative and both games are gonna have clarified system artboxes that tells which one anyway. lol

                                                                1. Because they know it won’t sell as well. :( JK. But seriously, they did not make the U version as good as it could’ve been. While 3DS is getting a new and unique experience, the U is basically getting Brawl 2.0

                                                                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                  Once the 3DS version is released in our homeworld, they will focus on the Wii U version and probably have a ND dedicated to it…

                                                                  1. …How? The game is scheduled to release this year and Smash 3DS is coming out in 3 months. And I’m pretty sure they are basically already done with it. So yeah.

                                                              1. No it isn’t. It’s the same name as the first game but with “for Wii U” and “for 3DS” on the end. Never understood why people care about the name so much.

                                                                1. That’s even less creative than Super Smash Bros. U. It’s like a little kid was left in charge of the titles. Sure, the title isn’t important. But imagine if there was 2 Smash Bros. games on Wii U (I know that won’t happen, but bear with me). What would the second one be called? Super Smash Bros. 2nd Version For Wii U? They’d be better off calling it Super Smash Bros. 4. But as far as the 3DS version goes……..that’s a whole different story.

                                                                2. want are you talking about? i dont think you are talking mario or zelda or metriod or a nintendo game series like talking about supermario galaxy or supermariogalaxy2 or supermariosunshine or supermariosunshine

                                                            5. Pingback: La cadena HMV está fechando Super Smash Bros. for Wii U para el 28 de noviembre en Europa |

                                                            6. The need to do a SB WiiU bundle, and include the adaptor and gamecube controller!!
                                                              P.S anyone else wonder why they didn’t just make a wireless game cube controller??

                                                              1. I’ve wondered that even with the Wii Classic Controller. Like, why not just make it a wireless controller in the first place, instead of having to plug it into the Wii remote? Nintendo took the easiest, cheapest way out.

                                                                1. No, most players who want the Gamecube controllers want a wired one. They complain of a tiny delay in wireless controllers that isn’t there with wired ones.

                                                            7. If this placeholder date holds true in the US, this is actually a questionable release date… I mean, a release on Black Friday? It should be at least a week beforehand so that the pre-orders are fulfilled and the gamer community gets ahold of this game. Then, the general shoppers of the holiday season can get this game with plenty of supply left.

                                                            8. sony will win this console generation because they have the more powerfull console because they have more thirdparty support i dont know any thirdparty games coming to wiiu nextyear or this year the wiiu will be discontinued soon because it can not compete in the console generation because it is not on par with current power like the ps4 and xboxone

                                                            9. the wiiu is not a dedicated gameing console because it is not as powerfull as the ps4 and xboxone that means it is a last generation but graphic make a generation that make a great that is why the fusion terminal will be released next holiday and the rumor is a fact to me and gamers know its a fact that the fusion terminal will replace the wiiu we all know really that it will this is a step into the really world people of want will happen

                                                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                                  Well let’s see, because it does everyday stuff as well you retard. Need a word document? Got it. Need to search some information, got it. Steam sales? Got it. Other stuff that is needed for everyday life other than games? Got it. Mods for games? Don’t mind if I do! Yoshida exposed? Exposed.
                                                                  You went full retard, never go full retard. PCs aren’t only for games.

                                                                      1. Well this is after all a GAMING website talking about GAMING news and the fact that both of our usernames are based on the GAMING industry says a lot

                                                                        Also I don’t think you saw my previous comment so I’ll repeat it here: Why are you so against me all the time? I’m genuinely curious. It’s like the very sight of me makes you so mad

                                                                            1. What’s there to be serious about with you? A rock can put up a more serious and logical argument than you ever could.

                                                            10. graphic make a great game the ps4 and xboxone is a core next gen console that is for dedicated gamers and so is the xbox one and ps4 the wiiu is not a dedicated platform and i have one because of the hardware inside the console and it has last generation graphics i have supermario 3d world but i have a wiiu and i have pikmin3 and windwakerwaker hd and i still think the wiiu is not the wii sucksessor like the ps4 and the xboxone and the games it offers