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Project CARS Limited Edition Bundle Revealed, Wii U Still Coming In 2015

Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco have revealed the limited edition package for their forthcoming Project CARS.  The special edition comes in a steelbook case, features four gorgeous sleeve designs, and also a behind the scenes look at the making of the game. If you decide to purchase the limited edition you’ll also get the chance to own five legendary cars. The developer says that the Wii U will get the limited edition version, but it’s still delayed until 2015.

  • McLaren F1
  • Sauber C9
  • BMW M1 ProCar
  • Mercedes-AMG C-Class Coupé DTM
  • 1967 Ford Mk IV

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24 thoughts on “Project CARS Limited Edition Bundle Revealed, Wii U Still Coming In 2015”

  1. Contrary to everyone else, I’m actually Ok with the Wii U version being delayed ONLY if it is to make a better version of it, and not just a plain port.

    1. How do you “better” a racing game? You drive from point a to b and repeat the process two more times. Plus, it’s ubisoft.

      – Batman: Lacking stuff compared to other platforms
      – Aliens: Wii U gets the worst version.
      – Rayman: Goes multiplatform, Wii U version gets canceled for no reason.

      Now, both Watch_Dogs and Project Cars (Ubi is the new distributor) are both delayed, while the version on the other consoles are releasing as if nothing happened to them. This is going to kill the Wii U. I guarantee it Ubi had something to do with the delay.

      1. – Batman: lacking a widely panned multiplayer mode.
        – Aliens: Cancelled. And with a metacritic score of 45, it’s not a tragedy.

        And, oh, Ubi isn’t distributor/publisher. Bandai Namco is. (You know, the guys who are making Smash Bros U.)

      1. Especially with Ubisofts track record. Their games are either delayed and we get the crap version, or flat out canceled.

  2. I don’t really know If I want this anymore. There are a lot of racing games I want right now like Need For Speed Rivals, The Crew, and PS4’s Driveclub. I can’t really choose. Lol.

    1. NFS Rivals isn’t that good, I’d hold off for Drive Club or The Crew. I’m not sure which one I’ll be getting yet, but I’ll probably still get Project Cars for my Wii U.

      1. Yeah, I want really expecting NFS Rivals to be that great… I’m betting The Crew would be good though. I like open world racing! That’s why I liked NFSMW compared to the other games. :)

  3. Like Watch_Dogs before it, I’ve lost a lot of interest in this game for the Wii U. Let’s hope it turns out like Rayman Legends where the game sells the best on Wii U. If Project CARS doesn’t come out til March or April, they can take the game & go fuck themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if delaying it was all Bandai Namco’s fucking fault.

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