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NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Video Games In July In The United States

The NPD details have filtered through for July thanks to Venture Beat. Sony’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us scooped the number one position and the wonderful Mario Kart 8 was placed at number five. Here’s the best-selling games last month in the United States.

1. The Last of Us (PS4, PS3)
2. Minecraft (360, PS3)
3. FIFA 14 (360,PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Vita)
4. Watch Dogs (PS4, 360, PS3, Xbox One, PC)
5. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
6. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC)
7. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)
8. Sniper Elite III (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3)
9. NBA 2K14 (360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (360, PS3, 3DS, DS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, Vita, PC)

“When combining life-to-date sales of Xbox One and PS4 after nine months, and comparing them to the combined totals of nine months of sales for Xbox 360 and PS3, sales of the newest consoles are larger than the prior generation by close to 80 percent,” said Callahan.

“Nintendo confirmed that Wii U sales are up 60 percent through the first seven months of 2014 compared to the same period last year. That’s largely due to the popularity of Mario Kart 8.”

118 thoughts on “NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Video Games In July In The United States”

      1. So it’s doing pretty fucking good being on the top 10 list considering America likes to jumble multiplatform games into one single spot on these kind of lists. And not just the top 10 but the TOP FIVE best selling games in America right now. That’s what. And here I thought Nazis were supposed to be the Master Race that are smarter than everyone else.

      1. He’s actually right. Apart from The Last of Us (if we forget the fact that it got remastered not even a year after its release), Minecraft and Mario Kart 8, the rest is terrible…

        1. It doesn’t matter how long (or short) it took for the game to be remastered. What matters is that there was a huge demand for it, Sony just gave people what they wanted. And looking at how well it actually sold (apparently more than 1.5 million units on release day), it was a very smart move on Sony’s side, financial-wise, not to forget because it probably moved hardware as well.

          1. Exactly. I think it was an excellent choice to remake it for next gen. I might pick it up in the future if I happen to get a PS4.

          2. I will probably get it, as I own a PS4 and never got to play the PS3 version. I think that’s a big part of the game’s success. The slight improvement in graphics wouldn’t be enough to sway me if I already owned it in some other format.

          1. It’s already been said here: most of the best-selling games are bland garbage. It’s no different from music and movies. Doesn’t matter what your taste is. I think most people can see that, in most media, a product sells simply by appealing to the most common denominator. If it also happens to be excellent, that’s a rare treat.

            MK8 literally brought me back into gaming. I hadn’t played anything since Halo 4/Skyrim.

          2. If not for the fact America didn’t jumble multiplat games into one single spot, Mario Kart 8 would probably be doing better than half of those multiplat games if they were being counted as their own separate sales like they are in the UK & Japan.

        1. Maybe because it was the only game in July worth buying on Wii U. The only thing in that game which makes it fun is the races period. However, it’s not as fun as it was hyped up to be :/

              1. !!

                Well apparently not on the same page. LOL

                My bad…but still, with most wii u games out, still surprised that Mario kart held on this long…figured the US would have it way lower. Still good news. Means we will see the light of the gaming community even longer.

            1. Actually, I agree with him. I enjoy Mario Kart 8, but the hype did not live up. Good, but not amazing. Still fun…

      1. Maybe because you never played one or any game in the series. This game series, alone, puts most racers and kart knockoffs to shame. The only racer I like that comes close to being as great is Burnout because I love the high speed action and crash physics.

          1. I agree this game is just over rated. Really over rated since dumbtendo replaced arena stages with racing stages to battle on. That was dumb of dumbtendo to do. Even dumber for getting rid of the player from holding one item.

            1. It would have been a great idea if not for that damn timer crap they added to multiplayer. With the race tracks for battling, it feels like you’re playing on a battlefield but instead of on foot or horseback with guns & shit, it’s on karts, bikes, or ATVs with shells & shit. lol That’s a lot of room for you to lay in wait for someone to come haphazardly through the area you’re in if it’s a big race track with lots of hiding spots.

    1. Why in the world would you think that niche titles would EVER beat out mainstream games?

      I am curious to hear what you have to say…

          1. Why so mad? You cared enough to comment. The first comment wasn’t directed towards you. And get out of where?

                    1. You are wrong, I said that I don´t waht you are playing, but is funny watching you getting upset with me

                  1. Of course you’re right,, you’re ego tells you you’re never wrong. You’re still commenting pointless comments? Clearly, you are upset.;)

                    1. My ego? Please don´t make me laugh, you said “I don’t care if you don’t care what I’m playing” but I can see you care about I don´t care what you are playing, please keep commenting, it’s very amusing seeing you make a fool of yourself.

                      1. There’s your ego again, telling you it’s ok to tell people you don’t care about what they like when they didn’t tell you, while telling you it’s not ok for people to not care about what you think about them. Keep going, please. ;;;)))

                      2. Well, how I see this discussion will never end, I will leave it, I hope you feel like the winner, it´s very obvious that you care a lot about I don´t care because you still commenting but you won´t admit it, bye

                        1. Strong for me? If I still commenting it´s because my ego and now I´m weak because I ended a discussion? Get over it kid… #growup #2mature4U

                1. Dude, you’re not making it easy and you’re making yourself look worse. I’m just saying and before you say anything, I’m not defending that idiot either.

        1. Just an FYI but the last of us ps4 is classified as its own game. So having “ps3” with it is like trying to knock down the fact that it was the top seller because it was on 2 platforms. Sales are of the ps4 version only.

          1. It’s fine that if 2 generations after a game has come out, that they make a remake/hd remaster, but Last of Us wasn’t even out for a year, and they released a remastered edition…

        2. Good that Watch Dogs, GTA V and Mario Kart 8 are still selling well. These charts are probably gonna be crazy when October comes though. Haha.

          1. Wait until Christmas. XD It’s gonna be a free for all in this bitch but Xbox One is gonna sober in a corner since all it can offer is Halo with DRM shoved up everyone’s ass. Everything else is better on PS4 anyway. lol

        3. I’ve never understood why Minecraft has sold so much on consoles… Even when the PC version is FAAAAAAAR superior.

          1. Btw, am I the only one who is surprised that Minecraft is still getting more and more sales? It’s a good game, and I’ve played it a ton, but I still don’t get why it’s so popular even after so long…

            1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

              its kids that are buying the game. they break the disc of the game and buy it again and again.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                The irony is that the Xbots have been doing that ever since the Xbox 360 was released…

                This is the only reason to why the Xbots and now the Sonyans sell games, they keep rebuying everything…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Too bad you have become nothing more than a troll now…

                    Maybe you should consider going to the Sonyan or Xbot sites since all you do is bash Nintendo now…

        4. Its kinda cool to see MK8 is still hanging in there in top positions. Last Of Us is top because of the remaster edition reigniting its popularity. Minecraft is still at its typical, unexplained top position of sales. FIFA because its the world’s most popular sport. Shitty GTA: Chicago aka Watchdogs, slightly above MK8 ONLY because its a multiport and most people have forgotten nor realized GTA5 exists and more ports are coming.

          Hope to get PS4 soon with Destiny and GTA5, maybe Infamous.

                1. xD That’s the good thing about believing in Hell: when they die, they are in for more suffering than what you or I could EVER do to them as they would eventually go into shock or die from any pain we do to them. But in Hell, there is no release from the pain from going into shock or death. Of course, that kind of Hell is reserved for the worst of the worst like Hitler, Stalin, Jack the Ripper (if he was one man that committed five murders,) & other serial killers that enjoyed torturing innocent people.

                    1. If we could see Hell, I doubt we’d have as many shit stains on this earth right now as they’d all be too scared to commit any atrocities or evils because they’ll know EXACTLY what awaits them on the other side once they die. xD

                      1. A shame, too, because scaring people into living good lives would definitely be more effective if they could actually witness the horrors of a place called Hell.

          1. I always thought rich people were dumb if they were depressed. Just use your damn money go on vacation and come back whenever you feel better. Middle class can’t do that. Their Rich and waste time taking dumb stupid deression medcines and end up suicidal. Thats dumb when you can take a relaxing trip for weeks and come back when you feel better.

            1. You obviously have no idea what clinical depression is, do you? xD Going on a vacation won’t do shit.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Forget about him, he has been corrupted by the Xbot stupidity the minute he began bashing everything Nintendo related and its fans for no good reason at all…

        5. Why the hell people even enjoy that NBA bullshit is beyond me. It’s basically one of the few 2K titles that I hate the most.

          1. Funny how I see Nintendo fans complain how corny these 3rd party tittles are. Though Wii U 3rd party tittles shows how nuch you don’t buy those games. So sad.

            1. Maybe because most sports games are bound to have boring gameplay from the start. I don’t mind racers like Forza and Grand Turismo, but NBA is just so boring.

        6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          how is fifa 14 still selling? i thought people will preorder fifa 15 at this point.

        7. This list makes me feel ashamed to be a gamer. Or, ashamed of all other gamers. I’m glad gaming started going downhill in my adult years, and not during my childhood. At least my childhood was filled with games that were actually good.

        8. The best part about this list is that the best game made by the best company starting with the letter N (i aint talking about nintendo) is number 2

          S.E. X.

          signing off

        9. OK, here what I keeping saying all the time when people say UK have a very bad taste in games. Below is the UK chart above is the US one, Now look at both and try to find the difference

          1. (01) [PS4] The Last of Us: Remastered
          2. (02) [360] Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
          3. (03) [PS3] Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
          4. (04) [3DS] Tomodachi Life
          5. (16) [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V
          6. (09) [360] Grand Theft Auto V
          7. (08) [PS4] Watch Dogs
          8. (06) [360] The LEGO Movie Videogame
          9. (07) [360] Watch Dogs
          10. (05) [360] FIFA 14
          11. (11) [XBO] Titanfall
          12. (12) [360] Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
          13. (10) [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
          14. (15) [360] Terraria
          15. (RE) [PS3] The Last of Us
          16. (13) [PS3] Watch Dogs
          17. (17) [PS4] Call of Duty: Ghosts
          18. (NE) [PS3] Ultra Street Fighter IV
          19. (24) [XBO] Call of Duty: Ghosts
          20. (15) [360] Sniper Elite 3
          21. (37) [XBO] Forza Motorsport 5
          22. (20) [PS4] Battlefield 4
          23. (27) [360] Call of Duty: Ghosts
          24. (18) [PS3] The LEGO Movie Videogame
          25. (19) [PS3] FIFA 14
          26. (31) [360] Skate 3
          27. (RE) [360] WWKE 2K14
          28. (30) [3DS] Pokemon Y
          29. (21) [XBO] FIFA 14
          30. (28) [360] Battlefield 4
          31. (32) [360] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
          32. (23) [PS4] FIFA 14
          33. (29) [360] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
          34. (33) [XBO] Battlefield 4
          35. (36) [3DS] Pokemon X
          36. (25) [PS4] EA Sports UFC
          37. (35) [DS] Frozen: Olaf’s Quest
          38. (NE) [360] Ultra Street Fighter IV
          39. (22) [360] Titanfall
          40. (RE) [PS3] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

          Give you a clue there is not difference now. Even the US buy fifa!!!!!!! did not read US has a bad taste when it come to video game in this comment section, double standard I guess

          1. Mario Kart 8 is in the top 5! Whoot! Sure it’s at #5 but that’s till the top 5 no matter how you slice it. But I wonder where it’d be if the NPD wasn’t jumbling all the multiplat games into one group?

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