Red Thread Games has revealed that it is interested in making a Wii U game, and that it “would love” to create one. Through a post on Twitter, the developer said its team has some ideas cooking up for a project that would be suitable for Nintendo’s home console. The studio recently confirmed that its upcoming episodic adventure title, Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, will not be released on Wii U.



  1. more companies need to be like this. putting innovation in front of sales. I hope they make something good. I would be dissapointed if they didn’t take advantage of the gamepad. might as well put it on other consoles as well if they did that.


  2. Sorta happy to hear the studio is reassuring that the Wii U version is still in their cards right after hearing it wasn’t coming after PS4 acquired it and after another few games skipping Wii U. Its been a really fucked up month and 2 years for Wii U media.


  3. I think we can all agree on the fact that Robin Williams did us all a service by taking his own life especially after the scandals involving the Italian priest in 2008 and the pedo accusations throughout the years prior but no matter what he did on his spare time away from the public it is between him and Zelda. The man has payed sins toll though his legacy is tainted with semen.. Typical Nintendo Fan…


  4. I like how the double-standard Nintards complained about mobile gaming and how it was “destroying gaming” yet praise this, which is essentially the same concept.


  5. And I’m sure deep down these Reds think Nintendo gamers are all babies and so are trying to come up with a game that caters only to Nintendolings…


  6. That’s right don’t blame dumtendo for their percentage in Wii u lacking 3rd party support. Dumbtendo is to blame too not just shitsoft. Dumbtendo released Wii U and didn’t even know fully utilize the gamepad right away for gaming. Dumbtendo thought dumbtendoland was supposed to do that…it didn’t.


  7. I think they’re intelligent by telling us they’d love to make a WiiU game, even if this game never reach the console, they treat us like potential public and not like dumbs.
    Read Thread Games > Ubisoft (why not ACR?)> EA :-(


  8. ummmm i think this has happened before: “We will release on wiiu” then “no we are not”, ummmm i sniff some conspiracy around this……someone should anounce a game then maybe micro or sony will contact them offering more money for the crappy game to release it has an exclusive ummmmmmmmmm……..goes and do it… i wont hahaha ot could happen. Just like my conspiracy theories on the media that gets paid to bash at nintendo, you get 100 dollars for 1 hit your article gets and 100 extra if you get comments, no wonder everyone wanted to bash nintendo, where do i get this stuff well my head and the fact that this companies does not play nice (including nintendo sometimes), everything for the money!!!! FK the money WE WANT TO JUST HAVE FUN AND NOT GET RIPPED OFF WITH HIGH PRICES OR HALF ASSED GAMES WITH A LOT OF GLITCHES OR DOWNGRADES….. The hype their weapon so BEWARE OF THE HYPE its like love (or being hot for anyone lolz), you just see the beuty of it but dont think wath could go wrong until its too late and you finde something crappy (or red ewwww) on something you thought would give you a lot of fun hahahahahahah…..


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