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Dreamfall Chapters Studio Says It Would Love To Make A Wii U Game

Red Thread Games has revealed that it is interested in making a Wii U game, and that it “would love” to create one. Through a post on Twitter, the developer said its team has some ideas cooking up for a project that would be suitable for Nintendo’s home console. The studio recently confirmed that its upcoming episodic adventure title, Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, will not be released on Wii U.

88 thoughts on “Dreamfall Chapters Studio Says It Would Love To Make A Wii U Game”

        1. No it isn’t. Lol, the developers are all there. They’re ready. They just won’t make anything until they see the Wii U move millions of units.

          1. I hope you’re right, because I had to buy a PS4 for 3rd party games. I want a console that has all the multiplatforms and Nintendo games that I want :D

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Considering I already have the real Stranga on my friends list then you should be able to send me a message in Miiverse at any time if you’re him…

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            What about when you comment as Stranga only with a Brown avatar, is that you too?…

                            Except the fake one that comments sometimes with perverted sentences…

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                “So in translation: its merely an interactive movie just like 80% of 3rd party trash with recycled gameplay and material aimed for quick profit from fools.”

                                Made in the latest topic…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Why not just this one?…

                                    So I don’t have to destroy you by mistake if I see any inconsistancy one day haha…


                                    Also we must play sometimes MK8 and future games…

                      1. Stranga is right. They can blab all the want about wanted to make a game but when they actually are, that’s when words come into action. Ubisoft for example go on about their support for Wii U, you know the rest of the story.

                        1. Ubishit is the prime example why I don’t trust these motherfuckers pretending to be enthusiastic over Wii U. Even if Nintendo managed to pull Wii U out of its red zone, the 3rd parties still won’t even bother and now that the fanbase is pissed, 3rd parties are almost no longer welcome to even come close to making. Nintendo ports or should I say “intentionally half-assed” ports at full price and BTW, those fuckers think most of us are that stupid like the rest of the jackass who keep throwing money at them for shitty games with appeal that only lasts for weeks and loaded with BS DRM and microtransactions on top of it. Thank god most Nintendo fans aren’t that gullible.

                          1. A pissed fanbase means nothing. Nintendo fanboys are in the vast minority of video game players. Seeing that 3rd parties left a long time ago (when the One/ps4 came out). So if Nintendo can get people to buy the Wii U with Smash and Zelda, a different crowd will be playing the Wii U. The more mainstream crowd, I think. That’s what they did with Brawl (and it worked). There will likely be more mainstream games if there is more mainstream consumers.

                            That’s why Activision is bringing Cod AW to the Xbox instead of the Wii U, even though the Wii U has sold more than the Xbox one. The consumers that bought the One are the folk that buy those Blockbusters like Halo, Cod, Assassin’s Creed, and GTA. Ubisoft will continue to support the Wii U, once the mainstream audience buys the system. That’s why they will probably release Watch Dogs after the mainstream audience buys Smash for Wii U.

                            1. AW is likely coming to Wii U since its gonna be Treyarch porting it just like every other COD since Wii. I can care less about Halo since Destiny is coming and I will get GTA5 with PS4. Asssassin’s Creed is a boring ass byproduct of Splinter Cell so I’m not gonna bother.

                              Nobody’s gonna buy Watchdogs on Wii U now since Ubishit screwed the audience again with another Rayman-like BS delay and they also know what an overhyped garbage Watchdogs is and if they’re gonna release it right after Smash Bros., not one gamers is gonna pay attention to that shit so its a waste. They might as well cancel that shit and get it over with.

                      1. I just had to say it. I’m watching your youtube video, and your voice is just really nice, even soothing hehe =) congrats

                      1. hear we go agian with the ea hateeven tthough nobody buys their games anyays yet complain when it skipps nintendo. i think im done with these trolls ive haf enough for one day -_-

                          1. A lot? You mean the definitive edition of Mass Effect 3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted that nobody bought? And those sports games that nobody would’ve have bought anyways?

                      1. It’s more than likely those dumb kids I’m always hearing through the speaker. Good. They deserve to be removed. Lol.

                              1. Yeah, it’s a shame it didn’t come to Wii U. It’s one of the funnest games I’ve ever played! Definitely deserves all the sales it’s getting. Gonna try and get it again in the future when I get a gaming PC…

                  2. more companies need to be like this. putting innovation in front of sales. I hope they make something good. I would be dissapointed if they didn’t take advantage of the gamepad. might as well put it on other consoles as well if they did that.

                  3. Sorta happy to hear the studio is reassuring that the Wii U version is still in their cards right after hearing it wasn’t coming after PS4 acquired it and after another few games skipping Wii U. Its been a really fucked up month and 2 years for Wii U media.

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                    1. Sasori you need to stop this shit this is getting old. Just because Robin Williams was a putz doesn’t mean you can laugh at his death. Have some sensitivity moron!!!!

                      1. Dude (or girl dude?) just ignore him/it…
                        It’s like a little child, the more you pay attention, the more it does it….
                        Just keep scrolling and let him try to get attention the stupid way…it’s probably all it does all day anyways…

                      2. He had Parkisons, well the first stages of it which is why he did what he did. Apparently, he didn’t want his family to go into debit because of how expensive the treatment is for that disease.

                        Well, even with the dumbass trolls making fun of him, they still can’t take away the fact that he was still a success yet those trolls are still living with their parents and working at Mc Donalds

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      You’ll be doing the entire universe a favor when you’re erased from existence and nonexistence…

                    3. And now you’ve become the most wanted person on the Internet… Hey Evan, I hope you like trolls coming to your house wanting to kill you ;)

                    4. omg have you no respect for the death of others. how would you feel if someone from your family killed theirselves? seriously this place is full of trolls i. rarely come here and i alwys regret reading the comments when i do. humans are disgusting i hate my race

                      1. Yeah, I’m sorry about the trolls, RIP Robin. Disrespecting the dead is deeply disturbing, and telling people to kill themself is an inexcusable offense. It’s sad that there’s people out there that feed off of negative emotions. Sorry… The comment sections of most video game sites are almost often filled with villainy.

                  5. I like how the double-standard Nintards complained about mobile gaming and how it was “destroying gaming” yet praise this, which is essentially the same concept.

                    1. is episodic a bad thing though? besides quit cuplaining yea I wanted chapters but it skipped the wii u so did ff myb the game being made for the wii u wont be episodic? im hyped for it! if you dont like it dont buy it that simple

                  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    And I’m sure deep down these Reds think Nintendo gamers are all babies and so are trying to come up with a game that caters only to Nintendolings…

                    1. nintendolings? hey atleast their supporting nintedo which is more then I can say for most other ppl why is it theres always someone being negative.

                  7. superior platform lol what good does all those high end graphics and super power do when all u get are nonstop cod rehashes and cod clones.

                  8. That’s right don’t blame dumtendo for their percentage in Wii u lacking 3rd party support. Dumbtendo is to blame too not just shitsoft. Dumbtendo released Wii U and didn’t even know fully utilize the gamepad right away for gaming. Dumbtendo thought dumbtendoland was supposed to do that…it didn’t.

                  9. I think they’re intelligent by telling us they’d love to make a WiiU game, even if this game never reach the console, they treat us like potential public and not like dumbs.
                    Read Thread Games > Ubisoft (why not ACR?)> EA :-(

                  10. ummmm i think this has happened before: “We will release on wiiu” then “no we are not”, ummmm i sniff some conspiracy around this……someone should anounce a game then maybe micro or sony will contact them offering more money for the crappy game to release it has an exclusive ummmmmmmmmm……..goes and do it… i wont hahaha ot could happen. Just like my conspiracy theories on the media that gets paid to bash at nintendo, you get 100 dollars for 1 hit your article gets and 100 extra if you get comments, no wonder everyone wanted to bash nintendo, where do i get this stuff well my head and the fact that this companies does not play nice (including nintendo sometimes), everything for the money!!!! FK the money WE WANT TO JUST HAVE FUN AND NOT GET RIPPED OFF WITH HIGH PRICES OR HALF ASSED GAMES WITH A LOT OF GLITCHES OR DOWNGRADES….. The hype their weapon so BEWARE OF THE HYPE its like love (or being hot for anyone lolz), you just see the beuty of it but dont think wath could go wrong until its too late and you finde something crappy (or red ewwww) on something you thought would give you a lot of fun hahahahahahah…..

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