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Hyrule Warriors eShop Page Apparently Says New Content Is Planned To Be Distrubuted

The Japanese eShop listing for the recently released Hyrule Warriors apparently says that additional characters, weapons and scenario are planned to be distributed in the near future. We’ve still got a while for the game to release over here as it’s not due until September.

Rumor: “Additional characters, weapons and scenario are planned to be distributed!” says eShop page of HW.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

34 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors eShop Page Apparently Says New Content Is Planned To Be Distrubuted”

  1. Well, that’s TK’s MO. I wonder if they’ll release an updated edition later with everything included like they do with all their other titles

  2. It’s probs just relating to the Link, Zelda and Ganon DLCs though? I can understand at a later date if they added more though too.

  3. Sweet … I hope for a Vintage Obscura pack in the future so I can play as “Error” from Zelda 2.

    … no … seriously. If the bug girl from TP is a playable character, playing as mister “I am Error” would be the most stupidly EPIC thing Ever.

    … and, no. I have no idea what his attacks would be either. Something to do with Bridges? Maybe he’s a master Bridgemaker and Gatekeeper, kicking butt with bridgemakers tools, magic keys and basic gate-guard soldiers gear.

    Seriously … Error for HW DLC.

    Make it Happen.

  4. I wish Dumbtendo thought like this videogame developer. Make corrections now not afterward. Imagine me picking up MK8 with battle stages before I played it. Oh well that’s dumbtendo for you. And you wonder why Dumbtendo is losing 3rd party support from left to right.

  5. people crying over third party support fuck third party and stop bitching. want third party games do what smart people do and play third party games on pc. shhhh… here is a secret don’t tell no one but pc versions of games run smoother and looks better and there cheaper than consoles games plus you could pirate all the third party titles you want at no extra cost.

      1. Wow, one game. Now his point is not valid anymore!!! Watch Dogs not running well on PCs tells us more about how Ubisoft does a poor job in their titles than about PCs sucking, and even that game is already running much better now. All his points are valid.

  6. The Dynasty Warriors games have almost weekly DLC updates. DW8 on PS4 already has about 25 DLC items, so don’t be surprised if HW gets the same treatment.

    1. I’m sure that’s already on the DLC line up since anyone in Japan getting the Treasure Box is getting every single Link, Zelda, & Ganondorf outfit. And the DLC outside of the Japan is only a limited time/preorder bonus.

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