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Here’s Some New Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Details For Nintendo 3DS

Natsume has provided some more details regarding Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley on the Nintendo 3DS. The producer behind the game explained that the franchise has essentially gone back to the basics and they rethought everything they possibly could.

The idea is that each animal should feel unique in some way, and to encourage all farmers to keep animals – whether a full-barn veteran or a chicken-coop newcomer. Now, each animal will have its own personality traits, called “skills” in the game.

Players can seek out animals with the traits they desire most for their own personal play style; some farmers may aim for a barn with all of the same traits, while others may look for a selection of traits for a balanced barn or coop. This mechanic of choice was really important, as players get to shape their farm in the way they prefer. A few sample traits include:

Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall – This season is the animal’s favorite! Their affection level will go up faster in that season.

Elegant – These animals really, really hate being dirty! You’ll get a big affection bonus when you brush them. The higher an animal’s affection, the higher quality products they’ll produce, as well as a higher quantity of that product!
Like a particular trait? You can breed that particular animal and get the same skill over and over or, even better, you can breed them into a rare, super version of that skill! Here’s a few skills, and how they level up:

Great Goods becomes High-Quality Goods: These animals have a strong and powerful body! Because of that, they will sometimes produce higher-quality products.

More Goods becomes Super Goods: These animals are gifted with fantastic health! Because of that, they will sometimes produce a higher quantity of products.

Animals will also have the ability to learn skills! In Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, there’s a large variety of animal feeds that can be made, and some of these will teach animals unique skills!

While we were first developing Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, we called it by a code name: Back to Basics. We’ve applied this philosophy to many aspects of the game, including the animals available on the farm. We went back to the basics: cows, sheep, chickens, and, of course, horses.

16 thoughts on “Here’s Some New Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Details For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. I’m excited for these two games… But a lot of us hm fans want a hm for wiiu. Awl sequel or at least something similar.:'(

    1. Well thats up to Marvelous AQL not Natsume to make Harvest Moon U, well an actual Harvest Moon U as the game before you is actually a spin off.

      1. Natsume is actually creating this one themselves. Marvelous AQL is doing the new true Harvest Moon game (Story of Seasons) by themselves. Anything from Natsume is 100% their own.

  2. This is Natsume’s first Harvest Moon game they have made…this will be interesting to see how it compares to Marvelous AQLs Harvest Moon games.

        1. Ok then a slow console hm like a wonderful might be more suited for you. If not then maybe rune factory?… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I’m really curious about this one, it looks like it takes elements straight from Minecraft (I’ve only played a short demo of it, so I’m not sure entirely). The character design is pretty terrible though, so I’m hoping the gameplay is good enough to make it decent. I’d definitely get Story of Seasons over this one though. Natsume isn’t all that great at producing their own games.

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