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Ubsioft Says That Only A Vocal Minority Complains About Number Of Assassin’s Creed Games

Assassin’s Creed Rogue producer Karl von der Luhe claims that it’s only a vocal minority of gamers that complain about the frequency of Assassin’s Creed titles. This year we are getting two Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed Unity for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and Assassin’s Creed Rogue for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However neither titles are coming to Wii U. Here’s what he had to say.

When asked whether two games in two months might be too much for some fans, Rogue producer Karl von der Luhe told Eurogamer that he believed it was only “a vocal minority that feel that way”.

92 thoughts on “Ubsioft Says That Only A Vocal Minority Complains About Number Of Assassin’s Creed Games”

  1. I don’t care about how many games they make, I just don’t like assassins creed. But they should be careful not to burn out their fanbase. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, disappear for a year and some nostalgia might just kick in for assassins creed 6…or are we at 7 now? So hard to tell with all the non-numerical entries lol

    1. Smart comment, Anon, and right you are. So many sequels can ruin a series. It’s a pretty much a unified opinion that when Square was making Final Fantasy 4/ 6/ 7/ Tactics they were at their best. Now-adays Square Enix is making multiple sequels to select entries every year (from 2010 to 2014 there has been: 13 part 2, 13 part 3, and 14 part 2). It’s making me dislike Square Enix in general for only focusing on one franchise- and having almost yearly installments, no less.

      1. the only flaw in your argument is final Fantasy 4,5,6,7 and tactics was Squaresoft and not square enix. Up to Final Fantasy X all the FF were Squaresoft. whas is also interesting is that since Hironobu Sakaguchi step down, Square when down the drain and merge with Enix and you know what happened

          1. yes dude everybody know that but you also know as the result of it. There are a lot of employees who left sqauresoft, you know that 50% at least of the team who did xenogear left. What they call the A-team (who make final Fantasy 1-9) the most talented one of this team left.. So you miss my point Squarsoft merge with Enix but as every companies this kind of merge change a company and the result of it are game like FF 11 to 13-3. hence why I say it was not Squaresoft but SquareEnix.

      2. While i agree with you i do have to point out that “14 part 2” was a reboot to the mmo and a nessesary one if they hoped to not loose more money then they already did with 1.0. Otherwise yes i do agree whole heartedly.

  2. I don’t care if they have multiple games, I care about quality, and since Revelations the series has never been anything special

  3. The article header is misleading. He was asked whether Unity + Rogue were too much, not the general number of AC games we get.
    Other than that, why would anyone complain about it ? One game is for the last gen, the other one is for the current gen. It would be another thing if both games came to the same platforms, but that’s not the case. So, what exactly is there to complain about ? lmao

    1. Dude it might as well be the same generation the way sony and microsoft are handling their systems with ports of year old games up the ass. And regardless of the fact that it’s on two separate generation system-wise, doesn’t matter if it’s almost the same time. A lot of PS3/XBOX360 owners are now PS4/XBONE owners so you think they are gonna care that it’s “a different generation?”

      1. …You do realize that they are two different games, right ?
        And what’s so bad about (superior) ports ? As long as there is demand, there’s nothing wrong with it, honestly. Also, many people joined gaming with the start of this gen, means, many people didn’t have the chance to play those ported games prior to this gen. Getting those ports means they will now have the chance to play it. If you bothered thinking a bit deeper into it, you’d see that “handling their systems with ports up the ass” actually isn’t a bad thing in terms of making money.

  4. well they wanted to make 21 games about assassins creed in total. As for the numerical they want to go up to assassin’s creed X. I do believe assassin’s creed rogue is assassin’s creed 4.2 or 3.2. Assassin’s creed unity is assassin’s creed 5. I always play assassin’s creed on PC cause way cheaper, so I really don’t care if the game is not coming to wii U and I can take my time. I take my time so much that I have not play assassin’s creed 3 yet after the shocking end of Altair and Ezio. Anyway I do believe assassin’s creed is best on PC than console.

  5. Ubisoft, once again demonstrating its lack of proper market understanding.

    A vocal minority complain. Most just stop buying it.

  6. believed..key word there. anyway the number of games seems fine to me even more so that they are not on the same gen

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


      The Ubisian arrogance plus the blind slaves make a perfect combination…

      At the end of this year, wait for their total blameful comments they will utter about Nintendo fans for not buying the overhyped Watch Dogs…

      1. The more blind slaves Ubisoft gathers the more arrogant it gets. If Ubisoft doesn’t stop this greed it will be in a worse position than Capcom.

  7. personally assassins creed unity looks awesome so that’s a absolute buy for me
    I think they shouldn’t have made 2 assassins creeds though that’s just a little over kill

  8. I think the assassins creed games have became insanely boring. It’s the same gameplay in every game, with the same
    non-sensical story and the same unlikeable characters. They only thing that really changes is the setting, and for me, that’s just not enough as I find the core gameplay mechanics extremely worn-out.

  9. No there is too many of them, UBI is deluding the series. Its basically Guitar Hero all over again. But hey if they want to do that to the series then ok.

  10. No shit… Again the non-nintendo news on a supposedly nintendo-centric website…

    The owner of this place should change the name of this blog…

  11. I have played all of the AC games so far and to be honest the only bad ones have been 1&3. The Ezio trilogy was great, and 4 is a blast too.

    I do think that 4 being so different save the series for now, but Unity looks like its going back to its old ways but now you can play multiplayer which I don’t care about in that kind of game.

      1. I also like Altair more than Ezio but the game itself was clunky and extremely repetitive.

        What really killed it for me is I spent HOURS finding every single one of those damn flags in the entire game.

        1. yeah the flag stuff was a pain i still remember I could not fiind the last flag in Jerusalem and I am not joking when I say it took me days. But bear in mind it was the first game which is was the first concept and did not have the same budget, I know it’s repetitive but I kind of like it in some way. What I was wondering is if the next assassin’s creed will see the creation of the creed and explain the origin of the war between the templar and the assassins.

  12. A lot of Assassin’s Creed games each year and nobody bats an eye, two or three Super Mario games per console and everyone loses their shit.

    1. To be fair there are way more mario games than that. Wii U has been out for 2 1/2 years and it already has 3 mario games:Mario 3d world, n3w super mario bros u, and mario kart. I know what you’re thinking, they’re different in what genre are, but if they’re a different genre, why not just make a new character for the game instead if milking the mario brand? If super mario 3d world had a completely different main character, I’d still play it. At least Assassin’s Creed is sticking to the same genre. And it’s usually only 1 per year, this year we get 2 for different consoles, so it’s okay.

      1. I think Nintendo fans can easily agree that the NSB series is rehashed and outplayed now. I for one think so.

        1. Yea I would like a new 2D Mario in a few years but without the “New” title and incredibly dull art style and music. The original 4 are amazing and unforgettable and easily distinguishable. The New series are very similar in art and music and feels VERY generic.

      2. They ARE different genres, and the’re not gonna NOT make a Mario Kart game, come on. And it’s number 8. The series is like 22 years old. A 3D Mario is a given on a Nintendo console, and lately one 2D per console or so. They could have spaced them out more, but they messed up with their launch and wanted to get Mario out in 3D World cause Mario would bring more sales and help Wii U get back on track hopefully. Ubisoft plans on releasing a bunch of assassin’s creeds per console. Yea, it’s also to make money, but they aren’t trying to sell a console so it’s a little different. And even if you count all three Mario games, which are different genres, there’s still more assassin’s creed games that have been released since wii u’s launch then Mario. And you said at least they stick to the same genre like that makes it better or something. I’d rather have Mario in all different genres than a few assassin’s doing the same thing every year, now twice a year. And honestly I’m sure ubisoft would put assassin’s in other genre’s if they could get away with it. But let’s be serious, who’s buying assassin’s kart, or assassin brothers, or assassin strikers, or assassin party? Cause those all sound dull and boring to me. Nintendo could definitely stand to make new IPs, of course. Splatoon looks fun, and I’m probably getting it, but I think a deeper new IP is in order. Project Robot and the Project Camera game from E3 that might end up being in Star Fox, should definitely be in Star Fox. That robot game looked like a game that would have seemed amazing like 25 years ago. Now it looks stiff and slow. The camera game looked fun, but it’s not a deep game with any story really. A new IP of an adventure game or 3D platformer or something without Mario would be great.

  13. I don’t care what excuse they got and whom they think that’s gonna fool beside anti-Nintendo idiots, but nobody on Wii U’s end will care anyway. They can keep their bullshit and there annually recycled garbage. We don’t want it nor care anymore.

  14. I enjoy the games (well most of them, Far Cry 2 was boring imo) that Ubisoft makes and I really like the Assassin’s Creed series. I’m definitely getting AC Unity in the future because they FINALLY made a next gen AC and it looks phenomenal. It also seems to play differently from the normal ones and that’s great! However, I am a bit concerned about AC Rogue. It seems more like AC3 and 4 mixed together and they are really overusing the naval combat now. But I’m glad they upgraded the ship’s attacks and let you do more with your crew. And the story of being a Templar is one heck of an awesome thing. I just hope they don’t make me kill Ezio or Connor. They’re my favorites regardless of what anyone says. >.<

      1. That doesn’t look horrible. That looks better than AC4’s next gen port. I already saw the Gamescon gameplay and it looked great. Idk what you saw lol. I’m guessing it was the PC version.

    1. That’s the problem. It LOOKS amazing. A lot of people said the same about Watch_Dogs til they played it back when the game first released.

      Oh & don’t worry about Ezio or Connor. Ezio died in the 1520s & Connor most likely hasn’t been born yet.

  15. Just the fact that neither of these games are coming to Wii U makes me have no respect for Ubisoft. All of those THOUSANDS of employees at Ubisoft and they can’t put a little effort in making Wii U ports. Piss on them.

  16. I think the only reason they are able to get away with it is because one game is on the new gen of consoles while the other is on the old gen. I am glad the new games will be on separate generations, it means the full focus is on that gen so nothing has to be dumbed down to be playable on the old systems. It’s a shame they’ve abandoned the Wii U, but hopefully the Wii U can pick up momentum and sell better so that 3rd parties will develop for it more.

  17. I haven’t finish a single AC game. The reason why is that, it gets very repetitive. I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried. It was actually one of my very first Wii U games to.

      1. Everything! lol But repetitiveness has never really been a complaint for me since I enjoy games like God of War or Dynasty/Samurai/Hyrule Warriors.

  18. What about the quiet majority that stopped playing the series after it basically became annualized. I didn’t care enough to shout to high heavens online… but game series that churn out titles like birthday cards are a big turnoff for me.

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