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Dreamfall Chapters Is Coming To PlayStation 4 First, But Developers Are Open To Ports

We already know from the Sony press conference at Gamescom that Dreamfall Chapters is coming to PlayStation 4, but what we didn’t know is that it’s only a timed exclusives. The developers revealed the news on Twitter and stated that they’re open to ports.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation


77 thoughts on “Dreamfall Chapters Is Coming To PlayStation 4 First, But Developers Are Open To Ports”

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  3. the whole thing turn to be a fraud… They took the money from kickstarters and they also announced the wii U and other platforms. People who owned these platformed donated for it… So they CANNOT say we are open to ports, because they already took them from them…

    People should report them in kickstarters and demand their money back, at least those who donated for the wii U.

  4. This is all a part of the BS acquiring of exclusivity for games in current development for other platforms to outwit each other in sales (Microsoft/Sony) and this is gonna piss some fans off. See what happens when you make home consoles identical to each other and into a PC instead of its own kind to showcase its differences and advantages over another.

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