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Bayonetta 2 Will Be Getting A Five-Disc Soundtrack Release

Wavemaster, which is Sega’s in-house label, has announced that they will be releasing a five-disc soundtrack to Bayonetta 2. The CD will be titled The Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack and will be released in Japan on October 29th. Sega has stated that the lead composer will be PlatinumGames’ Masami Ueda who has also been involved in both Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. The Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack will cost 5142Yen which is approximately 50 USD.

80 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Will Be Getting A Five-Disc Soundtrack Release”

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  1. I love videogame music. I wish we had a DKTF and SM3D world soundtrack. Videogame music can be very creative and some can be boring. Also WWHD and Twilight Princess has some kickass soundtracks. Soul Caliber too. Monopoly for PS1 did too. Rareware did once upon a time. Sonic Adventure 2 does too. Also must not forget Bajo-Kazooie had muisc to die for.

  2. Better localize that shit.
    Rodins collection with first was kinda crappy compared to 4 CDs collection Japan had.

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  4. that is pretty much $10/disc which is kinda normal in pricing, unless they do a bayonetta 2 bundle that includes those discs and the price is about $100, might not get the soundtrack but i will still get the game

  5. I guess they’re including the original Bayonetta soundtrack. If not, that’s an insane amount of music for an action game. Then again, this is Masami Ueda we’re talking about.

  6. The second I read this, I was thinking “Japan only”. And I was right. Always Japan. It’s like they think only the Japanese likes game music.

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