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Amazon And Best Buy Now Offering The Hyrule Warriors Pre-order Costumes

Amazon and Best Buy are both offering Hyrule Warriors costumes if you decide to pre-order the forthcoming game with them. If you chose to pre-order with Amazon then you’re entitled to get Twilight Princess costumes for Link and Zelda when the game ships to you. If you decide to pre-order the game from Best Buy then you can get a code to download the Skyward Sword costume set for Link and Zelda upon pick up and purchase of the game.

Thanks, Jamie

43 thoughts on “Amazon And Best Buy Now Offering The Hyrule Warriors Pre-order Costumes”

    1. Hyrule Warriors haven’t been released in America just yet, nausea dumb ass. Just because Koei-Tecmo and Nintendo releasing free DLC costumes doesn’t mean it’s a boring game. Your comment is 100% childish bullshit.

      1. I played the warriors game before. I thought it was boring. Maybe not for you. Your comment is 100% childish for thinking taste isn’t subjective!

      1. Sure but a couple rules: never never never never never never go to the past. And never show any body items from the future. Killed my future mom while she was getting gagged and vomited by my future sisters big ol dildo :/

          1. You sure? One thing you can do is go to the future, let your anger out on innocent people. You can rip throats, rape, bomb, steal, burn down building and then go back in time and kill your self so you don’t do it so everything that happened will be erased and everything goes back to normal:)

    2. Agree. Not really exited at all about this game anymore!! Since the day I hear no online coop !! Thank you nintendo but nice try ! I’m exited about bayonetta 2 though ;)

  1. This is just stupid. I’m not gonna preorder 3 copies just to get skins. Why couldn’t they just put them IN THE ACTUAL GAME?! They better be downloadable later. Otherwise this is just ridiculous.

    1. And I’m assuming they’ll be downloadable later. But if they charge for them then that’s ridiculous too. Why can’t we just have games the way they were? Paying for small extras that would’ve been standard 10 years ago is ridiculous.

  2. Already pre-ordered from Amazon to get the Twilight Princess ones. I’ve been pretty unsure about this game until the last week or so, thinking it could burn out pretty quickly, but the more I looked into it, I think it could be worth buying.

    1. Do you just preorder the game and thats it? I didn’t find anything about getting the TP skins. Sorry to ask stupid questions, I’m new to amazon and only want to get the skins.

  3. The Ocarina of Time ones look coolest to me. So I think I’m preordering at Gamestop, but I wonder how I will be able to get the other costumes? I want to collect them all, but I don’t want to have to preorder and buy the game three times at different locations :/

    1. They’ll most likely release them in the eShop a month or more after the Club Nintendo Ganondorf DLC outfits deal is over with.

      1. If they don’t, I’ll be SOL in getting the Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword outfits for Link & Zelda.

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