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Rayman 3DS Collection Is Actually Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble And Rabbids Travel in Time 3D


Earlier today we posted that Amazon Germany had begun listing a Rayman Collection for the Nintendo 3DS. There wasn’t really any interesting details in the listing. However, it turns out the collection is legitimate and includes Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble, & Rabbids Travel in Time 3D. The official name of the bundle is Rayman & Rabbids Family Pack and it’s coming in either September or October.

Thanks, Busybee

52 thoughts on “Rayman 3DS Collection Is Actually Rayman Origins, Rabbids Rumble And Rabbids Travel in Time 3D”

    1. And they still have the nerve to say they’re still supporting Nintendo? They haven’t made a single new game for the 3DS yet that doesn’t BLOW like that embarrassment Shadow Wars turning a 3rd person tactical shooter into an Advance Wars clone and we don’t want Raving Rabbids anymore. Their popularity died with the Wii years ago.

  1. This rabbid games aren’t my type of thing. Lol. But I’ve never played any, so idk what they are like. There’s one on the Wii U though if I ever wanted to try it… Anyways, I’ve got too many games I want to get this. And plus, Rayman Origins is terrible on 3DS compared to the HD versions…

  2. I think this is like the execs at Ubisofts judgement as to if people give a shit about their companies games on the 3ds

  3. Rayman and the rabbids are separate things. This bundle has basicly said “heres the raving rabbids collection!” *quietly* “and rayman”

    Seriously thats kinda a joke

    1. They still think we’re gonna be suckered into their pathetic half to nothing assed support, even on a successful platform like 3DS which overkills PS4 in every nation on the planet.

  4. Instead of making a new game for the all successful 3DS, they’re bundling 3 old trash games as a cheap tactic to give excuses for Nintendo support. How pathetic and hypocrite of them when they ditch Wii U just the same way as not supporting 3DS seriously and idiots still think this is acceptable or that Nintendo fans are being ridiculously mad over Ubisoft shafting them? Fuck this.

    1. And then they want Rayman is Smash? At this point, they’re treating Nintendo like EA does. Except Ubisoft can be interesting.

      1. LOL no, EA is far worse. They gave up on the Wii U a couple months before giving up on it. At least Ubisoft is still doing something. XD

        1. That’s because EA is full of whiny greedy pigs. They turned away over Nintendo not allowing Origin to be their standard online infrastructure and WTF would want that crap in any game system? Not even Xbox or PS made this POS standard on their systems and EA didn’t make a peep even when Sony said Origin’s offering is unfair and unfit for their fanbase and still EA kept its cool. Fuck EA and Ubisoft too for lying about their support when its nothing more than a constant train ride of disappointment of pissing on fans. They’re just as worst as EA not doing anything.

    2. You wouldn’t have bought a new or used game from Ubisoft, so it wouldn’t really matter to be honest. XD Let me ask you something, Stranga. What would Ubisoft have to do in order to get you back on their side? And don’t say something like “Nothing, I’m done with this BS”. I want to hear a serious response. :P

      1. Did you seriously just asked that question? lol Ubisoft needs to cut their EA-esque BS of false promises, deliberate delays over other systems, gimping and undermining fanbase over lies of install base and sales rates which are better than Xbox One and Vita together.

        But at this point, there’s nothing they can do to trick me to come back to buying their half baked garbage so they can pull their stunts again. Thank god I’m not an idiot when it comes to trust and boy they have long destroyed that consumer trust hard.

          1. And speaking of that, I see you’re still preaching about EA garbage being better than others. Its no wonder you blindly love Microsoft financially raping your dumbass with paywalls and paid free online play.

        1. Is that so? Hm… Let’s compare your situation… How do you think my cousin that only owns a PS3 and plays Ubisoft games would feel about the situation? He wouldn’t feel anything. Lol. He’s getting all the games he needs from them and he has Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 and I’m assuming that (being the AC fan he is) he will also get Rogue. :P

          1. And you’re bringing an irrelevant comparison of PS3 into Nintendo/Ubisoft debate why? This is about Ubisoft throwing Nintendo fans under the bus so where did PS come into play?

            1. Nope. I was comparing how YOU feel as opposed to my cousin. You say you hate Ubisoft, but it’s completely opposite in his point of view. See what I mean?

              1. Again, you’re not thinking how the fans on Nintendo side feels when they wanted some of Ubisoft’s games and they’re not delivering jack knowing the support and demand was always there.

                  1. Its technically not mine. Its for my siblings and what they want to play is either Sonic or some other action games. Ubisoft is not nor never on their mind and I’m glad. There are other similar games out there that’s more deserving of our support.

  5. Nope. I want a Rayman Legends sequel. Best 2D game. Though I can’t decide if I like Tropical freeze or Legends best. Too bad it didn’t stay an exclusive probably would have been a great SSB character.

  6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    they should include spliter cell and ghost recon with the original rayman 3d. i hope the price will be $30-35.

    1. As if you’re gonna buy it moron. You forgot you’re all about “oh 360 is better and more next gen than Wii U”. What a retard you are for calling a faulty 480p upscaled box next gen…

  7. Oh cool! I’ve never played Rayman Origins! I also have yet to buy Rayman Legends. I should pick this family pack game up and then buy Legends for my Wii U after.

    I need something to play on my 3DS anyway. It’s been lonely for a while now while my Wii U’s been getting lots and lots of attention.

  8. A brief history of Rabbids: So Rayman Raving Rabbids basically started out as Rayman 4. The Rabbids were going to be a very charismatic enemy, like the Hoodlums from the previous game, or the Kremlings from Donkey Kong. The game featured typical 3D Rayman elements, platforming, odd-but-fun vehicle segments, and lots of variety, including mini-games.

    Allegedly, at some point during development the lead director left the project for about 2 weeks, to work on other projects. On return, he discovered that the development team had all but scrapped the platforming elements in favor of the mini-games. This most likely imposed on the team by Ubisoft, who didn’t think a Platformer would be successful, and with the director gone, there was much less artistic integrity.

    At this point, Rayman was really only in the game as a formality, with the Rabbids just springboarding off of him. Ubisoft really tried to push Rabbids as a new ‘thing’, and it’s likely there were a lot of strings being pulled to make them popular (IGN gave their first game an astounding 9/10, rather than a more accurate 1/10, and called the Rabbids the best new characters of the past 5 years, or something to that effect).

    To be fair, Rayman 3 flopped in sales, and even got several unfairly low review scores, so it’s not surprising that Ubisoft had no confidence in Rayman 4. I guess that’s just business.

  9. True Nintendo Fan from the NES and up

    You all sound retarded as hell and your sad exuses for hating on Ubisoft who has been a long time supporter of and one of the only 3rd party companies left helping Nintendo. I don’t care what any of you idiots say, you hate on all 3rd part games except for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Crapcom’s low bugget handheld game. I hope you all burn in Hell. You idiots are what is killing of Nintendo. You are all really just but hurt over one exlusive Rayman game getting put on other consoles. Crapcom does that all the time too. Big woop. And 3 games in one sounds great to me, Rayman Origins was awesome.

    1. Delaying Watchdogs and Rayman for other systems for 9 months, gimping Blacklist, not giving DLC for AC4, the next COD annual edition spammer. I don’t recall that “support” at all and take a look at how they’re supporting 3DS and now look ack at their excuse of Wii U not selling well enough and waiting for it to release more games which BTW, its extrotion to. Nintendo fans. Its a fucking joke like they are and you sheeps too thinking they care. Glad I’m not you’re type of stupid.

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  11. NOOOOO!!! All hope is lost! Nintendo shouldn’t be working with Ubisoft at all! Rayman has Sony/Microsoft written all over his face, not Nintendo!

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