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Nintendo Kyoto Development Center Restructure Update

NeoGAF member Shikamaru Ninja has published an update detailing the restructuring at Nintendo’s Kyoto development centre. The information was taken from a number of verified sources which include,jp,, and

Central HQ Building / Kyoto Research Office (old buildings)

  • “1,000 developers” from the Central Office HQ vacated
  • “100 developers” from the Kyoto Research Office vacated
  • Intelligent Systems vacated from Kyoto Research Office into their new private building.
  • No more development personnel in Central Office HQ?
  • Only Mario Club Co., Ltd left in Kyoto Research Office?

Kyoto Development Center (new building)

  • June 2014 official time of personnel transplant
  • “1,000” Nintendo developers from Central HQ and “100” Nintendo developers from Kyoto Research Office merged into new Kyoto Development Center.
  • Hardware and all Software personnel now in one building.
  • 1,100~ / 1,500+ capacity filled thus far
  • Nintendo hopes for better efficiency and expansion
  • SRD is on the “8th floor” of building (Nintendo technology affiliate)
  • EAD absorbed several SPD development personnel.
  • SPD production units still separate. May not be in this building.
  • SDD (Miiverse, System tools) and IRD (Hardware engineers) in building.
  • SDD includes a Network Operations Department, with over 100 developers purely focused on network infrastructure and network based applications. (small chapter at Tokyo office as well)
  • Katsuya Eguchi is department manager of all EAD groups in building. (New 90’s Miyamoto)
  • Slight delay of Kyoto based development of games until 2015.


  • Sakamoto and his personal development team re-emerging under new identity?
  • Graphic Art staff collectively throughout Nintendo about 40-50% female.
  • EAD Tokyo unaffected
  • Iwata / Miyamoto establish “General Support Group” which is an alliance of small internal and external support studios filling out large EAD production units. (1-Up Studio, Monolith Kyoto, Indies Zero, Mox).
  • Nintendo has become a large client of Digitalscape Co., Ltd. (temp agency) hiring large number of contract workers, and having a high retention rate of most of them after contract is over. (Mostly for EAD Tokyo)

Thanks, Simba

124 thoughts on “Nintendo Kyoto Development Center Restructure Update”

    1. 1,100~ / 1,500+ capacity filled thus far”

      And this is actual reason why Nintendo will never go third party people.

            1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

              Wow, lord aizen also want to become a puppet, just look at his profile.
              What a coincidence… *sarcasm*

                1. now he say’s: “am better than you, deal with it” and still gets his ass kicked by a bunch of kids on cal of duty…

    1. Obey you? Fuck that shit. Also, you spelled “support” wrong…

      Don’t expect others to support you if you can’t (spell) support yourself.

      “am a fan of sasori of the red sand and i will become puppet just like him.
      please surpport cod on wii u.”

  1. So, games being devolped gets delayed until 2015. This means Captain Toad and Yoshi’s Wolly World are getting delayed? :O

    1. They’re mostly certainly talking about games that haven’t been revealed yet. That change was planned ever since last year (that’s when we got the news, the company might have decided on that a long time before that), so they surely have arranged their schedules to fit that.

      Also, the “slight delay” are for games being developed in Kyouto. Nintendo has another building developing in Toukyou as well, and that one seems to be unaffected.

      Anyway, we’re probably getting the games promised for 2014 this year, and the games that were supposed to come in 2015 and after are the ones being affected. Aside from that, that change means they’ll have faster change of information between teams, which means faster development (and possibly less budget needed), so we might actually see those delayed titles sooner than later.

    1. Actually, that change seems to have been proposed by Iwata, and seeing how it’s coming true, I’d say he’s staying as President for now. And I’m actually glad, because I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job than he can – he just needs someone to slap him in the face and say “you’re doing it wrong!”, but overall he’s the best Nintendo could have.

    1. It’s good; they’re getting a bunch of their development department and stuff into a new building where they can work closer to one another and increase efficiency.

    1. How is watch dogs?
      What, on wii u?
      I don’t even need time travel to answer that one.
      Go play it on another system, then imagine it without any dlc, with at least one mode cut out, with bugs everywhere that Ubisoft will take forever to fix, and with something done wrong in the multiplayer component.
      There’s your glimpse of the wii u watch dogs that Ubisoft, and the apologists riding Ubisoft’s schlong, will insist you should be grateful to have.
      Enjoy that.

        1. Then I’ll raise a flag praising Ubisoft’s effort on that front.
          If they do the game perfectly and equally across all platforms, then the only flaw they’ll have to account for is delaying the game unnecessarily, which lowered sales potential regardless of what Ubisoft thinks.

      1. Ah.. You missed the cluster fuck watch dogs was at launch I see… Well, Non Wii U gaming platforms had a hellava time playing it, not to mention all the holes in the game. Twitter and YouTube lit up with angry gamers. I’m not talking WiiU, thus was the launch for everyone else.

      1. Naaaah, it’s ok, but it doesn’t suck that’s for sure! Just overhyped! (There was literally NO WAY it could have EVER lived up to the hype it had)

  2. About god damn time they did this, it is no wonder they are so behind when it comes to everyone else. They should have merged years ago.

    So maybe now we will finally see an actual account system that is current or the same features that exist in the 3DS’s OS in the Wii U’s.

    It should really help with their next systems that is for sure, no more separate ecosystems.

    1. Whoa, hey now. You’re getting too ahead of yourself there. Calm down. We will get a universal account by 2017. Ok? XD

      1. Pretty much what I am already expecting, not to be a downer but Nintendo has always been slow. I just said maybe now we will finally see some damn progress other than somewhat pointless NNID’s.

        I know you were just joking but with their track record that seems about right.

        It would also be great if they merged Club Nintendo accounts together as well, I think having a separate ID and password for Club Nintendo is outdated and I feel it will only cause more problems in the long run as they try to unify everything like everyone else has.

    1. HEY! Making fun of other companies is unacceptable! You will have to learn how to appreciate all three companies equally if you ever want to become a true gamer like me and Sickr. XD

      1. Its a bait joke dude. XD I knew someone would jump for it. lol But even though its a joke, sadly its a true story. Sony needs to get rid of some of their failed divisions to avoid going bankrupt eventually. Movies and video games with PlayStation is their main strong points of survival.

          1. I’ll respect that if Microsoftdick cuts the monopoly nonsense over vide games, stop screwing their fanbase of their money over ridiculous incentive baits and give Rare back to Nintendo so they can fire those incompetence who killed Conker and Banjo.

              1. Its not them. I would say both sides are at fault in their own ways but if there’s something else going on inside that they’re not telling us, I want to know. You can’t blame the fanbase either because they wanted the games and all the third party did was disappoint us with gimps and excuses.

                1. I was referring to promises and plans that were made before the release of the WiiU, but never actually happened to become reality afterwards. And it unfortunately wasn’t about 3rd-party only.
                  But concerning the lack of support, I personally place most of the blame on Nintendo because it’s them who have to take care of getting in decent games and ports, even if that means they have to pay the developers. It really is no coincidence that the other two companies don’t have the problems Nintendo has with the WiiU in concern of 3rd-party games, and it surely is not because developers conspire against Nintendo because they’re jealous or any of that nonsense. The thing is, Nintendo’s FANS try harder than Nintendo themselves to convince people to buy WiiU games, and the saddest part about that is that the fans’ attempts aren’t even any good, so it’s not hard to do better than that.
                  I just wish Nintendo would finally do something, because the way they’re handling the WiiU right now isn’t gonna result in them losing money only, but more importantly, (loyal) supporters like myself. The WiiU literally is the first Nintendo home console I’ve skipped. They urgently need to change some things, or things won’t turn out too good for them.

                  1. What I really wanna know is WTF is going on in the inside between them two to know the real answer. But in some situations like EA and Bethseda, both of them are full of shit. EA backed off because of Origin denial which we can all agree Origin is pure shit and Bethseda are big, fucking liars about Wii U specs being “weak” when they clearly build a demo of Metro Last Light for Wii U at 2012 E3 and worked just fine. Not sure about Activision with DLC but Ubisoft has been pulling BS strings in every turn without any real explanation like gimping. Blacklist and not updating the offline co-op to make up for the “limited time” excuse they said or why delay completed Wii U port of Watchdogs to high heaven or lied about Rayman being a Wii U exclusive for several months. Right now, I’m giving 3rd parties more dirty looks than Nintendo themselves.

                    1. Yes, Stranga, but you are missing the point. It isn’t just EA, Ubisoft, etc. It’s literally everyone. Not even Rockstar wants anything to do with the Wii U and they didn’t even say why. Nintendo is clearly doing something wrong here.

                      1. And since when Rockstar ever made many games for Nintendo? The last game they made was Chinatown Wars for DS and that was ages ago, not to mention they only made like..I think two Wii games which is Bully and Manhunt 2. IDK about Rockstar over Wii U but until they openly clarify something, I’m not gonna assume anything but then again, they don’t make much for Nintendo anyway even before now.

                  2. You do realize that Sony has been undergoing some major restructuring for a while now, right ?
                    They’ve started reporting huge profits already, and once they’ve finished reorganizing, they’re going to do even better.
                    Sony won’t be going bankrupt anytime soon, don’t you worry.

                  3. You live under a rock or something? Kaz Hirai has been restructuring Sony for two years now, focusing on what divisions make them the most and selling those that don’t.

                    Don’t believe me, look it up, articles are all over as far back as 2012 about the restructuring of Sony. Did you also miss all the lay offs that were apart of the restructuring plans?

                    Sadly it is kind of stupid on your part to suggest that Sony isn’t doing this, when that is actually what they have been doing for years now. I really have no idea how you missed all this unless your one of those people who are just oblivious to much that happens around them or you are so biased you ignore all things Sony related but oddly still feel the need to talk about them regardless of how misinformed you are.

                    Don’t even get me started on R&D because once again Sony was far ahead in this regard.

                    So I’ll say it again, it’s about god damn time Nintendo did this like everyone else had years ago but nothing new I suppose, Nintendo showing up unreasonably late to the party as always..

                      1. Lol Namie. I know you looooooove PlayStation, but you might have to say a few good things about Nintendo too just so you can get people off your back. :P

                        1. I’m not gonna say things I don’t really mean just to please others though. d:
                          I love Nintendo too, but unlike Sony’s, Nintendo’s moves haven’t been all too pleasing for a while now, imo.

                              1. *2nd grader voice* They started it !!!
                                But nah, jokes aside, I too think it’s really sad how a Nintendo console barely even appeals to me, I certainly wish it was different. Nintendo was a huge part of my childhood and they hold a special place in my heart, so it’s unfortunate things turned out this way.
                                I’ll probably end up getting one eventually though because I simply can’t resist certain exclusives, lmao.

                                  1. LMAO.
                                    Nah, I told you, I’ll probably end up getting one if I find a good deal around the time SSB comes out or if they release a nice bundle. Idk, with a limited edition controller like they did with Wind Waker HD, or bundled with a GC controller + adapter or something. d:

                        2. Is everybody getting this so uptight over a joke? lol I already heard and knew Sony is working on restructing their company and getting rid of some “failed” assets that’s costing them money like namely some home appliances and maybe MP3s.

                          1. The Sony Side is strong with them. xD They freak out the moment you make a joke. Of course, considering your history, we sadly can’t blame them for letting their Sony Side get so strong that they get upset over your joke. xD

                            1. My history? XD My history was to make valid points that most idiots didn’t want to hear or believe which makes them ignorant and these morons should know I don’t joke around Sony at all which makes this my first. XP Microsoft on the other hand…

                              1. Exactly why they didn’t realize it was a joke. >.< But we both know that Namie & Shuhei are 75% Sony & 25% Nintendo.

                                  1. I think Shuhei is funny. Lol. And Namie is very friendly to me. Sooo no problem here. XD

                                        1. I’m gonna tell you this straight. I was commenting about something that I forgot about and he got all on my case with his cheap ass 3rd grader insults and of course, I retaliated and succeeded.

                                1. I’m talking about how PS4 succeeded without even a single good or exclusive game for it for months. But I already know they’re making profit from movies and music too. About the MP3 part, I mean hardware wise, they’re fighting a losing battle against iPods and even smartphones that play MP3 now.

                                  1. It succeeded because Sony did a damn well job marketing it and building up hype. They literally convinced people that they won’t regret buying the PS4 in its first months (hell, even on day one) even though you can get most of its games on other platforms too. I wish Nintendo would do a job half as good as that, the difference to how it is right now would be huge.
                                    And yea, I’m guessing music players are probably gonna die out soon, seeing how phones do a better job at being MP3 players than MP3 players themselves, lmfao.

                                    1. I’d give them credit for that. Nintendo, I just don’t know what they’re thinking not advertising Wii U at all, plus the choice of name was kinda a bad idea but at least not as stupid as naming a 3rd Xbox after the first gen name especially since its technically not an all-in-one device plus making a console doing as such is just giving it an identity crisis on what it wants to be: A console or a freaking DVR cable box. lol And Sony, even though they were gonna do DRM like Microsoft because they’re copycats, was smart enough to keep it quiet and let Microsoft test the waters first. lol

                                      Yeah. MP3 players are going extinct and I’m not sure if iPods are gonna fall with them. Maybe the Touch models will survive longer.

                                      1. Disagree. The name Xbox One actually makes sense because they’re advertising it as an “All-in-one”console. Whereas the U in “Wii U”has no meaning. Lol.

                                        1. Its technically not “all in one” if it doesn’t have 360 compatibility or even do my laundry. lol If you think about Wii U name, its a continuation of Wii with its background compatibility and has a tablet controller for personal use which is where the “U” part comes in. But the problem about its name is that you got too many dumbasses who think its an add on while both consoles are nothing alike. The packaging boxes are different, the physical hardware design is different, the graphics are different, the game art boxes are different, the price points of both console models are different, hell even the menus itself are freaking different. All of which are all publicly displayed for people to see and with 104+ million Wii users who are familiar with the old Wii in every detail, how the fuck can these people miss those obvious differences? lol

                                          1. The name, not the console. Lol. Also, off topic, but I just watched a trailer of the new Naruto game and it is AWESOME! Better than any of the other ones for sure! The best part about it though is that it’s coming to Steam! It’s a definite buy for me once I get my PC. I bet if Sasori saw it, he would lose his freaking mind. Too bad he doesn’t have enough money. XD

                                            1. Don’t care about Naruto or that Narutard Sasori which is still bitching about AW skipping Wii U, the very console the idiot claims to hate.

                                              And BTW, I’ve did that Gamepad dependency test and I can still play games, any kind of games aside from Gamepad oriented game/controls. IDK what’s up with yours but I think you need to update your console. ^^;

                                                          1. Nintendo as a whole isn’t stupid. But the person restricting content unless you have the Gamepad is. They should be fired. Lol.

                                                        1. I know right ? The 3DS gets so, SO much more attention from Nintendo than the WiiU and I can’t think of a single reason why. The WiiU desperately NEEDS the attention, and again, I can’t think of a single reason why Nintendo is fucking up the marketing so majorly.
                                                          And yea, they sure messed it up with the name. Instead of going the easiest, fastest, BEST way and putting a 2 behind the Wii, they decided they wanted to be the special snowflake of the next gen and go without a number in their console’s name. Congrats, you managed to have a super special and unique name, which is super important, at the expense of sales, which are totally not important at all. They unnecessarily confused possible consumers and now they have to literally pay for it.

                                          2. This is why Nintendo has been reporting such big losses here lately. These new renovations cost millions of dollars. Add that to the cost of the Amibo project and there you have it. Once Nintendo gets settled, finishes up development on thier new projects, and actually starts seeing a return on investments, they will be back to a healthy profit. Everybody just see’s Nintendo losing money and never takes into account as to ‘why’ that is, especially “gaming journalist”.

                                            1. There is also the QOL project and I think there’s the new cheap ver of the Wii U for China and India that they talked about earlier this year.

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                                            FUCK MY NINTENDO BULL NO NEGATIVE BS SPIN THIS TIME

                                            POWER HOUSE NINTENDO 2015 WILL BE HUGE

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