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Amazon Japan Opens The Nintendo Digital Store For Wii U And 3DS Games

amazon_japan_digitalAmazon Japan has officially opened a new digital store for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games. The games on offer range from first-party exclusives to third-party titles, as well as Japanese eShop exclusives. The selection of games can also differ in price, with Amazon Japan reportedly selling some online codes cheaper than those currently in the eShop.

Unfortunately, consumers must input a Japanese address for purchasing and pre-ordering online codes from Amazon Japan. However, given a Nintendo digital store has opened for Japanese consumers, a digital store for Europe and North America may not be too far behind on the retail website.

11 thoughts on “Amazon Japan Opens The Nintendo Digital Store For Wii U And 3DS Games”

  1. Sweet! First Amazon buys Twitch, which I really should try to use more often since it might be a nice alternative to Youtube, & now Amazon is creating a Nintendo section for their website! With Amazon now owning Twitch, I find myself more interested in it now. I take it back! Nintendo, get rid of that fucking stupid youtube app which sucks anyway & put a Twitch app on there instead. lol

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